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More Opportunities to Soar, Enjoy Toy Story Mania Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Here at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, we’re always making investments to exceed your expectations – whether it’s creating new attractions and entertainment or making existing experiences even better.

One of the things we’ve heard from our guests is that a visit to Walt Disney World Resort just isn’t complete without enjoying the spectacular views at Soarin’ in Epcot or a spin through Toy Story Mania! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Well, I’m excited to share that we are expanding both attractions by adding another theater at Soarin’ and more midway track at Toy Story Mania! We’ll also be updating the screens and projection system at Soarin,’ bringing a visually enhanced experience.

Fly Over California with Soarin' at Epcot Toy Story Mania! at Disney's Hollywood Studios

These expansions are expected to be complete by late 2016, offering even more opportunities for you to enjoy these beloved attractions during your Walt Disney World Resort vacation.


  • Great stuff. Any idea to when and how long the rides will be down for maintenance? Hopefully won’t be down at the same time.

  • Will these attractions be closed for the expansion? When will the expansion project be starting?

    • Hi Heather, there is no immediate impact on the attractions’ operation. If a planned downtime is necessary, it will be shared in advance so guests are able to plan ahead for their visit. Thanks.

  • FANTASTIC news! Also wondering if the rides will be closed at all during this time? Also, will it be Soarin over Florida or remain the same? How many more tracks for TSMM? In case you can’;t tell, I am very excited! Bravo Disney, thanks for listening!

  • Love the idea of expanding these rides and making them better, but I have to question why will it take so long to do it?

  • Tom, I hope the Toy Story expansion will also include expanding the loading area. I don’t think the current area would be able to double its throughput even if we did put a “fork” to a second track after departure.

  • Great news and much needed. But wouldn’t it be better to make new rides to help spread out the crowds?

  • Hooray!!

  • I think less wait times are great, I would rather see new rides and experiences. Both of these parks could use some upgrades and new attractions.

  • I’ve been saying for a while, TSM should really be expanded. Looking forward to the Soarin changes too. 🙂

  • This is great news!! I have noticed for quite sometime that the screen for Soarin needed updated or “cleaned.” Shorter wait times will be much appreciated! Thank you Disney!

  • My prayer has been answered: enhanced projection @ Soarin’!!

  • Great to see that the wait times will be lower as Toy Story and Soarin’ are always the longest but it would be great if the two parks could see some new attractions as well.

  • This will really help reduce lengthy lines. However, adding new attractions would have the same effect with the bonus of increasing guest’s choices and overall enjoyment of the parks.

  • We noticed on our last visit how the Soarin’ photography was starting to look very dated compared to all the current HD options. So glad to hear about the upgrade! I hope they keep the smell-o-vision, though. I just love the scent of oranges in the orange grove and pine trees in the forest! It’s one of my favorite parts of the Soarin’ experience.

  • This will decrease the wait times and crowds but wouldn’t adding new attractions and experiences do the job….?

  • It would be nice to have shorter wait times at both attractions. Being a FL Annual Passholder, we don’t have many fast pass + times available for us.

  • Any plans to change the movie in Soarin? We love the ride and would love to see an updated movie with Disney World in it.

  • I really hope this includes modifying the queue area at Soarin..

  • Please tell me these two rides will not be down this November. Bringing my son and wife for their first trip and so wanted them to do these two rides.

  • We are coming from March 19 to March 29, are there rides at any of the 4 parks that will be closed at that time?

  • I really hope this doesn’t mean ride closures for when we’re there at the end of the year. :/

  • These were two of our very favorite attractions when we were there last March!

  • Awesome! I love Soarin’!

  • I would imagine that they’ll try to open the second theater with the new projection system first and then shut down the first theater to upgrade the projector.

  • As a local Orlando Brazilian Tour Guide, I’d love to have a opportunity to speak one day with Mr.Thomas Smith…wishes!!!

  • Any plans for making a Soarin’ wheelchair accessible?
    I loved that ride, but it was very hard for my family to transfer me to a seat.

  • This should be a great way to fix long wait times for Soarin’. Hopefully this also means a better operated station for TSM, given that it is kind’ve MANIA! Maybe this also means a second station for TSM.

  • I hope there is no ride closures while this is happening,i surely do not want to have to re-book cuz we can’t ride our two favorite rides.

  • What great news for both of these rides. They both are hugely popular, and as such each develop long lines very early. Another “lane” in each of these rides will help with the congestion, and allow more visitors to enjoy the Disney magic!

  • Excellent!!!

  • Will either of these updates be coming to the Disney California Adventure park? I love Soarin’ but it’s video system could use a refresh.

  • Glad to hear they are expanding the capacity of these great rides. Hopeful that for Soarin’ they also consider the sight lines for the seats to the far left and right – especially on the bottom row. We’ve been on Soarin’ many times and whenever we are in these seats I fell the experience is lessened so please try to make every seat a great on. See you soon!

  • I just hope it’s open May 2016…even just the old part. That’s our next trip! This is my kid’s favorite ride. 🙂

  • Will Soarin and Toystory mania be open at the end of June?

  • On opening day, in the new auditorium, on the floor at the base of the screen, we blog readers would love to form a volunteer orchestra and play the sound track live. To begin, blog reader Angela plays the french horn. With a couple of days notice, some tympani can be secured.

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