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Caption This: Thinking Tiki Thoughts at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

These tikis, found inside Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Magic Kingdom Park, have been hanging around for quite some time.


After more than 40 years of shows, what are they laughing about now? You tell us. Go ahead and “Caption This” in the comments section below.


  • Y’know, with you over there on the other side, Bill, we never talk anymore…

  • “well, at least we’re not in it’s a small world.”

  • 1st Tiki: I didn’t want to say anything while he was here, but don’t you think Iago sounded a little bit like Gilbert Gottfried?

    2nd Tiki: Whatever. I’m just glad he’s gone.

  • Nobody misses Under New Management.

  • He’s saying “I’m at Walt Disney World!!!”

  • I told you WALL-E wasn’t about us!

  • One of these days the imagineers will bring me a love. Until then, Dole Whip!

  • I miss Under New Management.

  • The theme park review website gave the Tiki Room a less-than-perfect score, citing a rather “wooden performance” by the Tiki gods.

  • “This movie is amusing but we’ve been living the same day for 51 years…”

  • “I’ve got a splitting HEADache.”

    “You wood…”

  • HA! Look at that guy’s hair!

  • You trust a groundhog yet ignore the power of the tiki gods? Six more weeks of volcanic eruptions for you!

  • Hey guys get a load of the guy over there trying to boop along to the Tiki Tiki song

  • “Did Malcolm Butler just catch that?”

    • 🙂

  • Um, excuse me sir — Do you mind sharing some of that Dole Whip?

  • “Turkey. Legs.”

    • Nice one.

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