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Discover Your Disney Side with 14 Days of Love – Quiz

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

14 DOL Day 1 - SBM

Have you ever seen a magical moment? It’s the best! It’s a one-of-a-kind surprise or experience that you just have to see. It’s that amazing first time meet and greet with the characters, a creative engagement, emotional family reunion, or special birthday surprise that helps make wishes come true. And if we’re honest here, when watching one, you just might get a little choked up inside (not that I’m speaking from experience at all) because it’s so – what’s the word for it – Ah yes, so “Disney.”

14 DOL Day 1 -Romance your Beauty

We’re so happy for those who experience this privilege right? Then after the moment is over, there’s something inside of each of us that wishes WE could do something just as special for someone we love. Can you just imagine their response if you surprised them – eyes lighting up – that jaw-dropping reaction, and best of all, knowing that you created a lifetime memory. That would be amazing!

And, what if you went one step further? What if you could create a special memory for yourself? Would you do it? Of course you would. And so would I.

14 DOL Day 1 - Honor Your Hero

If you’re interested in creating moments like in the images above, then you’re in for a treat because I’m going to share how to do it. And it’s not just one tip…there will be many. So let’s have fun and make a memory out of it. How about we meet every day here on the Disney Parks Blog for the next 14 days so I can share tips, and ideas so you can learn how to create a memory for someone you love, appreciate or admire.

14 Days of Love Banner

Whether you’re at home, at Walt Disney World or Disneyland I’ll share a range of concepts so you can be “Disney” for someone else.

Ready to get started? Ok, first, to create “the” moment, you’ll want to discover your or your loved one’s “Disney Side”. I created a fun quiz for you below that when completed will identify your or your loved ones “character traits”. Then over the next 14 days, I’ll reference those characteristics to help you create your surprise or celebration.

And by the way, for my first tip, once you know what character traits you or your loved one are most like, you may want to save or share your results for future reference. After all, you never know when a magical moment might be in the making for you too.

So go ahead and start with the quiz. See you here you tomorrow.

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  • Hi Jean,

    Just got your note now! Sorry! I will call this coming Monday, as Its Friday now. Oops! My bad for not checking the comments >.<

  • I am Mickey! Love being the leader! We are going to Disneyland Diamond Celebration in May. Would love to do some things for my husband while we are there.

  • I am Elsa, which is interesting since I am a man. Names ‘never bothered me anyway’ so I will just ‘Let it Go’ and embrace my Elsaness!

    • Well said Brian. That was clever!

  • Oh! I forgot to mention that I ended up as Lumiere. Love that movie!

    • Greg… I’m Lumiere too!

  • That’s great to hear Jean! I’ll keep an eye for news and updates. Appreciate the response.

    And thank you, Mariano, for that great tip. It means a great deal, especially knowing you and your “Queen” devote the same amount of extra time and attention to your Princess. Special treats like a Disney trip sure makes it all worth it, doesn’t it?

    I will check out the Disney Floral website for that gift idea. I think my wife will be just overjoyed! 🙂

  • I’m Olaf! This is going to be interesting, I can tell!

  • I am Cinderella! We come to WDW very often and I am always looking for new ways to celebrate. Can’t wait to hear more info!

    • Michael, you’re in for a real treat…lots to share my friend

  • Greg, search for GB1108 ‘Honor Your Hero’ at disneyfloralandgifts website.
    We have an autistic princess and my queen loved this gift.

    • Mariano, thanks for your help yesterday. So glad you experienced this moment… what did you think of the copy on the declaration?

  • Im Mickey :).. the big cheese the head honcho 🙂

    • Darrin…we have a few magical moment ideas with Mickey in mind… looking forward to sharing with you.

  • I would love to learn more about that certificate and triumph medal! It would be perfect for my wife.

    We have a 13yr old son diagnosed with high functioning autism and ADD and my wife is usually the one who ends up going to all the many appointments for doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. Her daily schedule is usually crammed tight. She works part time to fit it all in, while I’m usually busy working full time.

    We’re going to stay at the Disneyland Hotel in California this March, so it would be a very special surprise for this very special mother! If you have any information about the triumph medal or any other special gift idea, I would truly love to hear!

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Greg: When I read your story, it inspired me 🙂 This gifting experience is indeed called, “Honor your Hero”… Mariano was right. (thank you btw) Currently we can deliver this offering to a WDW dine or resort location as well as ship it anywhere in the 48 continental US. I’m looking into options for DLR today. Stay tuned my friend.

    • Hi Greg:
      Can you call me at our WDW Dream Maker shop? 407-WDW-GIFT.

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