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Disney Egg-stravaganza Returns to Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

UPDATE 4/3/15: Egg-stravaganza maps are hopping on out of here! Maps are egg-stremely limited, please inquire at Disney Showcase in Disneyland park or Elias & Co. in Disney California Adventure park regarding availability.

I obviously didn’t need an egg-scuse this year to tell you about the return of the ever-popular Disney Egg-stravaganza at Disneyland park, Disney California Adventure park and Epcot! Here’s what you can egg-spect! From March 27 – April 5, 2015, you’ll be able to search for special hidden eggs themed to Disney characters at some of your favorite theme parks.

The Egg-stravaganza Returns to Disney Parks The Egg-stravaganza Returns to Disney Parks The Egg-stravaganza Returns to Disney Parks

How it works, for eggs-ample!
Have fun eggs-ploring the parks hunting for eggs that portray Disney characters! I can tell you from personal egg-sperience, fans were egg-cited to participate, even taking it to the egg-streme. Just record your discoveries by placing the corresponding sticker on the specially themed Egg-stravaganza map to represent that location. Maps and stickers can be purchased for $4.95, plus tax, at the following parks and locations.

There’s no reason to walk on eggshells – whether you choose to hunt for eggs or not, return your map to a redemption location – Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure park; Disney Showcase in Disneyland park or Port of Entry in Epcot – by April 30 and participate in an ‘egg-scramble’ to pick up your surprise.


I think you’ll be egg-static about the new surprises this year! They’ll bear a striking resemblance to what you are already searching for and will be an eggs-cellent addition to your collection. I’ll take it one step further if you pardon the egg-spression, and tell you this time, you’ll want to make sure you put all of your eggs in one basket, because all new characters have been gathered to delight you, no yolk.

Purchasing limits will apply, while supplies last. Keep in mind that no discounts apply and separate admission is required to enter Disney Theme Parks. The experience of course, is subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Have I egged you on enough?


  • Hi! Question: I was able to purchase maps for both CA Adventure and Disneyland on Saturday April 4th, but wasn’t able to do the actual egg hunting until Monday, April 6. We were able to find all the hidden eggs in CA Adventure (IT WAS A LOT OF FUN!), and claim our prizes, but we weren’t able to find ANY of the hidden eggs at Disneyland — I assume they may have been taken out on Sunday April 5th, right after Easter Sunday. I thought we had until April 30 to find them? Luckily, we were still able to claim our Disneyland prize even without the map done, but thought it would be fun to find the eggs at Disneyland as well. Even though it’s late, I just wanted to know why there were no more eggs to find at Disneyland — I know they’re supposed to be “hidden”, trust me, we looked. Nonetheless, the hunt was extremely fun at CA Adventure =P

  • The stickers for each park have two that are different. Is there an egg to match these, like in past years?

    • Teri, if you are inquiring about the ‘surprise’ that you receive, the characters actually vary.

  • Hi
    I will be there on April 5th do you think there will still be maps left or if staying at the resort will you have maps set aside for the hotel guests? I would love to do this with my kids on Easter Sunday.

    • Martha, the maps are hopping away quite quickly. If you have the opportunity to participate on Saturday the 4th of April, I would take it. I’m not sure if there will be enough until Sunday. Guests are egg-static about it and doing it more than once.

  • Aww no Duffy egg this year 🙁

  • Now we have the answer about the Springtime Roundup’s return! Shawn Slater posted a Parks Blog about it today. The Roundup will take place every day from Friday, March 20 – Sunday, April 12. After that it will continue on weekends through Sunday, June 7th!! Yay!

    Between the Egg-stravaganza and the Springtime Roundup, Disneyland is… um… ‘hopping’ with Easter fun.

  • Does anyone know what the prize is and if it different per park?

    • Maria, the surprise gift will be one of the eggs featured above. The surprise gift will be the same at both parks.

  • Does anyone know — is there a maximum amount of maps you can buy and consequently a maximum on how many egg prizes you can get?

    • Caitlin, I know that purchasing limits will apply for the maps, however I do not have the specified number at this time.

  • Jenny —

    I think that the writers of the Parks Blogs have their hands full with writing other pieces for us to enjoy (and this is going to be an extra-busy year due to all of the events of the 60th anniversary). 🙂 I don’t think they have much time to come back and answer all of the questions, though they do their best to tackle as many as they can.

    The answers to the questions you asked are either in the blog itself, or in the replies/comments above and below.

    The maps become available for sale (in the parks) on March 27th. They will be sold every day through April 5th — or while supplies last. This means that if the maps sell out before 3/31 (which is several days into the Egg-stravaganza), then you will not be able to get a map. I highly doubt that maps to both parks would sell out by 3/31, but last year they did begin to sell out about 6 days into the egg hunt and 4 days before Easter, so you never know what might happen.

