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First Look at Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Merchandise

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

We only have a few months to go before the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration begins. Is everyone as excited as I am? It was so tough to decide what to show you for a first look. So, I thought I would take you behind the scenes, into our Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration showroom, where you can see for yourselves some of the amazing items headed your way this May at the Disneyland Resort.

There’s so much more to see, so keep watching the Disney Parks Blog for Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration merchandise updates. And join the conversation with the hashtag #Disneyland60.

What items made your list for the big celebration?


  • How long will this merchandise be available for? (I’ll be there in August and would love to buy some of these items!)

    • Hi Allison! The Diamond Celebration merchandise will be available throughout the celebration, however some items are limited editions and/or limited in quantity, so Disney fans will want to get it while they can.

  • I would love to have been at Disneyland for this however I will be at WDW Oct 2016 so i was wondering is there anything in the pipeline for WDW’s 45th?


    • Hi Victoria! Unfortunately I don’t have any details on any merchandise being developed for the 45th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, however, you know if we have anything to share at all, it will be right here on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • We’ll be in Disneyland the first week in May…will any of these items be available then?

    • Kelli, as of now, the Diamond Celebration merchandise will debut in late May.

  • was that a mr. toad plush at 1:08? if so, that’s awesome!

    • Good eye, Jessica!

  • Love the new Vinylmations. What are the two Vinylmations beside the Minnie and Mickey set?

  • Will that Mr. Toad plush be available online?

    • Hi Michael! The Mr. Toad plush you see will actually be limited. It will debut later this year. So that was a true sneak peek.

  • I can’t wait for the ears. I have the 25th, and 50th anniversary ears, so I will get the 60th. And the Alex and Ani bracelet.

  • exciting! must get the Mickey ears headband! oh and I spy some beautiful accessories, especially an Alex & Ani bracelet?

  • Will there be an itemized catalog for these items?

    I like the snowglobe at one second in. At the same time marker, will there be a smaller version of the castle (not the crystal one)? Any polo?

    I also really like that wallpaper with the characters and the attractions.

    • You’ll actually find a few different snow globes, as well as a resin castle figure. As for your inquiry about a polo, luck is definitely on your side.

  • At 0.12 and 1.21, there’s an overview of an item that looks like a blanket. Can you tell me whether that is a beach towel or fleece throw?

    • Hi Jonathan! There will in fact be a beach towel, a fleece throw and a woven throw. However, the one you spotted is the fleece.

  • Will any/all of this be available online? I can not go to Disneyland anytime soon.

    • Hi Stephanie! There will be a very limited selection of Diamond Celebration merchandise available online, however that will most likely be later this Summer.

  • Will we get a sneak peek at the 60th Dooneys?

    • Jamie, you will indeed, so keep watching.

  • OMG!!! 😀 !!

  • Yes anything on the Dooneys????

    • Hi Kristina! I’ll be sharing details on our Diamond Celebration inspired Dooney & Bourke collections as well as HARVEYS seatbeltbags very soon.

  • Will there be any pins other than the super limited ones they’ve been slowly releasing??? It’s rough not living in California for those types of things, and I would love a pin!!!

    • Kelsey, you are in luck! I’ll be sharing details about the Diamond Celebration pins soon.

  • Hi Michelle will the T-shirt with all the names and the dates and the years is that an open addition T-shirt or is that limited?

    • Hi Brett! That particular t-shirt is actually an open edition.

  • Thanks for the post. We were planning on going to WDW this year but this sure makes me want to re-plan for Disneyland instead. Wish I could go to both.

  • Hi there!!
    Please pack it all up and have it delivered to our room. Really excited to see the bling items. Those cuff links look great. Gotta look my best at my Mickey Heat book signings.

    • I’m so glad you like it Brian and Karen! There’s so much more. Just wait!

  • I am soooooooooooooo excited I will be there on May 22nd form y Birthday & again in July on the 17th! Can’t wait =]

  • I saw the pressed penny book in there. I am excited to see all the new pressed pennies for the 60th. The set for the 50th was great, so I am excited to see what is coming soon.

  • Will there be any pins for sale? I didn’t see any in the video. I’m planning on going sometime in September or October, and I would love to see some of the pins.

