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New Indiana Jones Merchandise Discovered at Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Is it visions of the future, eternal youth or earthly riches that you seek? One of our excavation crew members just returned from the deep jungles of Adventureland at Disneyland park … just wait until you see what they uncovered!


As you can see, artifacts range from precious metals (pins), leather (hats and whips) and cotton (T-shirts and fleece), along with other ancient remains (mug). Are you brave enough to battle snakes, spiders and anything else that crosses your path? If so, head due west towards the Indiana Jones Trading Outpost to see for yourselves. Special Tip: If you stop by the shop, take a moment or two to play a game of Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure!

Don’t despair, East-coast fans – some of these trading goods have been shipped to the archeological site (known as the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


  • How about a magnet or two Michelle?

    • I’ll definitely pass the word on Andrew.

  • Yes! This is my favorite attraction at the Disneyland Resort! I will be there in May and will definitely check out the goods! Land and attraction-specific merch is the best!

  • Does this mean they aren’t closing The Epic Stunt Spectacular at Studios?

  • We will be spending 5 days in DL starting April 25, and I am very excited about my favorite ride, Indy. The new merchandise looks very tempting. Thank you for the preview. Today I heard Indiana Jones Adventure has been added to the refurb calendar. April 20 – May 1 Is this true? Please tell me no.

    • Hi Mary! Unfortunately I’m not sure. But it I am able to find out, I’ll let you know.

  • Keith hit the nail on the head – whomever is in charge of merch is doing a fantastic job these days! Now someone please send me that Indy coffee mug because I need it!!

    • Thanks Matt! We couldn’t agree more. We love our land and attraction specific merchandise and the amount of detail being put into all of it.

  • Theme Parks Merchandise has been hitting home runs lately – this is exactly what people want to see: attraction and land-specific merchandise that is unique to each shop and tailored guests’ favorites spots in the park.

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