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PHOTOS – Hollywood Tower Hotel Authentic Merchandise Checks Into Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


One morning not so long ago, I checked out the new Hollywood Tower Hotel Authentic merchandise that arrived at Tower Hotel Gifts in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You may recall a previous story a few weeks ago discussing this new program that was inspired by the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney Parks. Here’s a quick look at what I discovered beyond the fifth dimension.


Upon entering Tower Hotel Gifts, I immediately noticed the new products displayed throughout the shop. The merchandise presentation team reworked many of the wall fixtures and added some new elements to the location. The shop now features a Tower Hotel Gallery with collectible artwork such as the art deco-inspired bellhop sign created by Disney Design Group artist Richard Terpstra. It was great seeing some of my other favorite items in the shop like the bellhop hat and the bell.


The team also added a few nods to the original television series above the merchandise displays (look above the register area to find Talky Tina). I enjoyed seeing a luggage cart being used as a fixture for apparel, and the display for the Disney Theme Park Edition of Jenga is quite creative!


Additional items will be arriving throughout this spring at both Disneyland California Adventure park in Disneyland Resort and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort. There will more apparel items for men and women (the women’s T-shirts will arrive toward May). There will also be a new black-colored bathrobe that is due to arrive around April. Finally, new drinkware and stationary will be added to the shops in the coming weeks.

Here is a gallery of other items I found. I hope you “drop in” sometime soon to check them out.

The Twilight Zone® is a registered trademark of CBS, Inc. and used with permission pursuant to a license with CBS, Inc.


  • And Walt Disney Studio Park ?

  • Hi Steve

    Any update on the Spectromagic pins for 2015?

    Thanks for all of your updates!

    • @Robert – That’s a great question. Let me check with the Disney pin team.

  • Can you tell me how much the bellhop hat is listed at? Hoping to order via Merchandise Guest Services before my AP expires next week lol

    • @Tyler – The item number is 400008814614 and retail is $21.95.

  • Already making my shopping list! Hopefully everything will be available in both locations. I only found the towels when I was at Disney World in Florida.

    • @Antone – I’m unsure when you visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Items there were just set on February 13. You may be able to find select items at Disney California Adventure Park as well.

  • None of this is available online 🙁

    • @Michelle – I spoke with the online store team. At this point, we do not have immediate plans to carry these items online. I’m sorry I don’t have better news.

  • Ah man. You’re going to make me wait until April for that bathrobe?!? Thanks for the estimated date though. I guess you knew I was going to ask!! 🙂

    Also, on the wall of art, there is a piece of art in between the Evil Queen picture and the Haunted Mansion Stretching portrait depicting Mickey and Minnie looking up at the Tower of Terror. Can you tell me if this piece comes in a deluxe print?

    • @Jonathan – That item is the only size offered. I believe the item number is 400009306583 with a retail of $39.95.

  • I love this merchandise. I will check it out when I’m there next week. I would love to just wander around the hotel lobby and look at all the details. Having said all that, I will NOT be dropping on the actual ride. Nope. Not me, thanks.

  • Steve… I always love your reports on new merchandise! Something I find frustrating that I wanted to ask about. Why no women’s cut shirts for the new merchandise? I would love a bellhop or dropping in shirt but as a short small woman they would look like a dress on me! I have some of the older women’s cut shirtsand love them. Just wondering…

    • @Tracey – Unfortunately, the women’s tees were delayed. Look for something in a few months.

  • I love these ride-themed shops you guys have created for Haunted Mansion and now Tower of Terror! Please keep it up with other classic rides. The merchandise is unique and fantastic and anything but generic. I hope to see more in the future.

    By the way, are you considering a themed Tower of Terror themed MagicBand to sell in this shop as well (like you did with the Haunted Mansion one)? I’d buy one! 😉

    • @Ethan – Thank you for the kind words. I’ve not seen such development for a MagicBand.

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