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Disney Days of Past: Food Rocks at Epcot

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Today, back in 1994, Food Rocks opened at The Land Pavilion at Epcot. Hosted by Fūd Wrapper, food items sang the virtues of eating healthy. Trying to crash the healthy party were the hard rockers, The Excess, who liked to shout about the best parts of an unhealthy lifestyle in their song “Give Us Junk.”


Following The Excess performance, Fūd Wrapper reminded everyone that sugary snacks are OK to eat in moderation. The Get-The-Point Sisters sang about this during their hit “Respect.”


Although Food Rocks no longer jams at The Land, that’s no excuse for poor eating habits!


  • Need to bring this back and put it back where it was. Can’t stand circle of life, saw it once in my last 18 times to WDW and it was a good place to nap (boring show).

  • I may be the only one who prefers Food Rocks to Soarin’. So sad it is gone.

  • I also loved Food Rocks/Kitchen Kabaret. I even had the stuffed Broccoli plush with the sunglasses!

  • James wife here – The Land has always been one of our favorite places to visit, through the years it’s not hard to notice all that goes away, even the ride the Land used to have a person at the helm of the little boats to interact with you, sure it was more costly but it made the experience more personal and personable.

    I hope Disney doesn’t keep this pace of losing what made Disney set apart from other parks, it’s not all about the rides, it’s the cumulative experience, taking in sites and events and experiences.

    In EPCOT there was a couple of times we went where the Coke flavor station is an entry where you had snow fall on you, it was a blast!

    It’s one thing to keep things fresh and interesting but to cut the fabric too much…you lose the substance that was/is Disney.

    Enough with the “buzz cuts” bring back these endearing characters and then some to rekindle fond memories for old and make new fond memories for new, isn’t that what Walt was all about?

  • The stage for Food Rocks/Kitchen Kabaret is actually still in place!

  • Kitchen Kabaret was the superior food related singing animatronic show. Epcot needs to tackle important issues like nutrition, we need it more today than ever…

  • I loved this and Kitchen Kaberet. There needs to be a new one of these at Epcot!

    • I only saw Kitchen Kabaret once (I was very young), but people routinely remind me how much affinity they have for it too!

  • This was such a good show. I miss it!

  • This is awesome! Seeing the older pictures brings back wonderful memories I have with my family. Please continue to share older pictures such as these. I love WDW! You truly are a part of my family.

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos!

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