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Join ‘Galactic Gathering’ for Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 14

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

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Star Wars Weekends 2015 returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort on Friday, May 15. To kick off this event, Disney Theme Park Merchandise is holding a special ticketed event called “Galactic Gathering” on Thursday, May 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Similar to the “Rebel Rendezvous” event held last year, this year’s event will give guests the first opportunity to purchase new products created especially for Star Wars Weekends.

Join ‘Galactic Gathering’ for Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 14 Join ‘Galactic Gathering’ for Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 14

Packages for the Galactic Gathering will include the following:

  • ‘Rebel’ or ‘Empire’ retail MagicBand (Guests can choose their side when registering online)*
  • Commemorative trading pin*
  • Darth’s Mall Light Speed Pass which gives expedited entry into Darth’s Mall for all five weekends.*
  • First opportunity to pre-purchase select merchandise including personalized Aurebesh nametags, D-Tech phone cases, Dooney & Bourke handbags, Galactic Gathering Disney Gift card, retail MagicBands, limited edition pins and Vinylmation.
  • First opportunity to purchase the new designs of Star Wars-themed Disney Gift Cards.
  • Han Solo-inspired popcorn bucket with popcorn.

Guests who attend this event will also have the opportunity to meet Disney characters, Disney Design Group Artists and Ashley Eckstein from Her Universe.


Finally, attendees will be some of the first to purchase the new figures for Star Wars D-Tech Me including a Jedi Knight and a TIE-Fighter pilot.


Tickets to this event are $250 per guest (theme park admission is not included but required to participate in this event).

Registration will begin on March 4 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern on

I hope to see you there!

*These items will only be available to Galactic Gathering attendees.

The number of packages available is limited and available while supplies last on a first come, first serve basis. Event package and content are not subject to discounts. Appearances are subject to space and time availability and are not guaranteed. Tickets are non-refundable. Event information subject to change without notice.


  • Hello…question…did I jump the gun in buying the Storm Trooper MagicBand? Hopefully I didn’t. Can you tell us if the Storm Trooper bands are “enhanced” at the turnstiles or are the Donald Duck as Jedi and Mickey Mouse as Jedi be the only “enhanced” MagicBands this year? I don’t want to spoil the surprise at the turnstile by asking what the enhancements are I just want to know if I need to buy 2 new MagicBands this year or just the one.

  • Do you know what shapes of Star Wars dooney they will have yet? Satchel, wallet, weekender etc..? I am very excited and would love love love to see photos on the blog soon!!

  • I am curious if there are plans out yet as to what will take place and when? I really would love to use my fastpass for the events, especially the parade for my kids, but I haven’t seen anything to date. Can you please advise where and when I might see something in regards to this.

  • Any word on the Feel the Force Premium package this year, or other premium packages?

  • Steve – Thank you for this story and all the great responses to the questions presented. I look forward to learning more about this event and Star Wars Weekends as you can share it.

  • I have a question. I am a little unclear on the wording above concerning the vinylmation figures. I know they scheduled to be released at later weekends. Will attendees to this event be able to pre-order these items at the event?

    • @Robert – Please see my response to Stuart’s question in comment #38. Hopefully it will answer your question.

  • Steve, I have 2 questions.
    Will we get to see pictures of the shirts and other SWW souvenirs that will be available soon?
    Will Disney be celebrating Star Wars Day this year with limited pins and tees like previous years?

    I hope you are still checking in on these questions and post soon.


    • @Timothy – I invite you to keep watching the Disney Parks Blog. I will offer additional looks at Star Wars-themed items coming to Disney Parks during the next few months. 🙂

  • With the Light Speed Pass, will that allow only the individual with it access or will it allow their party in with them?

    • @Jessica – The Light Speed Pass is only for individual who attended the Galactic Gathering. It will not apply to additional guests who may be traveling with that individual.

  • Good morning Steve. will the 3 medium figures come with pins?

    • @George – Yes, there are pins with the medium figurines. The are similar to previously released figures (base lifts up to reveal pin).

