Training the Horses of the Circle D Ranch at Disneyland Park: Duke Prepares for His Debut – Part Three

Donna Fisk

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Today we’re sharing part three of Duke’s “Journey to Main Street.” Throughout this series, we’ve seen that Duke, in addition to being a beautiful horse, is exceptionally well-suited for his new role at Disneyland park. As it turns out, Duke had previous experience pulling a tourist trolley in nearby Temecula, Calif. This experience, coupled with his outgoing personality, helped Circle D cast members choose Duke to join the Disneyland Equine Team.

And, as you’ve seen in parts one and two, our expert trainers worked with Duke over the course of a year to ensure his onstage success. I hope you’ll take a look here, as our newest equine star takes the final steps of his journey and officially joins the Main Street, U.S.A., team.


  • Yay Duke! And Congratulations to all the Circle D trainers for doing such a wonderful job! He was already on the job by Christmas time so they were pretty efficient in their training. And I have seen Duke on the job at Disneyland and he is wonderful!

  • I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed watching Duke become a Cast Member with the Happiest Place On Earth. I have met Jen and Cindy many times and enjoyed photo-documenting all the horses of Disneyland over the past several years. The Cast Members are the best from the Circle D Ranch. I will be visiting the park in March and hope to see Jen and Cindy again and if I am lucky maybe Duke will be on line working to. Till then. Have a Disney Day!

  • Yeah, I cried too. Congratulations, Duke! 😀

  • I’ve always loved the Main Street horses and watching this series, actually all the posts about the resort horses, has made me love and appreciate them even more! Duke is beautiful and I think I now have a new favorite. Way to go Duke!! Thanks for sharing these magnificent cast members with us.

  • I’m such a big softy, I actually cried to see Duke’s first day on Main Street. I was so proud of him! This series was really eye-opening. The horse-drawn trolley has always been a must-do attraction for us. After seeing this series about Duke, and realizing just how much work goes into training and preparing them for their role, I am even more impressed. I love Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Haunted Mansion and all the rest, but none of them can hold a candle to these beautiful animals.

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