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Video: Step Inside the Story of ‘Peter Pan’ in the Attraction’s New Interactive Queue

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

What fan of the film “Peter Pan” hasn’t dreamed of being one of the Darling children, who get swept off to Never Land for a great adventure with Tinker Bell and Peter Pan?

Step Inside The Story of ‘Peter Pan’ In The Attraction’s New Interactive Queue

Step Inside The Story of ‘Peter Pan’ In The Attraction’s New Interactive Queue Step Inside The Story of ‘Peter Pan’ In The Attraction’s New Interactive Queue

At Magic Kingdom Park, the new interactive queue at Peter Pan’s Flight is doing just that. The queue, which just opened at the park, immediately puts you right in the storyline of “Peter Pan” by allowing you to enter the English home of the Darling family. You then head into the children’s nursery, passing the beds of Wendy, John and Michael, which are surrounded by their belongings and personal treasures. Tinker Bell has already arrived and is busy exploring – and causing a bit of mischief – all around the room. Tink also pulls some friendly tricks on you when your shadow hits the wall. I don’t want to give it all away, but don’t be surprised if your arm’s shadow gets “hooked,” among other fun.

A lot of innovative thinking and work went into creating this magic. We recently went behind the scenes with a couple of Disney insiders! Check out the video below.

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  • So you won’t be able to enjoy this if you have a fast pass? (1st time at Disney in a few weeks!)

  • At ‘David from CA’. Thanks for the reply; makes complete sense. I hadn’t thought about the weather differences being a factor.

  • Can someone from Disney answer whether or not Peter Pan in CA will have something similar? It is currently closed for refurbishments and I am hopeful. Can anyone tell us what is happening with Peter Pan there?

    I am coming to Disneyland in 12 more days! YAY!!!!

  • David from CA, that’s a brilliant summation of why WDW gets queues like this and Disneyland invests elsewhere. Peter Pan’s Flight is currently closed at Disneyland for four months while they do some exciting stuff to the ride itself. I can’t wait to see it finally announced on the Disney Parks Blog. 🙂

  • Lynette- I would assume queue improvements probably make the entire thing wheelchair accessible so you may no longer board through the exit at all, but just use the standard queue 🙂

  • This looks fascinating! Do you know if wheelchair users, that cannot transfer to the ride, are able to walk the queue and then exit before loading?

    • The queue is wheelchair accessible!

  • Disneyland doesn’t have a large indoor queue area, and enclosing the current queue would encroach on the already narrow walk way. Also, Disneyland experiences great weather year-round, where covering and A/C aren’t often needed to keep the humidity and constant rain away from the guests. I’m sure it’s for those reasons that the money DLR is budgeted gets funneled into the rides itself. Notice WDW isn’t (to my knowledge) getting an attraction update outside of the queue, while Disneyland IS getting a ride-effects update but no queue. It’s all about picking the best areas to invest and I think these choices make sense for each coast’s unique needs.

  • Is there a reason that interactive queues and other higher-tech experiences are not being added to Disneyland? I know in many cases, there is no space, but I believe at least a few attractions could be enhanced. Indiana Jones and Space Mountain to name a couple.

  • I have a FP for our trip in 2 weeks. We might have to change that so we can wait in line. 😀 Looks great!

    • It’s a ton of fun. The shadow scene is too much fun!

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