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24-Hour Event to Launch Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, May 22-23

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Thomas Smith told you earlier this morning about the upcoming 24-hour event to kick off the “Coolest Summer Ever” at Walt Disney World Resort, and I’m excited to follow up and let you know that we’re kicking off summer and launching the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration with a 24-hour event of our own, May 22-23!

Mickey Mouse and his Friends in their Pajamas in Front of the Main Street Train Station at Disneyland Park

The all-day/all-night celebration will begin at 6 a.m. on Friday, May 22 and will conclude 24 hours later at 6 a.m. on Saturday, May 23. The event will include dancing and special character encounters at locations in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks, along with enchanting Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration décor throughout the resort and, of course, the shows and attractions that our guests love.

Here’s a look at what is coming when the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration begins May 22:

  • “Paint the Night” Parade – After dark, along the Disneyland park parade route, 24-hour event guests will be among the first to see the new “Paint the Night” parade, showcasing beloved Disney characters in dazzling parade scenes illuminated with more than 1.5 million individually controlled lights – the first all-LED parade in Disneyland Resort history.
  • “Disneyland Forever” Fireworks – Disneyland park itself plays a starring role in the “Disneyland Forever” fireworks spectacular, also premiering during the 24-hour event. Breathtaking fireworks shows have long been a Disneyland Resort tradition and “Disneyland Forever” soars to new levels, immersing guests from the tips of their toes to the brilliant pyrotechnic bursts above, thanks to special effects that turn the storefronts of Main Street, U.S.A., the Matterhorn and the facade of “it’s a small world” into gigantic projection screens filled with color, characters and surprises.
  • “World of Color – Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney” – Award-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse will be the hosts of the all-new “World of Color” show, premiering May 22 during the 24-hour event. “World of Color – Celebrate!” illuminates the night in a fun-filled and inspirational journey exploring Walt Disney’s decades-long legacy of memorable animated moments and his dream of Disneyland park.

We’ll be sharing more details as the 24-hour event draws closer, so keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog!


  • will Neil Personally be there?

  • Hello. Is the event on Friday, May 22nd, open to all annual passholders? If not, can we pay the difference for the one day?

  • Good morning Heidi,

    The Mickey and Friends parking structure will open at 5 AM sharp. Toy story lot I presume will open around the same time or a few hours later. If you get there sometime in the afternoon, Toy Story will probably be a better bet.

  • I thought this was a passholder event. We have been going for the past 2 years and was never blocked out. So why did you block us this year?

  • Hi,
    We’re wondering about parking of Friday morning. Which areas will be open, and at what time?

    It’s going to be wild and crazy, but super fun!

  • Seeing as how some questions keep getting repeated on here. I’ll make a little FAQ to the best of my knowledge. Please note any info I put here is not endorsed or confirmed by Disney, it’s to the best of my knowledge.

    Do I need a specific ticket to get into the park?
    No, Annual Passholders Deluxe level and up and any one day/multi day ticket of any kind will be admitted into the parks, subject to capacity restrictions. Passholders and park hoppers will have access to both parks for the entire 24 hours, subject to capacity of course. Please see below for so cal/socal select information.

    Q: What time should I get to the park?
    This one is up to you. Seeing as how this the start of Memorial Day Weekend, it will probably get real busy, real fast. I would personally recommend 4 pm or earlier. Take your time with travel as roads will be extra busy.

    Q: Will the park reach capacity? Will I be allowed in?
    Again, this is the start of Memorial Day Weekend, so plan accordingly. Rumored Disneyland capacity is about 68,000, excluding California Adventure which I believe is another 40-60k capacity. Given the holiday weekend, it is certainly possible.

    Q: I have a so cal/ so cal select annual pass which is blacked out on may 22 and 23. Can I buy a blackout ticket?

    Per the website Disneyland no longer offers blackout tickets. They might however for this event. Contact the parks directly for further information on that.

    Q: Will my Deluxe annual pass work after 12 AM on May 23?
    Yes, the Deluxe annual pass will work from 12 AM – 6 AM as the operation day will technically be may 22nd. When Disneyland reopens at 9 AM (3 hours after event end) that will be the may 23 operating day.

    Q: Can I go in and out of the parks?
    You can do as you wish, but be advised parks MAY reach capacity so you may not get back in at least for a while. Same goes for parking.

    If you guys have any other questions, feel free to post and I’ll answer if I have one lol.

  • Hello this will be my first time attending the 24 hour event and I wanted to know what is the best time to get to the park, I want to make sure I go in. Very excited to attend i’ve been reading all the comments and it sounds like its so much fun. Cant wait!!!!

  • I’m an annual passholder but unfortunately not able to stay at the resort this year. What is the tiers for not accepting anyone in when it reaches capacity? Also, if I’ve already been scanned into the park during the day and leave am I able to get back into the park later in the day/night if they’re enforcing the tiered admittance. I thought before that once an AP was scanned into the park that they were good for the whole time but just want to make sure.

  • I’m kind of confused about this event. I’ve never been to a 24 hour Disneyland event before. My question is: If my pass is good on the 22nd, but not the 23rd, will I be able to get in on Friday the 22nd, but then I will get kicked out at a certain time, like at midnight? I’m just super confused. >_<

  • Hello. I have a So California Annual Pass. Last year we were not blocked out. Why,for such a wonderful and special event did they block us out this time.

