Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise Event Details Revealed

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

UPDATE 3/27/15: The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise Event has sold out and the wait list is now full.

Great news, Disney fans! The merchandise event team just revealed details about their special Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration kick-off event taking place May 20-21, 2015. What will it entail? Shopping, seminars and entertainment are in the mix, but here’s the breakdown on everything else.


Diamond Package – $100

Event admission includes panel discussion, signings and other entertainment and activities as follows:

  • Merchandise Pick-up & Event Store Shopping
  • Merchandise Artists & Authors Signings
  • Silent Auction
  • Trading Area
  • Entertainment/Panel Discussion – “Disneyland Dreamers & Doers” with Mouseketeers Bobby Burgess and Sherry Van Meter, among others

Other event offerings include:

  • ONE (1) Commemorative Disney PhotoPass Digital Download
  • TWO (2) Commemorative Gifts
  • First opportunity to pre-purchase select Diamond Celebration-themed merchandise via the Random Selection Process. View Merchandise Catalog here.

Tickets for the Diamond Package are $100 per person and are limited to availability. No discounts apply.

Reservations for the Diamond Celebration Merchandise Event will be accepted only via www.DisneyParksMerchandise.com beginning Thursday, March 26, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time). Tip: Only one (1) Guest per reservation is allowed. It will be necessary for each Guest to register individually.

So join us as we reminisce amongst friends, share cherished memories of the first 60 years and look forward to the next dazzling decades of our beloved Resort.

Will you plan to go?


  • I was wondering if you would reveal or if you know, some of the pricing…I really want to know the price for that sapphire/d blue diamond ring with the diamond mickey ears circling it?? I will be there in 8 days and was hoping to get a better idea of what that might cost.

  • Hi, will any of the 60th anniversary merchandise be available online? We were there two weeks ago, so we missed everything :(. But we would still like to purchase items. Thanks!

  • Hi Michelle! Any updates on whether R2-D60 will be available either here in the Orlando, or online?

  • Thank you very much, Michelle! I’ll be waiting for your signal! 😀

  • Hi Michelle! Fantastic news that R2-D60 is not going to be a limited edition so many more people can enjoy him! You said he will be available on late May at Disneyland but will he be also available in Florida and/or to be purchased online? Cheers!

    • Hi Ricardo! I believe he is only set to debut here at the Disneyland Resort, but I will continue to try to confirm that and let you know. We are still waiting for information regarding if it would be available via our Merchandise Guest Services after it’s debut. I’ll try to keep you updated.

  • Hi Michelle! I was wondering if these items would be available for purchase at the online store… I love the new 60th edition coffee mugs. I’ve been collecting all the old attraction poster mugs… Love them! Have a great day!

    • Hi Rob! We’re still confirming details on what items if any would be available to purchase via our Merchandise Guest Services team. As for online, there have been select items that will be available online, however I do not have a list of what those items are and/or a date, but I believe its late Summer.

  • Hi Michelle – what are the release dates for the other limited edition plush in the set? Thanks.

    • Hi Leslie! I would look for the plush in late May. Unfortunately there is no specific date of release as of yet. But would venture it would be close to (on or around) May 22.

  • I hope this isn’t going to be the only 60th merchandise available? We went to great pains to be at the park on the the Anniversary itself, July 17th in order to try and get some commemorative items!!

    • Don’t worry Theodore, there is a lot more that will be available to you.

  • Hi Michelle, Super bummed to not see any Aloha/Hawaiian camp style shirts from Shag, Kevin & Jody, etc. as part of the Diamond Celebration. Their gorgeous collections of shirts from the 50th and 55th anniversaries are some of my most prized (and most complimented!) Disney collectables. Any chance some might be released later on?

  • Hi Michelle! I’m super excited, as this will be my very first visit to Disneyland! Will the Dooney & Bourke items be added to the RSP once they are revealed? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Amy! I’m so excited that this will actually be your first visit to Disneyland. What a magical time to come. You are going to love it! As for your question regarding the Dooney & Bourke collection. They will not be added to the RSP, but will make their debut at park locations in late May.