    • Hi Andrew! I haven’t shared any of the pins yet that will be coming out. Please keep watching the Disney Parks Blog, as I will be posting them soon.

  • For the 50th there was a 2-disc CD set that had an assortment of parks soundtracks from the Disneyland Resort, including the Remember…Dreams Come True fireworks. Will there be a similar CD set released for the 60th? I really, really love the 50th one!

    • Maria, good news! There will be a special 3-disc Disney Legacy Collection CD set. So be sure to keep an eye out for it in late May or early June.

  • So excited! Will there be anything from the Disney Parks Collection by Vera Bradley to commemorate the Diamond Celebration? That would be AMAZING!

    • Hi Jennifer! No plans for Vera Bradley. But should that change I’ll let you know.

  • Will there be a 60th antenna topper?

    • Pamela, we have you covered!

  • Will there be a 60th monorail playset being release for the celebration? It looks like there will be a castle and a train playset!

    • No plans as of yet for a Monorail play set but if that changes, I’ll let you know.

  • Michelle: Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the sneak peek at all the wonderful Disneyland 60th Anniversary merchandise, I’ve made my reservations and counting down the days I will be in the park on July 17, 2015 I always shop by your postings it give me a chance to make my shopping list then I know just what I want when I’m in the park, there will be lots of packages being shipped home from Disneyland come July 17th LOL… Thanks again for sharing!!!!

    • Thanks Anthony! That’s so nice of you! I’m glad you liked it. I have a feeling there will be quite a few things going home with you to enjoy!

  • Are you going to have limits of how many of each item a person can purchase? (I hope so). Also, any phone covers?

    • Hi Elizabeth! Purchasing limits will definitely apply to most of the items. As for your question about phone cases. We have three different versions representing each collection (Character, Castle and Diamond), plus one very cool case that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

  • Any artwork from Robert Olszewski? He’s my favorite miniaturist!

  • Will any of these items be available online? I love the Minnie ears but I live in Florida!

    • Hey Amanda! There will be a very small selection of Diamond Celebration items available online. However, I believe that will be later this Summer.

  • Michelle…I love all your posts but this one blew my mind! I spotted 2 different Duffy plushes in the wide shot of the wall at the end of the video. Are those the same Duffy, or will there be two different Duffy plushes for the 60th Anniversary? If two different ones, can you describe the difference? Very excited about everything, but especially that Duffy was included.

    Will there be any commemorative coins for the anniversary?

    I am also wondering like another person who commented if there will be more posts down the road that will show all of these items in closer detail or if there will be some kind of master list or catalogue released of all the different items? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Lauren! Those are in fact two different Duffy the Disney Bears. There is one (that tends to be towards the far left when it pans) that we consider our Park – Duffy the Disney Bear. You will notice that he is pre-dressed and the patterns on the clothes and hat are similar to the ‘character collection’ but in tonal colors. The other Duffy you spotted, is actually dressed in a ‘formal costume’ that will be offered separately than the Duffy the Disney Bear.

      As for your question regarding a coin or coin set, there is in fact both. Though they are limited edition.

      We will be doing several more posts on the product, so hopefully you will get to see some up close images of the items you’re looking for.

  • Yeah!! I cant wait to see these things in person. Did you say “Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags??? As asked above, I too hope there will be a limit on how many items can be purchased. I know people are buying up the Cinderella popcorn buckets and selling them elsewhere. I would hate for families to come to DL and not get the merchandise shown today. Thanks for sharing! The summer can’t come fast enough!

  • Do you know what items will be limited edition?

    • Jessica, most of the items that are limited will most likely be found in both pins and collectibles.

  • Great video and great merchandise! Can’t wait!

    You need to do more videos. So much more interesting that just the photos. And with videos I don’t have to read, which is a plus because I’m lazy!

    Awesome job Michelle! You need to get Erin to join you for the next video! 😉

    • Thanks Roger! I’ll try to convince my good pal Erin to join me. I bet she will!

  • WOW! I am sooooooo excited!!! The autograph book looks sooo super cool with the diamond effect on the cover!! Also, the castle looks so pretty decked out in all its fanfare!! I can’t wait!!

    Do you know if there will be any individual character tie-ins with the Disneyland 60th merchandise, besides of course the beloved Mick and Minnie?

