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Day 7 – Frozen Summer Fun with 14 Days of Love

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Welcome back! Today, I’m feeling a chill in the air and the desire to “let it go”. So, for all our “Frozen” fans, you’re going to love what I have to share in this post. If your loved one is poised, creative, lovable, fun, caring – in other words “Frozen” inspired – then you’ll be tickled to hear about the new personalized experiences we’ve created. If you’re just joining us and wondering what the excitement is all about, check out Sunday’s post to take the “Discover Your Disney Side” quiz to learn more.


So here’s the scoop! I have a secret to share and you’re the first to know. I’m so glad you’re here because our creative team at Disney Floral & Gifts has been creating a special surprise just for you and in time for Olaf’s favorite time of year, and what is that? Together now…SUMMER! Coming soon (in spring 2015), you can experience your very own wintery celebration in the comfort of your Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort room! So step through the door to experience two brand new “Frozen” surprises!


First, Olaf’s Warm Welcome Celebration! That’s right; inside your resort room, Olaf left you a heart-warming surprise for the whole family with a new experience, “Olaf’s Warm Welcome.” Once inside you’ll see a large Olaf plush, Olaf vision glasses to see the parks through his eyes, and surprises from the snowman himself! And if you really want to “let it go,” you’ll love our second experience, “Anna and Elsa’s Warm Welcome.” It will feel just as if our royal sisters visited your resort room, transforming it into Frozen fun from Arendale! If that isn’t enough, you can even personalize these celebrations with embroidery to transform the surprises into Frozen keepsakes.

And, you’ll be able to customize these experiences by adding on additional merchandise that’s part of the package. For example, if the package comes with one Olaf plush, you can add additional plush for other members of the family and so on.

We took the surprise one step further, creating A Disney Frozen Memory-Child and A Disney Frozen Memory-Adult. These exclusive gifts feature bracelets made of ice-inspired Swarovski crystals and sterling silver accents, complete with a rose and heartwarming note for your loved one so their favorite story becomes even more personal. Both are available separately now or as an add-on to your Frozen In-Room Celebrations in the spring. So here’s your chance to shake off the winter blues and pack your bags, because both In-Room Celebrations will be available for sale at Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort in April with delivery to your Disney resort room to start soon after.

Frozen Summer Fun with 14 Days of Love Frozen Summer Fun with 14 Days of Love

Do you want to be one of the first to know when they go live? Just contact a Dream Maker through email and once the official launch date is set, we will send you a note with the exciting news.

Can you already hear the reaction of your kids when they discover this waiting for them in their resort room? And most likely there will be singing again, right?

And speaking of more surprise moments you can create for those you care about … you have to come back to the blog tomorrow where I’ll be sharing a Disney DIY project that you can make right at home so you can be “Disney” for someone else. It’s a “sweet” surprise that includes a clever design secret.


  • Any clue when this is starting? Was hoping for our April trip but I was just told its not available yet :-/

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