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New Breakfast Starts March 20 at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Starting on March 20, Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort will begin testing a prix fixe breakfast from 8-10 a.m. daily through June 18.


The fast casual breakfast menu has a decidedly French touch; each meal begins with a pastry basket for sharing. Your entrée options include assorted cured meat and cheese served with marmalade, fresh fruit and a toasted baguette. You can also enjoy eggs Florentine served in a puff pastry shell with country ham and roasted plum tomatoes. Even the open-face bacon-and-poached-egg sandwich has Brie.


If you’re looking for something a little lighter, choose the scrambled egg whites with roasted tomatoes, multigrain croissant and fresh fruit. Or go with a vegetable quiche with mushroom, zucchini, bell pepper, onion and chive, served with seasonal fruit. The prix fixe menu will also include a selection of self-service beverages.


But the decadent start to the day is the Croissant Doughnut: a fried doughnut topped with banana caramel sauce, chocolate ganache and whipped cream. (True vacation indulgence!)


The kids’ menu includes brioche French toast with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with Applewood bacon and fresh fruit, fruit crepes with yogurt and fresh fruit with a berry foam, cereal and oatmeal.

Guests can make reservations beginning March 17 for dates March 20 through June 18, 2015 via, the My Disney Experience app, or by calling 407-WDW-DINE. Advance reservations are encouraged. Disney Dining Plan will be accepted.


  • Pam

    Will this be a quick serve option on the Dining Plan?

    • Hi Michael, that is correct. Breakfast will count as one quick-service meal entitlement.

  • Everything looks AMAZING! My mouth is watering. What time will we be able to sign onto the app to make the reservations? Thanks and can’t wait!

  • So is reservations only 30 days in advance or can I book tomorrow for June?

    • Hi Gillian, starting tomorrow March 17, you can make a reservation for March 20 through June 18.

  • Awesome news! Since reservations are available, can Kosher food be requested for this meal?

    • Hi Sarah, at this time Kosher meals are not available for breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

  • Counter service or Table service on the Disney Dining Plan?

    • On the Disney Dining Plan, breakfast and lunch count as quick-service entitlements, dinner is one table-service entitlement.

  • That Croissant Doughnut… wowsers. Will be looking forward to these in December! Hope they are still around.

  • What is the cost of the breakfast? It looks delicious!!!

    • Cost is $19.99 plus tax for adults, $11.99 plus tax for children ages 3-9 years.

  • When will prices and menus be available? Is this quick service? Thank you

  • Hello !!

    Do you know if the breakfast will be treated as a “Quick Service” or a “Table Service” meal?

    Thank you so much !!

    • Hi Evelyn, Breakfast will be served in the fast casual style, but is a quick service credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

  • What time tomorrow will we be able to book this?

  • Do you have a list/link of what the entrée items are. We have some picky eaters in our group and want to make sure that there will be something that they will enjoy before I book our spot.

  • Pam- you noted in you answer to Angela that an Adult breakfast will be $20. Does this mean the menu will not be a la carte?

    • Hi Autumn, breakfast is prix fixe. The cost includes your choice of entree, a pastry basket for sharing and selection of self-service beverages.

  • Hi, will there be a savory vegetarian option?

  • Sorry for another question. Does that price include drinks (coffee, milk, o.j.) or are those separate? Thanks for answering all of our questions.

    • Yes, drinks are included.

  • Are there alternative vegetarian options?

  • Will this be a FastPass+ or Dining Reservation? What time on March 17 will reservations open up? Will reservations be available prior to rope-drop or only after the park is open? Thank you!

  • Hello,

    What kind of vegan breakfast entrees will this restaurant have available?


  • At what time can we make reservations starting tomorrow?

  • Any vegan dining options?

  • What time will the reservation line be open tomorrow?

  • Will there be any characters there?

    • Hi Emily, breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant is not a character meal.

  • Hi,

    So I am confused. What is a casual quick serve? Is a Kona Breakfast casual quick serve or Artist Palette? Is it table service or carry your tray around?

    • Hi Elizabeth, Be Our Guest Restaurant is currently the only “fast casual” dining location (during breakfast and lunch) at Walt Disney World Resort. Guests place their order in Beast’s Study, then select their table inside the Master’s Castle. The meal is then delivered to the table by a cast member.

  • what time tomorrow can we start to make a reservation

  • I contacted WDW this morning and they could not answer the question of what time sales will begin. They said to call back later today.

