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Cinderella Coach is a Magical Treat at Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Who’s seen Disney’s “Cinderella,” now in theaters? If you haven’t yet, move it to the top of your list! My fellow Disney Parks Blog author, Steven Miller, recently shared some of the exciting new “Cinderella” merchandise headed your way, but i have a special treat for you … actually I have two!

Debuting this month at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort is a Cinderella Coach inspired apple. It’s safe to say that candy makers got a little ‘carried away’ with this concoction. The apple has been dipped in caramel as well as edible shimmering white chocolate and comes complete with carriage-looking wheels. What are they made of? I guess you’ll have to try one to see!


Another fun way to celebrate the film’s release is with our Cinderella Coach krispy treat, sure to be a fan favorite for any movie-goer.

Here’s a list of locations where you can find them!

Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney World Resort

These special treats are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Will you try both?


  • Hello, my husband had the Cinderella carriage apple made for me and I had kept it in the freezer and then we had a family emergency and the apple did not make it to out destination. It meant allot to me since our first date was at Magic Kingdom, he proposed to me there and that is our wedding theme. Is there any way for me to get that apple made for me again? Thank you on advance.

  • Hi Michelle due you know the correct date for that release of the Cinderella bucket ?

  • Are the Cinderella popcorn buckets available yet at the Disneyland park? I’m so excited to purchase one! Also, where will they be located in the park?

    • Hi Andrea, look for the Cinderella Popcorn Buckets at the Disneyland Resort later this Spring.

  • I love it. I know it’s delicious too. I can’t wait to try one.

    • Hi Tina! They are absolutely delicious. I hope you have a chance to try it.

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