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Day 6 – Experience a New Magical Welcome with 14 Days of Love

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Welcome to day six of Disney’s 14 Days of Love! So far, I’ve shared ways you can create personalized magical moments for friends and loved ones while visiting Disney Parks or even right at home. Today, I’m going to reveal new personalized experiences to welcome you and your family to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. If your loved one is fun, enthusiastic, a leader, likes to be the “big cheese” and goes out of their way to make everyone feel special, then this post is for you. Are you “all ears?” If you’re just joining us and wondering what the excitement is all about, check out Sunday’s post to take the “Discover Your Disney Side” quiz and learn more.

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One of the most common questions guests ask us is, “Can Mickey and Minnie come to our room to welcome us to Disney?” Well, you spoke, we listened! We’ve created four new welcoming experiences (yes four!) to make it feel just as if they’ve set up a personalized VIP surprise for you and your family in the comfort of your Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort room. Announcing yet another idea to create a magical moment for the “big cheese(s)” in your life.

Available today at Walt Disney World Resort, there are two new experiences available for families and two new experiences available for grownups. Mickey’s Magical Welcome- Family, Mickey and Minnie’s Grand Magical Welcome – Family. And, for our grown up guests, Mickey’s Magical Welcome and Mickey and Minnie’s Grand Magical Welcome.

These four surprise welcome celebrations will be available at Disneyland by the end of February so you’ll want to stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog and our website.


What’s the experience look like? Imagine this: it’s the second day of your visit and you’re on your way back to your Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort hotel room after an exciting day in the parks. As you approach the door, the first thing you see is a door banner with your family’s name on it.


What? You look closer and notice the banner is a door window complete with mail slot. Once you open the door you see a magical surprise waiting just for you, including mail full of “character” from Mickey and friends. Oh my stars. Mickey and Minnie visited your room, and left personalized treats and surprises to welcome you to their home! What could be better than a surprise welcome from Minnie Mouse and the “big cheese” himself?


The best part about these brand new experiences is that they were created based on your feedback and with your visit in mind! How so? You have the opportunity to customize and personalize your experience for anyone and any occasion. For example, are you visiting during a birthday celebration? Great! Add on birthday keepsakes, treats or surprises from our huge assortment of enhancements. The ideas are endless really.

You’ve also told us that you want a celebration for grown-ups. Well now you can experience our Mickey’s Magical Welcome and Minnie’s Grand Magical Welcome celebration exclusively for the child at heart! No matter who you’re with or the occasion, you have the opportunity to make this experience special and unique to celebrate a variety of occasions. How’s that for creating the ultimate, magical memory?


Speaking of the ultimate magical memory, now that you’ve heard about our new welcome celebrations, it’s your turn. If you were to enhance this experience for your family, how would you make it even bigger? Tell us what you’d add on to this experience to create the most magical memory for your family by commenting below or using #Disney14DaysofLove. Who knows? The creative team at Disney Floral & Gifts may just like your idea.

And you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post when I’ll be revealing two more brand new experiences to create a warm welcome from Olaf as well as Anna and Elsa. Until then, I’ll “let it go”!


  • For our son’s first trip to Disneyland, I suprised the family with an in-room celebration. We really enjoyed it.

    We also loved the other magical touches throughout the stay. For example, for one of the turn down services, they had arranged all the stuffed animals provided in the celebration package in a circle on the bed (as if the characters were in a little group talking to each other). They even positioned the lamps on the headboard to add some dramatic lighting to the scene.

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