  • This looks like a fantastic event, Michelle! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. But I look forward to purchasing some of these and other items when I get to the Disneyland Resort later this year!

    Bob from AZ

    • Sorry to hear you won’t be able to make it to the event Bob. Hopefully you will find your very own Diamond Celebration treasure when you make your visit later this year.

  • Is it possible to buy this poster without being able to attend? I won’t be there until june but I LOVE the poster so much.

    • Hi Amanda! I would recommend reaching out to our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team following the event in May to inquire about remaining quantities or during your visit in June, stop in at Disneyana, as any of the collectible or event items would be available there.

  • Hi Michelle, I didn’t see any 60th Dooney purses listed here or on your other post on merchandise. Will they be doing a 60th design? Thanks.

    • Hi Lori! There will actually be four silhouettes that will debut in late May. Unfortunately we haven’t seen them yet ourselves, but when we do, I’ll be sure to share them.

  • R2-D60 is not limited? This is why we can’t have nice things. Because if everyone has it, it’s no longer a “nice thing”. It’s a thing. Glad you guys got your way.

  • Will the Chase Disney Visa card discount be valid for purchases during the event?

    • Hi Bob! Yes, the Chase Disney Visa card will work on merchandise purchases.

  • I must have the R2D60! So excited! Thanks Michelle!

  • Will we have to submit our RPS during registration – or at a later date/time?

    • Hi Oleg! The RSP will go live at the same time as the ticket sales/registration. Event attendees will have a window of opportunity to submit the RSP/selections, it does not have to be done immediately.

  • Hello! Can I call and order the R2-D60 droids or are they only available at the party??


    • Hi Sean! The R2-D60 will not be available in park until late May. So after that time frame, you could definitely inquire about it’s availability.

  • Do you need to purchase a package for each day?

    • Hi Elizabeth! No, the fee is for the two day event.

  • Will there be any special borders or magic shots for photopass+ photos?

    • Hi Nicolette! I don’t know if it will have any special border, etc. but I have put the ask out.

  • Will limited edition items like the passholder pins be available to purchase in park after this event say on May 22nd the day of the 24 hour party?

    • Hi Tasha! The Passholder pins, etc… will be available in the park, however we do not have an exact date of when they will be released. I would say it could be on or around (possibly after) the May 22 date.

  • Thank you for your response Michelle! I will definitely give that a try. 😀 May the Force be with me!

    • Terry, good news. We will be updating the catalog, as it turns out, the R2-D60 will not be a limited edition, so please use the force and help spread the word. We should have that updated by tomorrow or so.

  • there’s a couple of cool things but I’m pretty disappointed. They had soooo many cool things for the 50th anniversary, this feels like a let down. bummer

  • I’ve been to a number of Star Wars Facebook groups and people are not happy about this. Collectors like to get at least one of every figure, especially the droids. The Random Selection Process and the fact that you have to be in Disneyland to get the R2-D60 figure is making it next to impossible to get this little guy. Exclusives are nice and all but when you make it that hard to get what you want, it’s just frustrating. SW fans just want the figure!

    • Thank you for your feedback Terry! The only other recommendation I can make is that based on availability in park when the item debuts, you may have the opportunity to contact our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team to order it.

  • Yes, please advise on times for each day and if there is an AP discount off the package price. thank you – sssooooo excited!!

    • Dyane, there is no discount on the package price, only on the merchandise items that would be purchased.

  • No discounts apply.

  • Yes, what are the hours and I just want to confirm that this is a 2 day event?

  • Do AP discounts apply?

    • Hi Matthew! While the Passholder discount will not apply to the ticket, it will apply to the product/merchandise offerings. Keep in mind there are often some restrictions (i.e. original artwork, etc.).

  • What time will this event take place?

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