You Will Fly for These Tinker Bell Half Marathon Finisher Medals

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You set a goal, you started your training and now you get to see what waits for you in May at the finish line of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon presented by PANDORA Jewelry at the Disneyland Resort.


Today I am excited to show you all the finisher medals for Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend, including the inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge medal for those running the 10K on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday.

Disney is all about storytelling and these runDisney medals are no exception. To help get the story behind the “bling”, I went straight to the man behind the medals, Disney Art Director Scott Auerbach. He designed this year’s finisher medals.

The Never Land 5K medallion features the Lost Boys. These boys have always been popular with our guests, and Auerbach feels their playful and adventurous attitude is a perfect fit for the family fun run.


Auerbach says his goal for the Tinker Bell 10K was to create a medal that included Tinker Bell’s friends from Pixie Hollow. He decided to go with five fairies, and when combined you get a total of 10 wings, one for each kilometer of your journey. The medal is enhanced with a pearlescent texture on the wings. This gives a light shifting reflection and depth that really makes the wings come to life.


The Tinker Bell Half Marathon finisher medal again features Tink herself. Surrounded by wings, Tink spins in the center of the medal, and it is sprinkled with a little pixie dust color to help you fly.


In designing the inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge finisher medal, Auerbach drew inspiration from the movie “The Pirate Fairy.” In the film, Tinker Bell and her friends set out to find Zarina who took the Blue Pixie Dust. On their journey each of the fairies’ “talents” are switched and this puts them in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar situation. However, in order to find Zarina and the Blue Pixie Dust, they must accept these new talents and work together. Through persistence and teamwork they were able to find the Pixie Dust and recover their friend Zarina. Aurbach says this medal represents the challenges that Tinker Bell and her friends faced and the various talents used to accomplish their goals. Each icon represents the talents of Tinker Bell (tinker talent), Silvermist (water talent), Vidia (fast-flying talent), Rosetta (garden talent), Iridessa (light talent), and Fawn (animal talent).

Auberach says, “Like the fairies, we can accept new challenges and with a little persistence, learning new talents, and working together, we can all achieve incredible goals.”


We hope you like these medals and that they provide the motivation you need to complete your training. For those not registered for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend, I hope these inspire you to join us for a future runDisney event weekend and get your “bling”.

See you at the finish line in May.

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  • Very cool! I think it’s awesome they’ve pulled inspiration straight from the Tinkerbell movies and made it fit so perfectly.

    I look forward to seeing what is done with the September marathon, being a 10th anniversary of the run (and so close to the 60th of the park). 🙂

  • LOVE!!!!! Excited to fly!!! My friend and I are running the 5K with our families, then we are doing the 10K on Sat, and then my husband will be joining us to run the 1/2 on Sunday! I can’t wait to add these to my collection!

  • They are beautiful!!! I will be doing the challenge in 2016 (for my 55th birthday) and know those medals will be just as lovely!!

  • So, does everyone who finishes the 5k get the 5k medal? The first Tinker Bell run I don’t remember getting a medal..

  • Never saw a rundisney medal I didn’t like, until the pixie challenge 🙁 Disappointed.

  • Yes!!! I can’t wait! My best friend and I will be running in our first Tinkerbell 10k this May. We are beyond excited! Its going to be so magical!!! The medals are gorgeous!!! xoxo

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