    As I mentioned above in my reply to Karen, there are 12 different eggs to be found in each park — with a different map for each park. Those eggs (which are very large) stay where they are, and are not collected. You don’t pick them up. You just hunt for them and apply the corresponding stickers (that come with the map) to the corresponding spots on the map.

    • Sherry, thank you so much for jumping in to answer some of the questions from some of our other readers. You are correct, we are chasing down exciting stories to share with all of you, so I apologize for the delay in my responses.

  • Linda — If you have a Premium AP, all you need to do is buy a map for $4.95 plus tax. Your admission to both parks is already covered for the Egg-stravaganza.

    The egg hunt doesn’t take place during any set block of time each day — just whenever the parks are open. So it’s not classified as a separate event — like, for example, how Mickey’s Halloween Party is a hard ticket event.

  • Hi Michelle,
    I had a question about the maps. I know they start on the 27th but how do they sell the maps? Do they sell it only on the 27th or do they sell it everyday until april 5th? Also when we do the easter egg hunt do we get to pick up the eggs and take them with us? Please reply, I will be be going to disneyland on the 31st so I’m scared I would not be able to get a map.

  • If I have a Premium Passport, do I still need to purchase a ticket to Disneyland & California Adventure to search for the eggs after buying the map?

    • Linda, you should have access to the parks on those days with that particular passport, so you should not have to purchase additional admission tickets.

  • The Egg-stravaganza (egg hunt) ends after April 5th, which is Easter. (Last year the hunt ended after April 20th, because 4/20 was Easter.) The character eggs hidden around the parks should be gone after Easter because the hunt is ending (but IF the Springtime Roundup returns — which we are still waiting to learn — some of the Springtime décor may stay up past that date, which is what happened last year).

    The maps for the hunt become available for purchase on 3/27, and are sold (while supplies last) through 4/5.

    Whether you do the hunt or not, and whether you collect your prize immediately after finishing the hunt or not, you will bring the map that you purchased to the redemption location to claim your prize — and you will have until April 30th to claim that prize, even though the hunt itself is ending on April 5th.

    Basically, you need the map if you want the prize and if you want the clues as to where to find the eggs. If you don’t buy a map and are in the parks between 3/27 and 4/5, you will probably see many of the eggs anyway, as you go from ride to ride or walk around — but you may not see all of them and you won’t get a prize without the map.

  • Hi Michelle!

    I’m confused about the dates of the Egg Hunt. It says March 27th to April 5th. But why does it say we have till April 30th to turn in our maps?

    I would love to do the egg hunt, but I won’t be going until Mid-April. Will the eggs still be around?

    • Sara, the egg-sperience will take place from March 27 – April 5. We recommend that you participate and redeem your map during the specified event dates. However we are allowing Guests to redeem their map through April 30, in case they forget to redeem, misplace it or visit at different times.

  • Celina and Hilda —

    Michelle mentions in the above blog ^^ where the maps can be purchased (they’re not online; only in the parks), and she later mentions in her replies to Samantha and Monica that the maps will be available as of March 27th.

  • Have they started selling the maps?

  • This is my first time reading about this, so i just want to make sure about the maps. Can they be purchased online or at the park?

    • Hi Celina! They will be available in park only.

  • Can you please extend the Egg-stravaganza through the week after Easter? As others have mentioned, many kids have Spring Break the week after Easter and that is when we are planning to be there and know our family would love to participate in this!

  • Wish I could be there again this year. Last year, I started seeing the hidden eggs without knowing what they were. I was hunting them and taking pictures of all that I saw. When I got back to the Port of Call, I bought the map and then went in search of the ones I had missed. Lots of fun and I got a Mickey Mouse egg when I completed the map. Have a lot of fun everyone.

  • Karen — I think that if you like hunting for things (scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, etc.), an Easter egg hunt is fun at any age!

    If you’re referring to the number of eggs to be found/hunted, there are 12 different eggs per park. Those eggs stay where they are, and are not collected.

    If you’re talking about the prize you receive upon completion of the hunt (or just when you show your map), you get one prize per map — and you can keep your map as a souvenir. I did the hunt in both parks in one day at DLR last year, with two maps, so I got 2 prizes.

    As for the selection of prizes and how many there may be, I think there are at least 6 versions. Maybe more. Last year it appeared to be the same selection in both Disneyland and California Adventure, so I had to make sure that my second prize was not a duplicate of the first one. But I don’t know if the prizes will be the same this year, and I don’t know about Epcot’s egg hunt or prizes.

  • Is there any information on how many different eggs you can collect? I am an adult, but this looks pretty exciting!