  • Thank you for the wonderful information! My child has food allergies. Will there also be an allergy menu available like the other fast service restaurants?

  • A donut with syrup on it and get your own drinks for $20? Am I reading this right?

  • At what time on March 17th can we make a reservation over the phone and on My Disney Experience?

  • Hi Pam, Thank you for the post! I noticed breakfast reservations run from 8am-10am. If the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to open at 9am, are those with reservations allowed in early? Thanks again, Jackie

  • Will adults be able to order the child options like at lunch or will they be restricted to the adult menu like at a buffet? Will sharing meals be permitted or does each person need to order an entree? We are a party of only adults that do not eat a lot for breakfast & prefer to share or order the kid’s meals when we have breakfast at our resort food court.

  • What about after June 18th?

  • I am trying right now to get a reservation… As soon as midnight hit the Be Our Guest page updated by showing a breakfast option on the menu and breakfast hours on the main page. However, it’s been about 5 minutes and I’ve been searching every 10 seconds or so. There are still no tables available during the breakfast hours for the days we’re going, which are still > 60 days out. Will keep trying for another 10 minutes or so…

  • On March 17 at 2:30 am, I attempted to make a reservation for a May date and there were none available. Either I’ve done something wrong, or they went fast. Good luck to all!

  • Woo Hoo! Got it booked!! Thanks for the heads up, I can’t wait to share this magical experience with my family 🙂

  • Thank you. We waiting for the Disney Online to open at 6am and got a reservation! So excited!

  • Tried again at 6:30 and had more success.

  • Will there be any French Toast on the adult menu? My daughter just turned 10 but would not want to order anything from the adult menu that is currently listed on the menu. Can she order from the children’s menu? Thanks!

  • Anastasia, we went to Be Our Guest when my daughter was 12 and they still allowed her to order off the kids menu b/c she didn’t want anything off the adult menu. The cast members are pretty understanding when it comes to the kids. 🙂

  • Since I missed out on getting a lunch reservation I was super excited to get one of the breakfast reservations. 🙂

  • I second Amy’s ( comment 29) question. Sometimes at counter service one of the other of us will order a child’s meal or we will share a meal. Will either of these be an option at breakfast? Btw we are passholders who have already scored our 8 am slot for a couple of weeks from now 🙂 woo hoo! We will have enjoyed all three meals at BOG 🙂

  • Was able to make a reservation for breakfast on Saturday, March 28th. Will be my first time eating here and am very excited.

  • @Jaclyn (In the event that you hold an ADR prior to the Park’s opening for the day, you’ll be required to show your confirmation number in order to enter the Park before it opens to the public.

  • I’m also waiting to hear answer to Amy’s questions (#29.) the kids entrees are the only ones that match my preference for bacon and eggs and oatmeal at breakfast.

  • I’m drooling already.

  • Same question as Amy, my children who are 13 and 15 will eat the kids choices but not the adult choices. Will this be allowed? I have a few adults in my party of 8 that prefer the kids selections as well. We have a reservation for April.

  • We have someone in our party on a low-fat, no egg, no cheese diet. That obviously leaves little to no options based on the menus posted. Will there be options available aside from a $20 bowl of fruit or baguette with marmalade? Can an adult order cereal from the kids menu with skim milk (not 1%)? Hoping that the menu is expanded to accommodate more diet options because this is a great opportunity, especially for reservation times prior to the park’s official opening. The lunch menu is very accommodating and offers several healthy options, so hoping breakfast will follow suit!

  • Hi Pam
    Like in all the other posts is it possible to get the kids menys as an adult and in an adult sice as well??? Are there more options coming to the menu, maybee some mickey waffels?
    We got a reservation for breakfast and lunch, i was not lucky to get a dinner reservation so far. I would prefer dinner over the other to, they have better meal options in my opinion.
    Is there also by any chance a new lunch menu planed (something real) and not just sandwiches? Thank you for your help, greetings Kathrin

  • i’ve tried to make a reservation first thing this morning for the new breakfast, but I’m sad to say that all reservations had already been given out. Bummer. I’ve been trying to get a reservation at this place for months.

  • Will the beast be available for pictures after breakfast, like after dinner?

  • Hello again,

    I’m afraid my question might have gotten buried and I was really hoping I could get an answer on it so I can figure out how whether or not to bring my family here the next time we visit.

    Will there be any vegan breakfast options available at this location?

    Thank you!

  • As all the reservations have been booked, could you walk in with no reservation/ get in line during the EMH?

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