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‘Frozen’ Summer Fun LIVE Returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios June 17 – September 7

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

It’s shaping up to be the “Coolest Summer Ever” at Walt Disney World Resort, and one of the biggest highlights of the season is sure to be the return of “Frozen” Summer Fun LIVE at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with favorite characters, unforgettable music, delightful enhancements and immersive experiences.


This summer-long special event features a full day of “Frozen” fun from park open to park close, including a royal procession, a sing-along celebration, fun photo opportunities, “Frozen” merchandise, specialty food and beverage offerings and a grand finale fireworks spectacular.

  • Frozen Royal Welcome – Twice each day, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff take part in a festive cavalcade throughout Hollywoodland, accompanied by the Royal Arendelle Flag Corps and a flurry of skaters, skiiers and ice cutters – along with lovable snowman, Olaf. Anna leads the procession in a beautiful horse-drawn sleigh, with Elsa gliding by on a stunning, ice palace float. The entire procession pauses twice along the route in tribute to these visitors from Arendelle, as everyone in Hollywoodland is invited to join in singing “Let It Go!”
  • For the First Time in Forever: A “Frozen” Sing-Along Celebration – Just in time for this year’s “Frozen” Summer Fun LIVE event, this popular show moves into the beautiful Hyperion Theater (formerly Superstar Television Theater), located right in the heart of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Royal Historians of Arendelle host a fun and comedic retelling of the unique story of their kingdom, filled with delightful, sing-along moments from “Frozen,” plus all-new in-theater effects and special appearances by Anna, Elsa and Kristoff.
  • Olaf’s Summer Cool Down – Several times each day, the Ambassador of Hollywoodland brings Olaf and some of his friends to the Event Stage to have a little fun with everyone “In Summer.” And as temperatures heat up, Olaf happily shares a burst from his personal snow cloud to cool things off.
  • “Coolest Summer Ever” Dance Party – Once the sun goes down, a dance party takes over the area around the Event Stage, with DJ Chill and some of your favorite Disney characters. Using a special event hashtag, you can share song requests and photos over social media, to be featured onscreen during the party.
  • “Frozen” Fireworks – As the night comes to a close, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf come together at the Event Stage for a grand finale to the day’s festivities, kicking off an awe-inspiring fireworks display set to the glorious music of “Frozen” and, of course, a flurry of snow!

“Frozen” Summer Fun LIVE starts June 17 and continues daily through September 7 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Who’s going?


  • Hello, just chiming on on comment 41. Does it look like this event may be extended again further in to September?

    Ash 😀

  • Is there any chance that Frozen Summer Fun LIVE! will be extended again this year? We missed it by two weeks this year and scheduled for 9-18 check in thinking we could make it this year (last year it was through 9-28 I believe)….

  • I’m just going to chime in because I want to know what everyone else wants to know, what time do all these events take place? It’s tough to plan out fastpass and meal reservations for other things in Hollywood without knowing when to be available for the Frozen events.

  • Will the Ice Men (/and Lady) of the North be back this year? 🙂

  • Will the Frozen Summer of fun events take place on the 4th of July as well?

  • Anyone know what time the royal welcome takes place? Everything I am reading just says twice a day. The frozen premium package says 10:30 but is that the start of the welcome or just the time the special viewing area opens for light refreshments? Need more info to plan fast passes for 13 people! Thanks!

  • Are there any updates on any of the Frozen events that start June 17th? Mostly trying to find out parade times, fireworks time and location.

  • Any updates on the fireworks times or processional times?

  • Any updates on the time of the fireworks?

  • I also have a question about the timing and locations for the Frozen Summer Package. Is there certain places that we need to be for each event included in the package? I have a fantasmic dinner package with 1 show viewing at 9pm, so how is it possible to do both?

    Little information is included. Could someone please share the times and locations for these events?

    Frozen procession –twice along the route as Guests in Hollywoodland are invited to join in a rendition of “Let It Go.”

    For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

    Frozen Fireworks

    Hot Frozen Nights DJ Dance Party – Event Stage.

    Olaf’s Summer Cool Down – Event Stage

  • I have both a Fantasmic dinner package and the Frozen summer package.
    Can’t seem to get a whole lot of information either. The first Fantasmic is 9 pm and then the Frozen Fireworks at 9:45 pm. They said both shows will be in the same location, the seating area for Fantasmic. I am wondering if we are there for the Fantasmic show and have passes for the fireworks if we can just stay. It seems last year the fireworks were in a different location, by the Mickey Fantasia hat, but it’s gone now. I’m wondering how it will work with the 8:15 pm dessert bar as well. Quite confusing at this point!

  • How do we know what time all the events (other than the sing-a-long) take place? Are they just at random times throughout the day? I’d like to know about each specifically. I can’t seem to find times listed on the website (except the sing-a-long).

  • I was able to book a Fastpass for Frozen Sing-A-Long for June 16. They just opened the fastpasses up for this show.

    However, I would like to confirm it will actually be open on June 16. Also, in which location will it be taking place?

    I would also like to know when the two processionals will take place.


  • Vicky thanks! I just booked the Summer Frozen Premium package on the Disney site. They have put up more information on what the package contains and what to do as far as checking in. So excited!

  • Hi Julie, the CM I spoke to had to ask her supervisor but the dates have been announced, I Know it begins June 17, 2015. My check in date is 6/5, and they had to go by that. While I did book and pay for it, NO ONE seems to have any information, other than a check in time and payment of course lol. I am sort of taking a chance. I would call back and get someone else, best of luck!

