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Day 8 – Create Sweet Expressions of Affection with 14 Days of Love

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Well my friends, we’ve made it half way through Disney 14 Days of Love! Welcome to day eight, where you’ll be “wagging your tail” for this do-it-yourself idea. If your pal’s character traits are loyal, someone who loves unconditionally and is known as everyone’s best friend, this post is for you! If you’re just joining us in this celebration and wondering what the excitement is all about, check out Sunday’s post to take the “Discover Your Disney Side” quiz and learn more.


In the spirit of Disney 14 Days Love, I wanted to share some fun ideas that you and your loved ones can experience at Walt Disney World, the Disneyland Resort and especially right at home! Disney is known for magical moments because we create the unexpected, so think how wonderful your family, friends or a special someone would feel if you surprised them! They are use to giving to others, so how ‘bout creating a moment that takes them by surprise?

Today I’m excited to let you in on magical tip: here’s the secret to how we create one of our sweet gifts. Recently, Disney Floral & Gifts launched Mickey’s Happy Surprise Cake at Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort, a fun twist on the traditional birthday cake. This is the perfect gift to show you how it’s made, and offer you the opportunity to make your own “do-it-yourself” cake at home! Because, after all, who wouldn’t want a cake made of candy?


Now that looks fun to make! And more importantly, it looks scrumptious! So let’s create a sweet expression of your affection with a Disney “DIY” candy cake. Follow these six simple steps to create your own Disney magical moment right at home.

  1. Supplies
    • 10 of your favorite chocolate or candy bars
    • Sizzle, confetti or anything you’d like for the “filling” of your cake
    • Tape
    • Ribbon
    • You choice of a cake topper. Lollipops, candy, a hat or even a Disney plush would look great on top of your cake!


  1. Apply tape, or any adhesive you have at home, to the candy bars as shown.


  1. Attach the candy bars to form the cake.


  1. Stuff the center of the cake with your sizzle, confetti, extra treats or any other fillings you can
    dream of. Next, tie the ribbon around the outside of the candy bars as shown.


  1. Finally, top your cake with anything you’d like! Use lollipops, candy, a hat or even a Disney plush. The possibilities are endless!
Day 8 – Create Sweet Expressions of Affection with 14 Days of Love Day 8 – Create Sweet Expressions of Affection with 14 Days of Love

See, it’s that easy! Think of how special your loved one will feel when you present them with your homemade creation. Throughout Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort, magical moments like this are created daily. Knowing these secrets, now you can create a Disney magical moment for someone special. And speaking of cakes, make sure to join us tomorrow for day nine, when I’ll be revealing new “sweet” offerings that you’ve been asking for!

So now that I’ve shared a secret to creating a surprise at home…would you share your DIY candy cake photos with us? Then tell us how this experience has impacted you and your loved one. Remember to use #Disney14DaysofLove! See you tomorrow!


  • These ideas are so magical, I’m going to get the makings to create my own one of a kind Walt Disney World Resort memory making gift! Can’t wait to create!
    Ellen N.J.

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