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First Look at New Products Coming to 2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


We are about a month away from the start of the 2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot. Since winter weather blankets most of North America, I figured a look ahead to spring was a perfect idea. I recently dug up details about new items guests will see starting March 4 when this annual festival returns to Walt Disney World Resort.


The merchandise events team has created a variety of items especially for this event including apparel, drinkware, accessories and more. This year, the Sorcerer Mickey topiary takes center stage as the main logo on several items including a coffee mug, magnet, and tote bag (the mug features a hidden broom topiary image inside). I love the new topiary-inspired headband with a Sorcerer’s hat and a gardening hat with mouse ears.


The Disney pin team created several limited edition pins featuring the topiaries that will be found throughout the theme park including the new Anna and Elsa topiaries inspired by Disney’s “Frozen”.


Olaf from Disney’s “Frozen” will join Mickey and Minnie Mouse as new garden decorations (the thought of Olaf next to the rain gauge makes me laugh!).


Finally, we will release a new Dooney & Bourke collection designed by Disney Design Group artist Paola Gutierrez. This black-and-white pattern shows silhouettes of Disney characters riding vintage bicycles (you may recall seeing the artwork in this story from early January. Select bags released during the Festival will include a specially designed hangtag. There are no immediate plans to carry these bags at Disneyland Resort or on our Disney Parks online store; they will only be found at Epcot during this initial release.

These items will be released at the Festival Center, a themed shopping and demonstration area located between Mission: SPACE and Universe of Energy pavilions at Epcot. This year, the Festival Center will be open Friday-Sunday during the Festival Weekends. Items will also be found in other merchandise locations in Future World and World Showcase.

Stay tuned as I’ll provide a first look inside the Festival Center around the start of the event in March. I’ll also have details about a new retail MagicBand created for this event that you won’t want to let go.


  • Steven, We we in WDW for the last weekend of Star Wars Weekends. I bought a D&B SWW purse but not a F&GF one. Can I call and order one over the phone like I hae done with other items? If so, do I need the SKU before I call? Thanks.

  • Hello,
    I cannot make it this year, sadly, but I have a friend who is going. I am looking for some prices on these things so I know how much to give her to pick some things up for me. Thank you, Cindy

  • Could you please let me know the pricing of the mugs, and the ears and the ear hat?

  • hi steve miller
    what kind of magicband is comeing out for the flower show ???
    thanks howard
    the flower show is 2 days away

  • Is there any chance that Merchandising could ration the release of the limited edition pins? For example if it’s a 5,000 pin edition release 500 per week. I hate that LE pins are almost always sold out the first weekend of the EPCOT festivals.

  • Hi. Can you please tell me what the material is for the Dooney bag? Are they coated cotton, nylon or some other material. Thank you.

  • Also sorry for not including it in my other comment, do you know ow much the pins will cost each?

  • Do you know which one the pass holder exclusive is?

  • What day will the Flower and Garden Festival Pins be released and at what location?

  • Hi Steven, Ive seen photos online of new Duffy merchandise hitting the Hong Kong park, are there any plans to bring the following items to the Florida stores: –

    Goofy outfit (Boxed) and

    these appear to follow the line of the recent pluto and Donald ones, but they appear to have only been sighted so far in HK

    thank you

  • Are there going to be any button-down or Hawaiian style shirts with F&GF logo or patterning available? I like to wear Disney related shirts to work now and then, but tees are not appropriate. Thanks!!

    • @Adolph – I unfortunately have not seen such development.

  • Are they going to release the Outdoor Kitchens and offerings this year? We loved being able to plan and map everything out last year! Thanks so much!

  • Hi Steven, Just wondering if the Olaf garden statue will be available anywhere in Epcot on March 4 the first day of the festival. Or will I have to wait until Friday March 5 when the Festival Center will be open. Thanks.

    • @Rosemary – The garden statue will be released in a few places at Epcot besides the Festival Center. I would try World Showcase kiosks, especially near Canada Pavilion.

  • That Dooney and Burke wallet is so cute! Does it come with a special hangtag as well? Do you know prices?