  • 2 Questions-First do you know if there will be any exclusives at Celebration-last time there were figures and Vinylmations? Second-will you be able to get all the vinylmations at the Galactic Gathering or just the ones from the first weekend?

    • @Stuart – Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for details about Star Wars Celebration items. We will have a few things released at Disneyland Resort during that weekend.

      As for Vinylmation figures at the Galactic Gathering event, this information is found in the event catalog:

      “Due to delivery schedules, Vinylmation figures for weekends 2-5 will not be onsite by May 14. Galactic Gathering guests have the option to pre-order these Vinylmation figures. Please note, these items will be shipped to each guest, at their own expense. Pre-orders cannot be picked up onsite. Credit card payments will be processed on Thursday, June 11, and items will be shipped by Monday, June 15.

      Should you choose to forgo the pre-order opportunity, Vinylmation figures will be available for purchase first come, first served, at Darth’s Mall on their respective release dates.”

  • So does that mean the only star wars magic bands available to everyone else are the mickey and Donald duck ones?

    • @Tim – That is correct.

  • We are going Memorial Day weekend which is 2 weeks after the Galactic Gathering, we won’t get the opportunity for the Lightsaber magic bands?

    • @Lawrence – The lightsaber MagicBands are only for Guests attending the Galactic Gathering event. They will not be available for purchase during Star Wars Weekends. I hope you have a great trip.

  • Will the jedi have their lightsaber out with blade extended? if so will it be dual wielding?

    • @Tim – I’m assuming you mean for Star Wars – D-Tech Me. I would invite you to look for a future article about the experience as it will contain images of the Jedi Knight and TIE-Fighter pilot figures.

  • Hey Steve some quick questions regarding this event:

    1. What does the Random Selection Process mean?
    2. Is all of this going to be made available during the regular run of Star Wars Weekends?
    3. When are we getting the guest list? (Hey can’t blame me for trying)

    • @John – Here are some answers:

      1) The Random Selection Process (RSP) is a computer program designed to award limited edition product to event guests based on their preferences. For this event, two RSPs will be run. When you register, you will receive additional information about this process.

      2) There are some items that will only be released at this event. They include the logo pin, lightsaber MagicBands, D-Tech on Demand logo phone cases, Disney Gift Card and Galactic Gathering Aurebesh nametag. Guests attending the Galactic Gathering event will have the first purchase opportunity for the other Star Wars Weekends items.

      3) Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog for additional details about celebrity appearances for Star Wars Weekends overall.

  • Will the characters be the Fab4 together like last year? And stormtroopers roaming?

    • @Michelle – Entertainment details have not been finalized. There will be characters attending the event at some point during the day.

  • Does a child under the age of 3 require a paid admission for this event?

    • @Stephen – There is no event admission charge for a child under the age of three to attend, but she or he is not eligible to participate in the merchandise pre-order.

  • Any plans for IPhone 6 Plus phone cases?

  • What happens if I purchase the ticket but can’t make it before 3:00 p.m. on May 14? I land at MCO at 2 p.m. that day but it’ll be cutting it close after getting my luggage and rental car. Do I still get the package but just won’t have early access to the additional merchandise?

    • @Edward – Unfortunately, the event ends at 3:00 p.m. Attendees need to be present before that time in order to pick up products / event items. From a safety perspective, I’m unsure that you would be able to attend if your plane lands at 2:00 p.m. I wish I had a better answer for you. Safe travels!

  • This event looks so awesome! Is this event going to take place at Disneyland in California at some point?

    • @Andrea – I don’t know of plans for something at Disneyland Resort. There will be, however, Star Wars Celebration taking place April 16-19, 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

  • Is there a cast discount for this particular event?

    • @Robert – There is not a Cast Member discount on event admission. Normal Cast Member discounts would apply to merchandise purchases.

  • Do you have any photos of the Star wars dooney and bourke they will be selling?? I am soooo Excited! I will be there around noon on the 14th 🙂

  • Will there be any Star Wars magic bands available outside of this event throughout the weekends?

