Live Music Expanding at Disneyland Park Beginning July 17

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment


Music always has been very important to the guest experience at Disneyland, creating a magical connection to the Happiest Place on Earth. During the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, music will become an even bigger part of the storytelling within Disneyland park. Beginning July 17, the 60th anniversary of the Disneyland Resort, two changes are coming to our music program.

First, the beloved musical acts in Disneyland park will increase the number of performances throughout the day, and second, the iconic Disneyland Band will premiere a new sound – with new musical arrangements and themed performances – along with more musicians and high-energy choreography. These enhancements will provide a new level of musical entertainment throughout the day.

We’ll have more to share about the exciting updates coming to the Disneyland Band (including how Disneyland park guests will be able to join their performances!) so keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • You know, most of the time the new entertainment offerings are fun to watch, most recently my favorite is Red Car News Boys. But sometimes the new idea is god-awful like the Disney Dance Crew and Glow Fest.

    “the iconic Disneyland Band will premiere a new sound – with new musical arrangements and themed performances – along with more musicians and high-energy choreography.”

    this sounds more like a recipe for a Disney Dance Crew level disappointment then that of a Red Car News Boys level hit. And the way I see it is that “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. The 50th anniversary was all about nostalgia and coming home, and supposedly the 60th is supposed to be the same, but knowing that most of the Disneyland Band members have been replaced honestly sickens me.

  • Hope this idea is better than the hip hop Mickey that was at California Adventure.

  • Please tell me that this was an April Fool’s joke. While I really do want to see more musical numbers throughout the parks, it should not be at the cost of the Disneyland Band. It’s a staple that should remain forever.

    Please reconsider this idea ASAP, let’s think things through a bit more. Do things like bring Voices of Liberty back, but do not eliminate the Disneyland Band.

  • I am so excited for this. This will make the magical experience at Disneyland so much better. The Disney princesses have great voices in their movies, but they never perform for the guests that come to Disneyland. The Disney princesses only use their voices in Mickey and the Magical Map and only Tiana, Rapunzel, Mulan, and Pocahontas perform. In California Adventure Jasmine performs. My two daughters are disappointed that they cannot see all the other Disney Princesses perform. Can I expect any performances from the Disney Princesses to come to Disneyland?

  • I’m always open to new attractions at the Park, but you don’t play around with The Disneyland Band. It is iconic. Not everything has to change. One of Disney’s mistakes was the loss of Billy Hill. They brought smiles to many faces, and the Golden Horseshoe was always packed. I’m pleased they found a home at Knott’s Berry Farm. I remember the theme during the 50th Anniversary, “Welcome Home.” It’s not quite home when things start to disappear.

  • As much as I appreciate new entertainment, I can’t imagine Disneyland without its current band. Please keep them.

  • This sounds like a miscalculation to me. I keep hearing how Disney is looking to ensure the parks appeal to millennials, but forfeiting the authenticity of veteran band members for the dubious value of “high-energy choreography” (which strikes me as an effective way to justify booting older members) means losing a quality that is very important to millennials.

  • Did Joe the snare player retire? i have not seen him play in a long time.

  • This is very sad and disheartening. Putting band members who have played in this band for many many years. This is disgustring actually. The happiness is leaving more and more. I would put up with the terrible parking situation longer to see this poor professionals cast aside into less prestigous positions. What a slap in the face after a lfietime of dedication.

  • This is a horrible idea. Main Street is losing it’s charm. We DON’T need more small bands with lights, dancers, etc. KEEP THE BAND. It’s old-school, it’s charming, it’s highly professional, it’s tradition. We are long-time annual pass holders, but we are reconsidering renewing, based on this.

  • I was upset to read the Disneyland Band members were given notice. I then read they will remain on staff, and I hope at same salaries, but individual members may play different places, in different smaller ensembles. Is this true?
    Music is almost as important to the Disney experience as the whole Cast of employees. From high school band days through the many professional bands it carries the magic. Sounded like Disneyland wants young dancer/actors as musicians? Not sure that merging skill sets will do anything but lower quality.
    I have seen Broadway go to recorded music, watched many highly trained professional musicians leave the field. I hope this is not a movement to more recorded Muzak and away from the Magic of live performers.

  • I am not happy about the changes with the Disneyland band AT ALL! They are iconic and bring a bit of nostalgia to the park. Why change a good thing? Really? Adding high energy choreography? How corny and hokey. That is for the All-American College Band, not the classic Disneyland Band! They are classy as they are with several old-timers which brings a sense of home to the place, and real life small town ambiance. There are already PLENTY of shows that incorporate “high-energy choreography” and guest interaction. Why can’t you just leave it alone and let us enjoy a little nostalgia with real folk, who don’t have to be ‘actors and dancers’, but are just great quality musicians simply playing good classic Disney music? I’m appalled.

  • Shawn, I’m usually a wait and see sort of person but this has me concerned. ” themed performances – along with more musicians and high-energy choreography” doesn’t sound like the old timey music that should be on Main Street U.S.A. It sounds more like what we have at California Adventure, which I love over there. What can you tell me about my concerns?

  • Shawn, glad to hear the Dapper Dans summer schedule brings the fun all week long! Now, can you work some magic and provide some good news about an expanded Bootstrappers schedule too? Not all of us Bootstrappers fans can get to the parks on Mondays-Thursdays! Even a Friday would help!

  • Shawn, do you happen to know if the extended schedules of the Dapper Dans will last through September? It will still be hot so it’s still summer, right?! 😉

  • This is great news! It’s important that Disneyland keeps things fresh and updated, with new faces added to the Cast regularly. The 60th Summer entertainment schedule sounds super fun!

    I’m also happy to hear the All-American College Band will be returning. They went away from Disney World years ago, but live on to great acclaim each summer in Anaheim. Bravo Disneyland!

  • It’s too bad all members of the current band were given an “end of run” notice. Sad day for the legacy of the original Disneyland Band.

  • That’s not true, Donna!

  • Nice!

  • It had better be good or I may not renew my annual pass.

  • Disneyland gets MORE musical acts while Walt Disney World gets all of theirs cut. Bummer. Bring back Off Kilter!!

  • Rather than more performances per day, it would be wonderful if great groups like the Dapper Dans and the Bootstrappers could return to performing 7 days a week instead of the limited partial-week schedules they currently have!

    • Jill – This summer, you’ll be able to enjoy Dapper Dans every day of the week!

  • This will be a great addition for the Diamond Celebration! Music has always been key to making everything perfect at disneyland! I can’t wait to here more about this

  • What a great announcement! I just love all the musical performances – that’s true Disney Magic. Does this mean the Dapper Dans will have more performances?

    • Alyssa – Dapper Dans will be expanding to seven days per week over the summer.

  • Nice! Love the live music throughout the park. As a working musician myself I’m always happy to see musicians with great jobs!

  • Does this mean no College Band?

    • Benjamin – The All-American College Band will return to Disneyland this summer, just as they have in the past.

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