    • @Meagan – I’m confirming details about the hangtags. The wallet will not have a hangtag. Here are the retails:

      Tote: $268.00
      Crossbody: $138.00
      Wallet: $198.00
      Satchel: $248.00

  • Hi, Steve! I have been obsessively stalking this blog for info on the cute Mickey bicycle Dooneys since I saw your teaser article in January. I will not be able to get to Epcot during the festival (we just came back from there in January and are going again in October). Is it possible to order them through the Disney Parks Merchandise phone number? If so, will we know what the sku numbers are? I NEED that satchel!

    • @Brandy – I spoke with the Merchandise Guest Services team and they will not have access to sell these bags via mail order. At this time, they will only be released at Epcot during the festival. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you.

  • Just curious if the Merchandise team got back yet on those Nike Polos.

    Also, I know you said the bags wouldn’t be available online, but will any of the other Flower Garden merchandise be available online?

    Are there any passholder-exclusive items this year?

    I agree with Lois…the festival center only being open on weekends seems unfortunate.

    • @Charles – I have not received an answer. I’ll respond if/when I do.

      None of the festival items will be offered online. There will be a tee-shirt, a pin and a carded coin for Passholders this year.

  • I love the new Dooney designs! Slightly off topic, but I’m really hoping for a Disneyland 60th anniversary Dooney bag to be available when I visit Disneyland this fall. I think I also need to add a “Dooney and Bourke” line item to my budget.

  • One of those Dooney’s is coming home with me in March. Good thing I added that “Steven’s Fault” line item to this year’s budget.

    • @Kuleen – Ha ha ha!! 🙂

  • Love the Landscape hat will that be available on line?

    • @Patty – Unfortunately, the festival items will not be offered on our Disney Parks online store.

  • Love the new Dooney design! Hope they keep doing event-specific ones. We’re big fans of the Food & Wine and Flower & Garden festivals!

  • Hi Steve, Will the mug be on sale throughout the entire Flower & Garden Festival? I planned on picking it up for my mom for Mothers Day but we won’t be in WDW until the last week of April. Thank you!!

    • @Lisa – The availability of the mug will depend upon how popular it is with guests. Technically, it’s planned to be carried the entire festival.

  • Hi Steven. I was wondering if you could provide some clarification regarding the Festival Center only being open on the weekends. Does this mean that the gardening demonstrations and seminars that in past years were presented on a daily basis will only be on the weekends now? Or will they be held in a different location during the week? And if the gardening seminars will only be held on the weekend, will there be different topics and presenters each day or will the presentations be the same for all 3 days of the weekend? I realize that you work with the merchandise team, but any information you could find out would be greatly appreciated.

    I know that a lot of us garden enthusiasts and garden clubs come to the Flower and Garden Festival each year to see a variety of different gardening seminars and demonstrations and learn something new. Not everyone plans their trips around the weekend, so this information is especially upsetting given that it was only released 3 weeks before the start of the Festival. I know none of this is your doing, Steven. Please relay my sentiments to the appropriate person/team. Thank you so much.

  • I have been anxiously awaiting this article from you to see all the cute merchandise items for this year’s Flower and Garden Festival and you did not disappoint! I especially LOVE the event Duffy as I enjoy collecting all the special event Duffy plushes each year. His outfit is too cute.

    I have a question about the Festival pins. I counted 5 in total in your post (including the jumbo pin). Are those all of the Festival pins for this year, or are there others not pictured? Also, could you let us know for each pin if it is limited edition or limited release, what the edition size is if limited edition, and which ones are Annual Passholder or Disney Vacation Club Member exclusives, if any? I would really appreciate the information.

    Also, will the Flower and Garden Festival Dooney and Bourke items be limited edition, or will there be enough quantity to last through most of the Festival? Thanks again for the help and please post more about the Flower and Garden Festival when you can!

    • @Lauren – Please see our Disney Parks Merchandise website for specific information about pins. This article was really only a sampling of items:

      The Dooney & Bourke items are not limited edition. They will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s difficult to say if they will be available throughout the entire event as it will depend upon popularity with guests. Since these items are not limited edition, we have the option to reorder if necessary.

  • Sine great items there, doubt many will be left for me as I’m not going yo be there until the last weekend if the festival 🙁 but please, pleas, pleeeeease can you tell me when the menus will be released for the food carts? Hubby and I loved eating our way around the world last time and we enjoyed looking over the choices before we visited so we had some idea of what to expect. X

    • @Kerry – That’s a good question. I’d have to check with the food & beverage team as I’m with the merchandise organization.