    • @Deborah – There will be additional information about merchandise created for Star Wars Weekends in the coming months. Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog.

      You should see the merchandise catalog for this event on as it has two of the retail MagicBands coming for Star Wars Weekends.

  • Christopher – There is no further entertainment. This is a merchandise event! It is not put on by the Disney Special Services. Don’t confuse the Galactic Gathering with the Ultimate Day/VIP Tour at SWW. Last year, there was a visit by two storm troopers, photo ops with Disney characters, and signing ops with the artists who did the pins, etc. You stay inside the Darth Mall building. There is no meeting with the Star Wars actors, etc

  • Aurra Daisy? That seems just wrong, somehow, but I like it. 🙂
    (I remember when they already had Sing as a meet character even before she appeared in the Clone Wars cartoon, just based on her appearances in the book series and movie cameo; few fans knew who she was, but she made a great character on the villains’ side of the street.)

    And no, Anna, SW7 remains a more closely guarded secret than the Pentagon–Even the recent Toy Fair wouldn’t give us a peek.

  • Hi Steven,

    1)• The light saber magic bands that come with the galactic event package, do they have to be attached to an account or are they able to be given to somebody else as a gift?

    2)• The personalized Aurebesh nametags are they galactic event exclusive like the rebels nametags last year with different ones for the Star Wars Weekends Event?

  • I am so very excited! My family of 6 will be there. I think I am even going to be buying tickets for a few of my friends and family – I think so far there is a total of 14 of us! We cannot wait! So worth the $250 per person!

    • @Jennifer – We look forward to seeing you!

  • When and how do you get signed up for the D-Tech me characters?

    • @Chuck – Once registered for the event, Guests will receive additional information. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a first look at the new Star Wars – D-Tech Me figures. I’m working on a story for the Disney Parks Blog.

  • I’ll be at Disney that week and by coincidence was planning to be in Hollywood Studios on the 14th. If I am reading this right, I need register at $250/person for the Gathering which is an unveiling of merchandise, but is there further entertainment in addition to the opportunity to buy the merchandise? Not sure I want to drop $1000 for a family of 4 for merchandise. Am I missing or misreading something? Thanks in advance, I really knew nothing about this until I saw a tweet today…

    • @Christopher – Yes, we will have a meet and greet opportunity with Ashley Eckstein from Her Universe. There will also be some Star Wars characters in attendance. The product catalog will be available later today on the following website so you can make an educated decision if you’d like to attend:

  • Will there be an annual pass discount on the tickets? Where in Hollywood Studios is it held?


    • @Jamie – There will not be discounts on event tickets. The event will be held in Darth’s Mall.

  • any new purses being released for this event?

  • Those MBs look amazing! I understand we will be able to purchase additional MBs at the event – do those need to be linked to MDX at the time of purchase? If so, would we be able to buy them for family members who are on our MDX accounts, but who aren’t present at the event?

    • @Jaime – The lightsaber MagicBands can be linked later. Attendees will have an opportunity to pre-order one additional lightsaber MagicBand of the side they chose and two additional of the side they did not choose.

  • Hi – It says that you can pre-purchase items if you order this package. Do you know if that would work for limited items if you can’t show up until the 15th?

    • @Heather – Please see my reply above to Laura (#15).

  • Steve,
    Can you get the Magic Band without going to the event on May 14th? We will not be there until the 17th… and my husband’s birthday is on the 19th(Hardcore Star Wars Fan) and I really want to get him a Star Wars Magic Band…first trip doing the Magic Bands and Fastpass+ so…help? lol

    • @Laura – This is event is designed for Guests who will be attending in person on May 14 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There really isn’t a way to virtually attend the event. If there are extenuating circumstances (flight canceled, etc), the merchandise events team would review situations on a case-by-case basis. Attendees, however, need to be present in order to pick up pre-ordered merchandise on May 14.

  • Will there be any retail magicband after the events? Left over stock, or another pattern?

    • @Michael – The lightsaber MagicBands were created especially for Guests attending the Galactic Gathering event. They will not be sold at Star Wars Weekends following the event. Please keep watching the Disney Parks Blog in the coming months for additional looks at merchandise for Star Wars Weekends.