    Will you be sharing posts of promotional items of merchandise that celebrate the 60th celebration that may be with a company like Kelloggs cereal for example that have a Disney connection?

  • I forgot, will there be a view master reel set? For Disneyland’s 50th anniversary there was one.

    • Hi Alissa! Unfortunately not at this time.

  • Hi Michelle! How long will this merchandise run at Disneyland? My mom was born on the EXACT day Disneyland opened – July 17, 1955 – so we are trying to make her birthday this year extra special. However we might not be able to get there in July….will it run through the summer / fall? Thanks!

  • The merchandise looks amazing! Really hoping to be able to come back over for the celebrations. Will they (and the merch) officially last through to May 2016, or only til the end of 2015?

  • Will there be any special 18″ plush Mickey and Minnie, and if yes will they be available throughout the celebration period? We will be there in September. Thanks!

    • Patricia, we will actually have a 9″ and 17″ version of the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse plush. You should be able to find them during the celebration.

  • Thank You for the sneak Peek!!
    Is that a big fig (or medium fig as they are called now) of Sleeping Beauty castle? If so, is it going to be an open edition or limited?

    Also, you mentioned some special jewelry and there appears to be a Mickey Mouse Ears Diamond ring…Will it be made of real diamonds or faux? It’s beautiful!!

  • When did y’all start to draw up concepts for the looks of the different merchandise that is going to be sold? I love the jewelry and the snow globe by the way!

    • Hi Melissa! I’m glad that you like everything! It’s quite a long process for development. I would even venture to say almost 2 years prior.

  • Wow! My wallet is in trouble!!! Thank you very much for the sneak peek!

  • Hi Michelle. We will be in the park the week before the actual anniverary and are very excited!

    Do you know if there will be any special merchandising that may be only available for limited periods during the celebration season? So maybe something offered right around mid July to commemorate the actual day that may not be offered otherwise?

    • Hi Oren! I don’t have any details on any items coming later in the Summer, but if and when I do, I’ll make sure I post it on the Disney Parks Blog. So keep watching.

  • Will the Harvey Seatbelt bags be available online as well?

    • Hey Athena! It’s hard to say if it will be a part of the online selection or not, but if I find out differently I’ll update my reply.

  • I know you said late may when it would be available. But will it be available before May 22nd? We will be there exactly a week before and would love to pick some up

    • Hi Chad! As of now, I believe the release of the items will be on or around that date, no sooner.

  • I am so excited about the merchandise. Did you say there would be a special Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag as well as what you showed in the video? Will all this be available the weekend of May 22nd?

    • Hi Tammy! There will be some HARVEYS seatbeltbags but we haven’t shown them yet. Hopefully soon.

  • Hi Michelle!

    I LOVE that you were able to show all of this to us as a sneak peak! Is that awesome t shirt with all the rides and dates a long sleeve shirt (please say Yes!)? Also, is the Alex and Ani going to be limited edition? I’m not coming out until Disneyland Half Marathon weekend and I so WANT it!

    • Hi Sarah! The t-shirt with the attraction dates on the back is actually short sleeve. But I think you’ll love it. As for Alex and Ani, it is not limited edition, though I’m pretty sure they’re going to go fast.

  • Do you know how long they are running celebration for? I know with past celebrations they have ran them as long as 18 months.Im hoping this is the case with the 60th,because I plan I taking my children their in October of 2016

  • I’m going to Disneyland for my honeymoon from May 4th to May 9th. Will I be able to see any of this merchandise??

    • Hey Sarah! The product isn’t slated to set in stores until a few weeks after your visit, I’m sorry. Enjoy your honeymoon, what a magical place to visit for such a special occasion! Congrats!

  • Hi do you know if your going to have a a new cookie jar for the diamond celebration? I know that for the 40th anniversary Disney came out with Cinderella’s castle cookie jar. I saw some castles in the video but cannot tell if they are only decorations or cookie jars. please let me know. thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Libby! As of right now, there are no cookie jars planned. If that should change, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  • I am going to be there the week before the big release party. Will there be previews for the non-limited edition items to buy?

    • Hi Kassandra! No other previews will take place of the non-limited edition. I hope that you will be able to visit again during the celebration.

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