  • Hi Steven —

    Also – unrelated to FG but wanted to know if you had ANY insight into when Disneyland will have more of the Dooney “Bodyparts” bags – I have been asking EVERYONE I come into contact with or can think of and no one has any definite answer – its so annoying, haha. They were in stock right before Christmas – I went back (with my Christmas $$ in hand) to buy one and they have yet to come back. So frustrating! Any help would be so much appriciated! Thank you!

    • @Catherine – I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. I spoke with the accessories team. I have some good news. There is an order that is due to arrive this spring for both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. I don’t have an exact date at this time but things are coming. These handbags will also be released online at a future date.

  • will Olaf be offered also through the Disney Store – I would love Olaf in the garden

    • @Susan – There are no immediate plans to offer these items on our Disney Parks online store.

  • Any news on Park-pack yet?

    • @Sarah – No news to share at this time.

  • Will you be doing a story soon on the new hidden Mickey pins for 2015? Anxiously awaiting !!

    • @Debbie – When I have updated information, there will be a Disney Parks Blog story. I know they are currently in development and there will be new Hidden Mickey pins. I just don’t have a confirmed month of release. Please stay tuned.

  • Hi Steven,

    Any exclusive vinylmations this year for Flower & Garden?

    • @Cheryl – I’m checking with the Vinylmation team. We will not be offering Vinylmation figures themed to the Festival this year.

  • Will there be new Disney gift card designs this year for the festival as well?

    • @Ethan – I’ve not seen specific development (handled by a different department) but I’m guessing there will be something based on previous year’s events.

  • Any special edition Pandora charms for the event? A girl can dream! 😀

    • @Megan – There will not be PANDORA charms created for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival this year. Please stay tuned as some new Disney Parks specific charms will be coming in March. I’ll have a first look at them on the Disney Parks Blog in the coming weeks.

  • As someone who can never make it down during the months of F&G, I live vicariously through your posts. Thank you! These items are adorable.

  • Will the Dooney’s be available when I am there for the first day of the festival? 🙂

    • @Rachel – Yes, they are scheduled to be released the first day. I would check places like Mouse Gear first as the Festival Center is not scheduled to be open that day (only on Friday-Sunday this year).

  • Will there be a Flower and Garden Festival calendar like last year? The best Disney calendar I ever had. Thank You

    • @Barry – There will be a new calendar this year. Glad to hear you liked the one from last year. 🙂

  • Awesome stuff… Love the new pins and the new logo this year looks great.

    Can’t wait to hear more about this new MagicBand! EXCITED

  • Those Olaf garden decorations will SOOOO be coming home with me!!

  • Will there be a 2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Vinylmation(s) released this year?

    • @Gregory – I’m checking with the Vinylmation team. Please stay tuned. I spoke with the Vinylmation team. We will not be offering figures for this year’s event.

  • Steven,

    Unrelated to FG, but could you tell me if there are any Nike Performance Polos yet ($59.95 retail) for Contemporary, Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, or even Disneyland/Grand Californian?

    Thanks in advance!

    • @Charles – That’s a great question. I’ll have to ask the merchandising team. I don’t recall seeing anything around the office. I was focused on Flower & Garden Festival items for this story. 🙂

  • The Dooneys are killing it this year! I don’t know how I will choose 🙂

  • I really like those two glasses, ESPECIALLY the mason jar mug!!!

    I’ll definitely want the sku for those (as well as that black Hollywood Tower Hotel robe!!!)

    • @Jonathan – Unfortunately, I don’t have item numbers at this time for the items you requested.

  • Where are the mugs made?

    • @Lisa – I spoke with the merchandising team who said the orange mug was manufactured in China.

  • That Frozen topiary pin looks so cute! I can’t wait to add it to my collection!

  • Will any new Vera Bradley patterns be released during the festival or anytime soon? Thanks!

    • @Charity – Stay tuned 🙂

  • Any t-shirts? We visit every year during the Festival and I love to pick up a new t-shirt each time.

    • @Theresa – There will be apparel items. At the time I wrote this story, I did not have final samples. I’ll be providing a follow up story in early March with a look at additional things.

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