New Smokejumpers Grill Opens March 20, Part of Grizzly Peak Expansion at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

The recent expansion of Disney California Adventure park gave us even more ways to immerse our guests in new stories, and we’re excited to continue this expanded storytelling this year with the addition of the Grizzly Peak Airfield.

Smokejumpers Grill at Disney California Adventure Park, Courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering Smokejumpers Grill at Disney California Adventure Park, Courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering

The first phase of this expansion, the all-new Smokejumpers Grill, opens March 20. This new quick-service location takes inspiration from the brave men and women who fight wildfires in our California forests. In addition to a whole new look, the location will feature an updated menu with tasty items like a Bacon Cheddar Burger, Grilled Chicken & Jack Sandwich and Chili Cheeseburger!

Grizzly Peak Airfield at Disney California Adventure Park, Courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering

This is just the beginning of the Grizzly Peak expansion, which will bring new building exteriors, landscape features and more to the former Condor Flats area. Lush pine trees will bring cool areas of shade, making our guests feel they have been transported to California’s High Sierras.

Grizzly Peak Airfield at Disney California Adventure Park, Courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering

When the rest of the area opens later this spring, Soarin’ Over California will also reopen with updates to its screen and projection system, bringing a visually enhanced experience. We’ll have more details to share here on the Disney Parks Blog as the project progresses.


  • I love the way this will look when all done. It will really fit in better with Grizzly and the Grand Californian with all the landscaping.

  • Hello
    My daughter and I go to the theme parks often and Taste Pilot’s Grill is our favorite place to eat. Will the new place have the same tasting hamburgers (and gluten free) and fries? Also, will it have the condiment bar too? When we were there we were directed to the other hamburger place over by the boardwalk pasta place. It was not even comarable! The Hamburger, fries and ranch dressing were not very good. I am hoping Smokejumpers Grill will still have our favorite foods available! Thank You!

  • Hi Erin, Do you know if the Planes movies will be incorporated into this land?. Pictures look great, cant wait to go back.

  • Hello Erin, I was wondering if Soarin would be Soarin over the Horizon

  • Hello Erin,thanks for your announcement.I’m looking forward to it very much!
    There are no places where meet and greet Minnie mouse in DCAPark now.
    Do you have a plan of a greeting her in the new area?

  • Hello Erin, thanks for that amazing article and update. I appreciate it. The Grizzly Peak Airfield looks like it will be awesome with soarin back and with grizzly river run and that restaurant. Do you know if that one show called Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airline will return when grizzly peak airfield opens up?

    • Sorry, Andrew – there are no plans for the show at this time.

  • Any chance of J. Audobon Woodlore being the Park Ranger?

  • What will happen to the jet engine that used to be in front of Soarin’ Over California? Also, will Smokejumpers Grill bring back the BBQ ribs that Taste Pilots’ Grill used to have? I really, really hope so! That was a family favorite!!!! 😀

  • Will the Land theme just be an extension of Grizzly Peak’s, or will there be any similarities between the old Condor Flats theme and Grizzly Peak Airfield theme? I loved the theme and music of Condor Flats.

    • Devon – This area is being incorporated into Grizzly Peak; when complete, both will be one land.

  • I love this! I’m a huge fan of the National Parks and the National Parks Rustic style… Redesigning Grizzly Peak and Condor Flats to match that, with all those wonderful trees and masonry and little details like signage matching NPS and USFS signs is wonderful! My wife and I are looking forward to visiting Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park some time, and now we’ll definitely have to add “Grizzly Peak National Park” too!

  • Ive always enjoyed the Vegetarian Burger at Taste Pilots Grill as well as the salads. The veggie topping bar is great too! Hope those all come back on the menu.

  • Is Sorain’ already closed for the refurbishment? If not, around when will it be closing?

    • Yes, Soarin’ Over California is currently closed for refurbishment.

  • Seconding Joanna (comment no.9) Please add a vegetarian option. I’d love to eat here. the Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches they sell at Hungry Bear could be sold here too.

  • The artwork looks awesome. I’m glad that the imagineers are still able continue improving California Adventure. It will be great to have more shade. I really like the idea of the land being turned into an extension of the Grizzly Peak area.

  • Will Paradise Garden Grill return to its normal menu when this opens?

    • That is correct, Lauren.

  • Please incorporate more vegetarian items into the new menu.

  • Will Smokejumers Grill the menu be the same or different from Taste Pilot?

    • Brandon – The menu will feature the familiar burgers, with some updates.

  • I read somewhere that there was going to be a dance floor in this new grill. Can you tell us more about that?

    • Irene – There are no plans to incorporate a dance floor in the location at this time.

  • Erin,
    Does this mean the wall, which prevents Grand Cal guests from going left when entering the park from the hotel entrance, will be down by March 20th?

    • Sorry, no – the only change will be the wall at the Carthay Circle side of the land, which will be moved back to allow access to Smokejumpers Grill.

  • Will the decor inside Soarin’ Over California be changed from featuring aviation history to a wilderness theme as well?

  • Brett, I think the movie will be the same, but I’ve heard that a new movie will be made for the Disneyland Singapore version of the ride.

  • Is this taking the place of Taste Pilot’s Grill, or is it going to be located elsewhere in the Airfield? Thanks!

    • Yes – Smokejumpers Grill will be in the location previously occupied by Taste Pilots’ Grill.

  • Will soarin have a new movie ? or will it be the same movie ?

    • Brett – Soarin’ Over California will be the same attraction, just with an enhanced viewing experience.

  • Do the renovations ever get done early? Going end of April and wanted to go to Soarin…

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