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Shadows of Favorite Disney Characters Surprise New York Shoppers

Growing up in the Northeast, right about now I remember thinking winter will never end. You’re probably ready for a vacation somewhere warm and sunny with a few castles … (hint hint!)

We here at Walt Disney World Resort wanted to share a little magic to help keep the winter warriors warm; help them discover their Disney Side, so to speak. You know, that part of you that comes out to play the moment you see those mouse ears.

We sent Mickey and his pals to snowy, cold Long Island, New York to bring some fun to a simple, everyday event – like walking through a mall. And our hidden cameras were there to capture it.

Check it out:


  • I want to go back to dixney World agai!


  • Loved this so much, it made me cry ( more than I expected ), smile, and laugh!

  • I absolutely loved this video! Everything Disney does is simply magical. We would love to see this at the Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus, Oh….as a bonus they have a Disney store 🙂

  • Is that Roosevelt field mall? I can’t believe I missed it! But I’m so happy that I’m going to see Mickey in his house in May! 😉

  • So flipping phenomenal! Disney never ceases to amaze me. What a fantastic idea, I would have loved to been there to see this in person. I too was choked up when the doors opened. I knew I shouldn’t have walked this at work. LOL Something so simple to brighten someones day. I have been a Disney “Kid” since 1972 when my grandmother first introduced me to Walt Disney World and I’ve never grown up and never intend to. I am 46 years young and my Disney side shows every day!

  • Attention to detail also on the ‘license plate’: D15 N3Y

  • Victoria,

    My Disney Side began in 1954 when, as a 5 year old, I watched Walt show the world on TV what he was building in that orange grove in Anaheim! I was amazed then, and now 61 years later the amazement continues! The Disney Imagination never ceases to amaze me! Such a simple idea so well done! I too was moved to tears by the happiness of the guests and Robin is correct, Walt would be very proud!!

    Arizona Mike

  • Never ceases to amaze me the attention to detail that Disney spends – check out the name on the storefront, Umbra Penumbra! (the names of the Earth’s two shadows)

  • The name and date on the “store” was such a great touch (a little extra Disney magic as always).

  • I love this!

  • Oh the happy tears! Disney magic is everywehre. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  • Ok…moved me to tears too when they stepped out!!!! OMG, I probably would have stayed in the mall ALL DAY to watch the fun stuff that they were doing. And Yes, I’m a grown woman!

    BTW….props to Mickey whose moves are always en pointe!

  • I agree with everyone. I think the Walt Disney Company is awesome!

  • That is fantastic! Talk about your magical experiences. Well done. Walt would be proud. I am VERY impressed by Mickey being able to move so fluidly in his big dress shoes too. 😉

  • I’m a full grown man 32, and I cried when they stepped out :'( AWESOME!

  • That was pretty incredible! You never know when you’ll be able to show off your Disney side!

  • That was so AWESOME!! It made we want to cry. Loved it!

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