  • HI!
    We are 10 days out; do we have the parking plans updated yet? THANKS

  • How long will the diamond celebration last? I’ve scoured the internet, but can’t find an end date anywhere! I’ll be going in November for my birthday and was hoping to catch it.

  • Hello
    I am planning on attending the event but will not be able to show up to the park until 2pm on the 22nd, will I still be able to to get into the parks? or do I need to be their at 6am to be able to participate in this event?

  • For the 24 hour event – will we need a two day park hopper ticket in order to visit both parks throughout the event?

  • When the Main ST. Electrical Parade ended in the mid ’90’s and the subsequent Light Magic took its place, there were a couple Preview Nights in the 2 or 3 nights before the official debut for AP’s, with a separate admission. The Park closed early and, back then, the tickets for the evening were only $25 each. Will there be a Preview Night available for AP’s again?

  • I would love to enjoy the 24 hour event. But our passes do not allow it ! NOT NICE

  • I am a deluxe annual passholder so I am able to go to Disneyland on Friday May 22, the 24hr party, but I am blocked out on Saturday May 23. Will I be able to continue to go in & out of the park on between the hours on 12midnight to 5am?

  • I’m a premier passholder (along with my husband ) and we drive from out of state to visit Disneyland..
    I’m very disappointed that they aren’t allowing adults to dress up this year.. Of ALL years-what greater time than the 60th anniversary to show our #disneyside and join in the celebration with a bit more creativity? All I can say is I’m THRILLED that we seized the moment last year for the 24 event ..what a fabulous experience! One that we’ll remember for a lifetime. It would have been awesome to have that opportunity once again.I just don’t think it will be the same…..:(
    @erin you think that Disney will change their mind within the next couple of weeks? Last years event was terribly successful- why wouldn’t they allow it again this year???

  • Super disappointed about to being able to dress up this year 🙁 That was one of my family’s favorite parts. We all went dressed up last year and took tons of pictures. It was part of what made that day so special! My sister got to take pictures with Roger Rabbit, the character she was dressed up as, and even the cast members took pictures. I really hope this decision is changed. We can all still focus on the Diamond Celebration dressed in costume! (:

  • Hello Erin,

    I’m seeing all these comments from a month ago. I wanted to find out if there has been any updates to the parking information and whether on when mickey and friends be opening @5am 1 hour prior to the park opening?

    And are we expected to see all characters out that day or just the characters that are just out on a day to day basis?

  • Why is the So Cal Annual Passport blocked out this year for the 24 hr event? Last year we weren’t blocked.. but now since Disney did away with So Cal AP they blocked the only Friday in May which happens to be the 24 hr event. They did us a favor by letting us renew the So Cal AP but raised the price of the pass and took away a crucial day in May. Way to go Disney.. you just made the “Happiest Place on Earth” UNHAPPY TO ME!!!

  • Hi, I saw you said you only need a regular park admission for the 24 hour special. But can you use a park hopper ticket or a SoCal pass to get in also?

  • Hi – Can you tell me what time the park has reached capactity and closed then repoened during the last 24 hour events? We want to go in early, leave for a nap, and come back in for the later night hours, but I don’t know what time to plan that. Thank you so much!

  • Booooo!!!!! Very sad to realize “Southern California Annual Pass” holders are BLOCKED OUT of all the “24hr Day” fun this year!!! My daughter and I have gone the past 2 years… Summer won’t be the same this year.

  • As we are approaching the middle of April. When will more details be available on the 24 hour event?

  • Will we be able to booked a reservation at restaurants during the celebration\24-hour event? I’ve noticed that May 22nd is blocked out but other days surrounding the 22nd are open to make reservations.

  • I am really excited about this event!

  • Hello Erin,

    It says: Only select attractions, entertainment and services will be available. Will Disney announce which ones?We did not know any of this event when we purchase everything..I do not want to miss any of the attractions in any park 🙁


  • Hi Sorry if you answered this question but can we do the 24 hour event if we use our annual passes? or do we need to pay a separate pass?

  • Sorry if you already answered this question, but do you just need to purchase a one day ticket for the date of may 22 to be able to go to the event or do you need to purchase a two day and or park hopper tickets for the two days?

  • Hi Erin: I feel for you having to repeat yourself so many times. I scrolled through and didn’t see my specific question so here you go: AP holders who can go on Friday, May 22nd but have the 23rd as a blackout date, what happens to us? I am guessing you’re not going to round us up and kick us out. 🙂 Is it a case of we can get in on Friday and the 24 hours counts as one visit in other words? Thanks so much in advance for your help. 🙂

    • I don’t mind, Michelle. 🙂 Admission that is valid for Friday, May 22, remains valid for the entire 24-hour period: 6 am to 6 am. The May 23 operating day begins when the parks re-open again on May 23.

  • I’m planning to go in mid September. Will the Diamond celebration be continuing then?

    • We have not yet announced an end date for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration.

  • We are going to try and come from Utah. You have said that we just need a regular ticket to get in however, when would you suggest getting in line to get in on that day for the 24 hour event? Also, I am anticipating HUGE crowds. If you leave say Disneyland and go over to California Adven. would you be able to go back if the capacity limit has been met?

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