  • Vicky how did you book the premium package? I called Disney and the cast member said it has not be announced yet.

  • I was also unable to obtain fast passes for Anna and Elsa’s sing along, way in advance as well. I think this is due to the Frozen premium package, seating for the show is included so perhaps that takes the place of fast pass. I was able to book the package but wondered if there was some sort of times guide. I had previously booked ADR’s and FP but I am concerned that times will overlap. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

  • We will be at WDW June 6th-June 18th and our FP+ window opened today, but the FP+ for the Sing-along were already distributed for June 18th…the last day of our trip! That seems highly unlikely, but I guess it’s just that popular!

  • Would you happen to know the times of the two Anna and Anna Welcome Processions? We are trying to schedule our meals and this information would be very helpful.

  • ooohhhhh, i am, or we r going!!! can’t wait.

  • Shawn, by my count Five commenters have inquired about the Frozen Premium Package. That’s nearly 25% of the questions, can you please find out if this will happen again this year, I need to budget if it is, Thanks.
    PS- In case anyone cares I also vote for the return of the ice skating and snow castle building area, that was the best part of the whole affair last year.

  • Since the Hyperion theatre is at Hollywood studios now will Aladdin a musical spectacular be coming to Hollywood studios?

  • In the frozen singalong is Olaf in the show?

  • Very excited! Can you please give me an idea of how these fireworks will work with the Fantasmic showings? We would love to see both! Thank you and can’t wait for our trip-almost under 100 days!

  • Premium Package?

  • The dates posted for this year’s Frozen Summer Fun say… starts June 17 and continues “daily” through September 7… I’m just wondering if it will be also held on the weekends in September after Labor Day like it was last year, because we had just booked a trip starting Sept 15th a few weeks before this event was announced and were hoping it will be extended again this year

    • Tim – At this time, there are no plans to extend this year’s event beyond summer.

  • YES!!!! We will be at Walt Disney World from June 6th-18th and my daughter was getting a little worried that we might not see the Frozen Sing-Along or the Fireworks! Will the Sing-Along be a FastPass+ attraction?

    • Brian – Yes! You can make a Fastpass+ selection for the Sing-Along Celebration.

  • Frozen Premium Package also returning??? Thanks!

  • Very Excited for the even!- But sadly my kids have been “training” in ice skating since they met the professional ice skaters last summer at the Wandering Oakens. Skating was such a great part of the event! Please reconsider including it – Disney did SUCH a great job with it!! 🙂

    • Mark – My kids loved doing the ice-skating, too! Unfortunately, there just isn’t a location where that could be accommodated this year.

  • Looking forward to this – will be there is August

  • Will the event stage be directly in front of the Chinese Theater and if so will it be the stage from previous events or a stage similar to the castle stage at Magic Kingdom?

    • Christopher – Although there will be some adjustments to the stage due to the new configuration in that area of the park, a temporary performance space will be used for both Star Wars Weekends and Frozen Summer Fun, as it has for previous special events.

  • When will the Star Wars Weekends Line up and Fastpasses be available??

  • Would love to know too about a premium package. Call today but Disney rep did not know. How does this work with fantasmic fireworks?

  • Is the Hyperion/Superstar theater the same as the former American Idol theater?
    It’s certainly the right size, and I KNEW there was some reason Idol was retired so early. I feel old for being one of the fans who still remembers Superstar TV.

    • Eric – It is one and the same. And you’re not alone. I remember Superstar Television well! I especially loved the “I Love Lucy” and “Gilligan’s Island” scenes. 🙂

  • Are the premium packages going to happen again?

  • Shawn, you made my day! My family loved Frozen Summer Fun last year. I assume no snowground this year? Also, when you write that the procession stops twice, do you mean each procession stops twice along the route? Or do you mean each of the two processions stop once for the welcome? What about the icemen of the north? Will they be back? Thanks!

    • Michelle – To answer your questions: You’re correct that there is no snow play with this year’s event. For “Frozen” Royal Welcome, each time the procession happens during the day, it will make two show stops… one on Hollywood Blvd. and one along the route by Echo Lake and the Hyperion Theater.

  • Frozen premium package this year??

  • Since Olaf has been meeting in California for their Frozen Live event, it would be awesome for Olaf to have a meet and greet at Walt Disney World. Any chance of that happening for this event?

    • TJ – Olaf will be making several appearances throughout the day, where as many of our Guests as possible can have a chance to see him. At this time, there are no plans for Olaf to be part of a character greeting experience at Walt Disney World.

  • We just started planning our trip for this summer and I’m super excited about this! Our little 5 year old princess is going to be thrilled!!

  • I’m excited for all the Frozen fun but how about some information on Star Wars Weekends since it’s happening before Frozen Summer Fun

  • Thats a shame that they’re renaming the Superstar Television Theatre.

    • Christian – Prior to the opening of the previous experience in this space in 2009, it was known as the ABC Theater. The name Hyperion has its roots in Disney and Hollywood history. Walt Disney had one of his first studios on Hyperion Avenue, where from 1926 to 1939 his animators produced such classic films as “Steamboat Willie,” “Three Little Pigs” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

  • Will they have the ice skating again? I loved that it was so well done and well organized. My kids loved it!

    • Theresa – This year’s Frozen Summer Fun activities will all be located in the middle of the park, creating a centralized area for our Guests to enjoy all the “Frozen” festivities. Ice skating and snow play are not able to be accommodated in that area, so they will not be returning.

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