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Day 9 – Fresh Cake Magical Moments with 14 Days of Love

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Today, you’re in for a real “treat”. In day 9 of our 14 Days of Love series, I’m announcing something “fresh” and new that should make quite a few wishes come true. Because you kept asking, we listened. How could Disney say no to you, right?! 🙂


And, for those following us in our series who have loved ones with character traits that make others feel so very special, this post is for you. Here’s an idea to create a magical moment just for them. If you’re just joining us and wondering what the excitement is all about, check out last Sunday’s post to take the “Discover Your Disney Side” quiz to learn more.

In the past, you’ve asked if Disney Floral & Gifts could deliver a fresh cake to your resort. Until today, we only offered a variety of candy cakes. But today, that changes! So, if you’re coming to Walt Disney World and celebrating a birthday or special occasion you can now select from three fresh cake surprises that includes two cake flavors for each.


Mickey’s Celebration Cake


Mickey’s Magical Celebration


And the ultimate?

Mickey’s Grand Birthday Party. And, even though this image below only shows one very large singing balloon … this gifting experience comes with a very very large bundle of balloons too. In fact, there were so many we couldn’t fit them in the image below.


Let’s talk about these decadent fresh cakes for a moment. Yum! These 6”, two-tiered round cakes serve about 4-6 people depending on the size of the slice. You have two flavors to choose from in all three offerings, either chocolate or vanilla. Along with the piping at the bottom and top of the cake, there are two adorable Mickey and Minnie chocolate ears on top. And what’s written on the top? It says, “Celebrate!” So, for those celebrating other occasions such as an anniversary, cheerleading competition or marathon of sorts, you can choose the Mickey’s Celebration Cake and embellish the gift with additional personalized keepsakes to really “sing” to their special moment here at Disney World.

Like I said earlier, these gifting experiences can be delivered to all Walt Disney World resorts. Once created, we will take your surprise to the resort and the resort will take it up to your room, after you’re checked in of course.

So, here’s one more “magical” idea to add to make this cake experience a jaw dropping moment for the little ones. Take a look at our 4’ Mickey’s In The House air walking balloon. Imagine bringing the little ones in your room to see your choice of cake celebration and this over the top Mickey? It could appear just as if he came to the party! Because he’s an air walker…he’ll move around the room all on his own too. And if you’d like to take him home with you, simply insert a straw into the balloon and let out the helium. Then you can have him re-inflated once at home. Clearly there are ideas here … lol.

To get started, just click on to any of the links above and you can begin creating your surprise. So, while you’re busy “imagineer-ing” your birthday surprise, I’m preparing to share even bigger birthday news tomorrow. So stay tuned! #Disney14DaysOfLove.


  • It says the cake says “congratulations” on the top, but it says “celebrate” in the picture. Just sayin.

    • Yes… you are correct my dear. 🙂 I’ll get that updated for us.

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