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Day 4 – Experience ‘My Storybook Moment’ at Meet and Greets

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

If “A dream is a wish your heart makes” then do I have a surprise for you!

Many little girls dream of being a princess. How do we know? If you have “royalty” living in your “castle” it’s pretty obvious. Lol. They love playing dress up with gowns and tiaras, and many times, they create their very own “live-action” fairy tale, perhaps involving you in part of their epic adventure? There may also be a few requests for a pony that can live in the garage, or their bedroom? You’re smiling, you’re remembering a moment in particular huh? That’s great. This gift was designed with you in mind then.

If your sweetheart has princess character traits, you can now provide her with a new magical moment like none other. If you’re wondering what all the excitement is about, take a peek at Sundays post, Show your Disney Side, and take the quiz so you can learn how to create a “Disney magical moment” for the little princess in your life as part of our 14 Days of Love series.

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So I have a question: What if your little sweetheart could be proclaimed a princess at the Disney World or Disneyland parks, by their favorite fairy tale princess. Would you do it?

14 DOL Day 1 - SBM

Of course you would. And truth be told, if no one was looking, you might slip in as her stand-in if need be? To meet a Disney Princess is so magical, but to be proclaimed a princess, now that’s a moment fit for a storybook right? Perhaps her storybook? Well, due to the interest of our WDW Mickey and Minnie’s Valentine Surprise, and DLR Mickey and Minnie’s Valentine Surprise we’re expanding our experiences and releasing the first in a series of “storybook moments” for little ones.

What’s included? Inside a pink “Storybook Moment” bag is a royal invitation to any Princess meet and greet, a princess sash, fairy tale tiara and personalized storybook proclamation, but it’s missing a signature to make it official. She needs to go to a Princess meet and greet to get a Princess signature for her proclamation. And so the fairy tale begins. You help prepare her for this royal moment by draping the sash on her, placing the tiara on her head, then take her to a Princess meet and greet. Once at the meet and greet, her princess will sign her declaration and recognize her as part of the royal court.

14 DOL - Day 4 - Storybook Moment 2

Want to see one take place?

Now, imagine your little ones reaction getting prepared for this moment, then experiencing it. The stories she’ll tell later and the keepsakes to place in her room will remind her that she’s loved and accepted for the essence of her.

To check it out, click on to this WDW “My Storybook Moment” link or DLR “My Storybook Moment” link to look at the keepsakes included. The price is $128.95, not including tax and delivery. The gift is available to pre-order as part of our 14 Days of Love series, with delivery on property starting May 15. You can also call a Disney Floral & Gifts Dream Maker at WDW (407)WDW-GIFT or DLR (714-781-GIFT). Your surprise can be delivered to a resort room in preparation for the next day’s visit to the parks, or you could send it to a WDW character dining location too. As her fairy godmother or godfather you have so many magical possibilities.

And, if you’re looking for an outlet to create more magical moments for those you care about, tune in tomorrow. For those who enjoy “building” a magical moment as well as experiencing one, this post will be for you. Sound “cool”? I can’t wait to share, I just hope I don’t get “frozen” in the moment. (Wink).

In the meanwhile, I think there’s a little one somewhere who’s waiting for a fairy tale moment. #Disney14DaysofLove.


  • We are bringing my son and his girlfriend in May, do you have anything like this for a 23 year old? Thank you!

  • It’s unclear, does this experience come with a fast pass or do you need to schedule that yourself or do standby?

    • Hi Linda:
      So glad you mentioned this! There are meet and greet fast pass locations property wide. Your best bet is to use the My Disney Experience app to learn FP availability that coincides with your schedule. Photo pass is also available to catch images of the experience as well. And, the “proclamation/storybook” has a special location to feature the image too.

  • Thanks Jean..not that I don’t already know my little one is a Princess, she will love this the next time we make it down!

    • Hey there… I had an idea for you…of course I did. lol When you are here, before she sees her favorite fairy tale princess, perhaps catch some video of you explaining to her why you’re creating this moment (like in the video) then place the sash and tiara on her and go to the meet and greet. When we’re little we may not catch the tenderness of a moment, but as she gets older, this moment will become even more precious, especially your thoughts on why you’re providing the experience for her.

  • I would love to do this for my niece – however if I understand correctly it is only available beginning in May, we will be at Walt Disney World form Apr. 20-24, so I assume I would not be able to purchase this for her for that time ?

    • Hi Vickie: You are correct. You can pre-order it now, yet delivery to the resort wont begin until May. So, I had an idea for you. Take a look at “A Royal Welcome” created for character meet and greets. It’s not a proclamation experience but, your little niece can get princess and other character signatures during her visit. Also, every gift from us comes with the ability to write a card message…so you could write a note like “Looking forward to seeing you in the park real soon! Love, Your favorite Disney Princesses”. Take a look at our Princess page as well for some additional ideas.

  • Will this be an ongoing offer or is it just for a limited time?

    • Good news Michael…this will be an ongoing offer available throughout the year.

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