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Day 3 – Honor The Hero in Your Life

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Who’s your hero? Who’s been there for you through the “frozen” cold seasons, providing courage and strength, offering selfless acts of love when you needed it most? Or, is your hero kind, well mannered … a “prince” who sees your true beauty and has a way of making you feel valued unconditionally. If so, then this post is for you. If you’re just tuning in and wondering what the excitement is all about, check out Sunday’s post to take the “Discover Your Disney Side” quiz to learn more. Today I’m going to share how you can create a moment for the hero in your life.

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So who is your hero? Are they a teacher, a coach, maybe an “adopted family member”, or are they a spouse, a parent or maybe someone in the military? Whatever role they’ve played or are playing in your life, chances are there’s a story and they are near and dear to you. We call their acts of bravery or courage, while they call it love. Ah, you’re nodding your head? Let’s go on then.

If your hero is noble, brave and courageous, one who is not only charming, but makes you feel valued unconditionally, here’s an idea for you. When words are not enough to say thank you, creating a one of a kind memory can create the moment for them and you. So here’s an idea for you at home.

Plan a special evening for him/her. Prepare their favorite meal and invite family and friends over for a surprise that you’ll reveal later in the evening. For those that prefer a more private setting, this idea can work just as well for a small gathering also. Once dinner is over, present them with a special memento, a “thank you” and let those at the table share how he/she has inspired them.


But, if you’re visiting Walt Disney World Resort, you can present them with a one of a kind Disney tribute, Honor Your Hero, in the backdrop of “where dreams come true.” Just the sound of that sounds cool! It includes a personalized hero proclamation and Disney medal presented on a silver “platter.” If you can, enlarge the image to read the text on the proclamation. One of our Disney writers crafted this declaration.


How cool is that?

Remember in yesterday’s post I talked about sending your surprises to a Disney dining location to set the stage for your magical moment? Well, if you’re visiting Walt Disney World Resort, how amazing would it be to have your tribute delivered to the table of a favorite Disney restaurant right before dessert? Talk about creating a memory. Top off the experience by reading the declaration to them, then, place the medal around their neck (the lanyard can be personalized too) for a photo op moment to share with friends and family.

Not visiting Walt Disney World Resort anytime soon? Honor Your Hero can be shipped anywhere within the 48 continental states. Just order online or call a Disney Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT. Make sure to allow enough time for shipping though–I recommend 5-7 business days. We don’t ship to Canada or overseas just yet, but we’re working on it. It’s also not available at Disneyland Resort at this time.

A Disney Frozen Memory-Adult Gift from Disney Floral & Gifts A Disney Frozen Memory-Child Gift from Disney Floral & Gifts

If your loved one’s character traits are more like those from the movie “Frozen” check this out … now you can let them know they are “worth melting for.” A Disney Frozen Memory-Adult or A Disney Frozen Memory-Child are two new additions to our memory making surprises. Take a closer look at the details of these two gifts by clicking on to the links above. How amazing would it be to have your gift delivered to the table of a Disney restaurant, again with the backdrop of “where dreams come true.” Then, after they open the surprise and read the card, you can place the bracelet on their wrist and let them know how they’ve warmed your heart. And by the way, the bracelets are amazingly gorgeous and sparkle like crazy.

While there is a cost for these surprises, both gifts provide one of a kind experiences. If you were at a Disney restaurant when one of these moments took place, more than likely you’d be curious to learn the story and watch the reaction.

These gifts can also be delivered to your Walt Disney World Resort room as well, for a more intimate/private moment.

While I’m talking about proclaiming a loved one a hero, tomorrow I’m revealing a brand new gifting experience for little ones at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. I’m so excited to share it with you. Want a hint? It includes experiencing a personalized storybook moment with the Princesses at both parks. I’ve got a video I can’t wait to share of a little one who was the first to experience this new idea.

Until then, would you be our hero, would you inspire us? Would you share you “real life” hero story? Tell us how your hero has impacted your life or melted your heart in the comments below or use #Disney14DaysOfLove.