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Set Your Eyes on Scotland’s Isle of Skye with Adventures by Disney

Amanda Adler

by , Public Relations Manager, Adventures by Disney

Recently we shared with you how you can tap your feet to the music of bagpipes as you discover majestic castles, the mystery of Loch Ness and more on an Adventures by Disney Scotland vacation. Well now I’m here to tell you about what is, in my humble opinion, the most impressively scenic part of this trip – a visit to the enchanting Isle of Skye.


Here you will explore Brothers Point, a rocky promontory that reaches out into sea. Striking green grass pathways lead you over lush, gentle hills until you reach Brothers Point. As you hike across Brothers Point, you can’t help but be captivated by the stunning, deep blue waters, rugged shoreline and a dream like (yes, dream-like!) sky.


If Brothers Point seems unreal, wait until you visit The Quiraing, a hilltop that will take your breath away (probably not literally, but you get my point). After a hike through grass-carpeted hills you’ll be stunned (again, not literally) by an amazing view of a glistening blue bay and slopes that tumble past astounding land formations.

The Isle of Skye not only offers remarkable things to look at, but also is the setting of many memorable adventures. And you’ll enjoy some unbelievably delicious treats.


Show off (or put to the test) your baking skills as you join a pastry chef at the Isle of Skye Baking Company. You’ll see how to bake delectable Scottish scones and then get to create them for yourself (I assure you that these taste about 500 times better than the store-bought boxed scone mixes that state “just add water,” plus you get to brag to friends back home that you learned the art of pastry making from an authentic Scottish chef).

The Isle of Skye not only has scrumptious scones, but also has genuine drinks. Adults will enjoy a private Scotch whisky tasting while the Junior Adventurers enjoy playing games such as Tug of War and Wellie Boot Toss (yes, adults can play Wellie Boot Toss too in lieu of tasting Scotch, or in addition to, although after a few fingers of finely aged whisky you might not be in tip top boot tossing form).

Between the scotch, the scones and the scintillating sights, the Isle of Skye is truly a place that will make you want to stay forever. What excites you most about an Adventures by Disney Scotland vacation?


  • Do you have to travel from the U.S. to take part in these adventures by Disney? I love the look of the European adventures but live in the UK, can you just boom the adventure with no travel arrangements?

    • You don’t have to travel from the U.S. to take part in Adventures by Disney. Feel free to book any of our adventures!

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