      If you’d like to see some other MagicBand options coming for Star Wars Weekends, please see the merchandise catalog posted on this page:

  • Will there be any Boba Fett magic bands?

    • @John – I have not seen anything like that in development.

  • So event or no lightsaber magic band then.

    Don’t suppose any little mouse has whispered if there will be a different limited edition magic band for SWW proper then?

    • @Mariela – The lightsaber MagicBands were created especially for this event. They won’t be sold after the event or to Guests who do not register for the event. As for other MagicBands … stay tuned you should check out the merchandise catalog that has been posted on this page:

  • HI…what would happen if you were late or your flight got canceled…will they hold your stuff????

    • @Matthew – Hopefully no flights will be canceled (please tell me winter will be over by May :). The merchandise events team would review each situation on a case-by-case basis. They may be able to hold items but there would be no refund on the event admission.

  • By the way… THANK YOU for making the “Darth’s Mall Light Speed Pass”. I went to Darth’s Mall pretty much every weekend last year (and Rebel Rendezvous as well) and spent a lot of money, but often had to wait in line for quite a while. This will make it so much easier to get in/out for my multiple trips this year. Love it!

  • Great to see that this event is returning. A few questions;

    1. What will the price be for the d-tech me figurines and what sizes will they be?

    2. Will the big/medium figures pictured be available at the event and what will be the cost?

    3. After choosing either a rebel or empire magic-band will the other be available as a separate purchase?

    Thanks for your help and again, great news that the event is returning.

    • @Mitchell – Here are some answers:

      1) Stay tuned for additional details about Star Wars – D-Tech Me. The team has not finalized all information but I will have a story in the coming weeks.

      2) Yes, the figures will be released at the event. I have to confirm retails with the merchandising team.

      3) Yes, there will be a limited number available to pre-order by attendees who have registered for the event. Attendees will have the ability to purchase one additional of the side they chose and two additional of the side they did not choose.

  • Where will we be able to find the link to sign up?

  • I saw there will be Dooney and Bourke bags, hope it’s going to be s different print from the StarvWars Marathon? And when can we see pics?!

  • Can we see a sneak peek of the Dooney print? Or will it be the same one that released in California for the Star Wars Marathon.?

    • @Diane – The pattern will be the same as the one released at the Star Wars Half Marathon in California this past January.

  • Will the Star Wars Dooneys be the same as the ones from the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend or will they be a new pattern? Thanks!

    • @Jamie – Same pattern as the Star Wars Half Marathon but I believe different forms/styles.

  • Hi Steven,

    While I can see that the pin, popcorn bucket and pass are for attendees of this event only, and that attendees will get one of the special magic bands, the wording is unclear on if the special magic bands will be on sale during the normal SWW.

    Can you clarify?


    • @Mariela – Attendees will receive one retail MagicBand (either Sith or Jedi). The lightsaber MagicBands were created especially for the event. Attendees will have an opportunity to pre-order one additional lightsaber MagicBand of the side they chose and two additional of the side they did not choose.

  • Missed out on this last year so happy to see it back again. A question I need to ask (or the wife will kill me) is if the Dooney Bag(s) will be the same as in California or a new pattern/design? Thank you

    • @Alexander – It will be a similar pattern but possibly different style/forms.

  • Will the Han Solo popcorn bucket be available during SWW or just for people that sign up for this event.

    • @Yulady – The bucket will be available throughout Star Wars Weekends. Attendees will be the first to receive it.

  • OK I am freaking out with excitement!

    Are the MagicBands limited editions? Are these only limited to this event?

    • @Ethan – The retail MagicBands shown in the first image will be for event attendees. Each attendee will receive one retail MagicBand (either Sith or Jedi). There will be an option for attendees to purchase a limited number of additional retail MagicBands (the lightsabers) at the event. Look for additional details once registration opens tomorrow on the Disney Parks Merchandise website:

      You might want to check out the merchandise catalog that has now been posted in the link above. 🙂

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