First Look at Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

We only have a few months to go before the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration begins. Is everyone as excited as I am? It was so tough to decide what to show you for a first look. So, I thought I would take you behind the scenes, into our Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration showroom, where you can see for yourselves some of the amazing items headed your way this May at the Disneyland Resort.

There’s so much more to see, so keep watching the Disney Parks Blog for Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise updates. And join the conversation with the hashtag #Disneyland60.

What items made your list for the big celebration?


  • I was at the park this past weekend and wanted to purchase some ears and pins that were not limited edition they were just sold out all around. Is there a way to prove that I was there so that I can purchase merchandise without returning to the park since I live out of state?

  • Will any of these items make their way to Walt Disney World?

  • when does the merch go on sale? Is there gonna be a high quantity of the mickey and minnie ears?

  • Quote:
    Please note, we are currently in the process of updating the catalog.
    When will the updated catalog be available?
    Will the items that were in the preview and the pre sale be available online?
    I was just there and asked about the 60th Anniversary merchandise and was told to keep my receipts and call and I could order and get free shipping….is this correct?

  • Any idea of when the Disney 60th Crystal Headphones will be available. I understand that there will only be 10 sold so I want to make sure I can buy one set of them.

  • will I be able to join the 60th celebration with the use of my deluxe annual passport?

  • I am arriving at Disneyland on the 19th and leaving on the 21st. Am I. Going to be able to get the Diamond Anniversery Merchandise? Also what kind of pins to you have availed for the Diamond Anniversery?

  • Hello Michelle!

    Will these be available May 8?

  • My son will be there May 18 with his school. will this merchandise be available for purchase?

  • Is May 22nd the hard date for the release of these products or can we expect a few to trickle onto shelves in the week leading up to the launch of the celebration?

  • Will any 60th merchandise be out May 12-15

  • Hi Michelle, when will the 60th Anniversary Mickey Mouse hats go on sale? Will they be available past the 2 day time period in May, or will they be a limited item? Thanks!

  • Hi, I am in Iowa and can’t make it out for the Anniversary. I was there for the 50th and it was great. I really want some of the merchandise for this anniversary. Is most of the stuff going to be only available in the park for purchase? Will any of the snowglobes or the Precious Moment be available without being at the park? How about the Disney Stores, will they have anything available?

  • Does bi monthly mean twice a month or every other month

    • Hi Taelene, there is one series of Passholder pins that will be released every other month. But keep an eye out for a few other pins and lanyard medals that will debut in late May as well.

  • Hi Michelle, I was hoping to find out if there will be anything being specially released on the actual birthday July 17th? Also will there be any galaxy s5 phone cases for the 60th? Iam disappointed that the park has no galaxy s5 cases but have many different Iphone 5 and 6 cases. This is the one thing I have been waiting for was to get a case for my galaxy s5 from the park, I searched every store an no one had any.

    • Hi Cassandra! I’m still gathering details on some of the items coming in July. As soon as I am able to share the information, I’ll be sure to post it here on the Disney Parks Blog. So keep watching! I know the teams are working to try to develop Galaxy S5 cases, however they are not available as of yet.

  • Hi Michelle…..Do you know which park locations/downtown locations will carry the jacket with the bling sleeves? We’ll be looking for that one when the gates open on May 22! SO CUTE!

    • Hey Kelley! Keep an eye out for that sparkly jacket at Disney Showcase, Emporium, World of Disney and Elias & Co., when it debuts in late May.

  • Will be in Disneyland in Sept. Will there still be 60th Anniversary items available then?

    • Hi Patricia! Our Diamond Celebration merchandise should still be available during September, it is currently planned to be available throughout the celebration.

  • is Oswald being left out? i hope he is somewhere in the 60th

  • Hello Michelle!

    Will the R2-D60 Droid be available to the public or just during this event?
    Thanks a ton!

    • Hey Sean! The R2-D60 will be available as part of the event, as well as in park. Please note, we are currently in the process of updating the catalog as the item (as it turns out), is not going to be a limited edition.

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