  • I was the first to ask about the Springtime Roundup at Disneyland Resort above, but I will mention — for my fellow Springtime Roundup fans who have also inquired about its return — that, in 2014, the Roundup was not announced by the Parks Blog until mid-March, and it opened on March 28th.

    Also, last year the Springtime Roundup opened almost 2 weeks (about 13 days) before the actual Egg-stravaganza egg hunt began in DLR and DCA, and some of the spring-ish decorations stayed in place at the Roundup after Easter was over.

    For those who are reading this and have no idea what the Springtime is/was (since several of us have now mentioned it!) and why we hope it makes a comeback this year, I will elaborate. It took place in the same location in Disneyland (at the Big Thunder Ranch) where the Halloween Carnival and the Jingle Jangle Jamboree are held during Halloween Time and the Holidays, respectively. There were all sorts of Easter-y touches around the area, including spring décor (a large heart-shaped wreath adorned with flowers, bunny figures, smaller wreaths embellished with carrots, etc.). There were Easter-themed games and crafts. All of the famous Disney rabbits (including Roger!) were there to pose for photos with guests. The Easter Bunny was there. Mickey and Minnie were wearing festive spring colors.

    My favorite part of the Springtime Roundup last year was the “Eggs-straordinary Art”!! Artist Ray Brown — who, if I am not mistaken, also carves some of the amazing pumpkin masterpieces at the Carnival during Halloween Time — and other talented eggs-perts created intricate, whimsical, playful Disney character eggs of varying sizes (they were not real eggs, so they could withstand the Anaheim heat!) every day, and there was a large display case to showcase them. The egg art was gone as soon as Easter ended.

  • Looking forward to this again this year! My friend and I had a fun girl’s day at the Disneyland Resort searching for eggs last year. We also thoroughly enjoyed the Springtime Jamboree with the egg decorating artists and getting pictures with the Disney bunnies and other characters in their springtime finery.

    I agree with others that it would be nice to have it go a little longer for those who are traveling a long distance and have spring break after Easter Sunday.

  • Why is the last day Easter Sunday?
    Many fans would love to see the awesome Disney Eggs, but they get the week after Easter for Spring break and not the week before?

  • Michelle, is there any chance if you can tell us if Roger Rabbit, and the rest of the bunnies will make an appearance over the Easter holiday? I live in Atlanta, GA, but would fly all the way to Disneyland if Roger was making appearances!

  • Will the Springtime Roundup be happening again with all the different bunnies and rabbits and Minnie and Mickey in their Easter Best? I sure hope so. We are waiting to book our trip until that is confirmed. Anything else special for Spring/Easter? Any Easter brunch or Dinners? Any chance they will have it a week early as a “soft opening” like they do for some other events like the Frozen Fun?

  • I am so excited, going to do both California parks.

  • Egg-cellent article Michelle. It always amazes me how fun and magically exciting these events are. I hope to make it to Walt Disney Resort and visit Epcot to Egg-plore these hidden treasures.

    • Thanks Ellen!

  • Just to be sure the maps are on sale now or not until March 27th?
    My 75 year old Mother loves this event!!

    • Hi Monica! They will be available beginning March 27.

  • What day do the maps go on sale? Last year the Disneyland Map was sold out by the time we went so I don’t want to miss it this year.

    • Hi Samantha! The maps will go on sale beginning March 27, 2015.

  • Aw man, I can’t get there until the next weekend! So disappointed. 🙁

  • We are so glad this new “tradition” is back! We had a great time searching out our eggs at both parks last year!

    • I’m so glad Heidi! I hope you have a wonderful time!

  • I wish they would run the egg hunt for a month or more before Easter, like the do the Christmas & Halloween parties. That way those traveling there during the month prior to Easter could participate in the egg hunt also.

  • How egg-citing!

  • Will the cast members be funny this year? Last year I remember there was one in the high top balcony of the Carthay Circle Theater and sitting with King Triton on top of the Little Mermaid ride.

  • I am thrilled to read this news! I was hoping that the Egg-stravaganza would be back this year (in both Disneyland and in California Adventure). I love a themed holiday activity!

    I did the hunts in both parks at Disneyland Resort last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a great, inexpensive way for kids and adults to celebrate Easter and Spring, and to spend a few hours walking around the parks. I loved discovering where the eggs were hidden.

    I hope that there are enough maps to go around this year — I know that the parks were running out of them before Easter in 2014. They were in hot demand! I saw a lot of people walking around with the maps in hand.

    I also hope that the Springtime Roundup will be back this year?? 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to participate… All new characters?! I hope there are 2 white eggs in the basket… Olaf and Baymax!

  • Yes! Had a lot of fun going around the park last year and finding the eggs. Can’t wait to do it again!

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