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Preview of New Merchandise Coming to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I’m beyond excited to give you a first look at some new merchandise coming this year to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World Resort. I’ve been looking forward to this story for months as my entire apartment is decorated like a Polynesian paradise. You may remember the sneak preview I shared this past January of the Tiki figurine shown above. I recently visited the resort to capture an image of that same figurine in a lush, tropical setting. I also found a few other things that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!


Disney Design Group artists created a comprehensive style guide for this resort logo program. This guide contained Disney character sketches, patterns, backgrounds and more that were applied to a variety of items. The adult and kids shirts pictured above utilize some of those style guide elements.


The Minnie Mouse image from the T-shirt was also used on a long-sleeved hoodie (I love the resort logo name on the sleeve). I was delighted to see new Aloha shirts for adults and kids (now my son and I can match while enjoying Dole Whips from the Pineapple Lanai). Those shirts combine character sketches from the T-shirts along with the Tiki figurine. The tote bag also contains an image of that Tiki figurine and it’s perfect!


Other souvenir items will include a key chain, a decorative frame, and window decals. The resort will have an open edition logo pin. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto will have an open edition logo pin and a limited edition pin for the grand opening.


Some of my favorite items, however, are the amazing Tiki mugs that are coming to the resort. There will be two different mugs, each with the resort’s logo found on the back side. The first two colors for these mugs are shown in the image above. Look for three additional color variations for each mug to be released throughout this year at the resort’s merchandise shops.


Besides the Tiki mugs, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Aloha shirt inspired by Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. The shirt’s colors were inspired by colorful tile once used inside Great Ceremonial House. As you can tell from this image, I’m already waiting to enjoy this happy hideaway that is soon to become my second home away from home.

These items will be released at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort this year; we will not be carrying them on our Disney Parks online store.


  • Does merchandising ever resurrect old items? I have a long sleeve boat neck shirt from the Poly with Minnie ding the hula that I absolutely love, but it is getting pretty ratty…I wear it anyway. Would love to find another.

  • can the aloha shirt be purchased online

    Do you know where I can purchased the reyn spooner disney/pixar shirts, other than ebay?

  • Has the tiki figurine been released yet? I won’t be visiting WDW anytime soon, but am hopeful for mail order from Disney Delivers.

  • Steven,
    Just picked up my Trader Sam’s Aloha Shirt last weekend! Love it and the entire Trader Sam’s experience! Can’t wait to go back!

  • Any plans to restock the Aloha shirt?

  • I want to buy the Tiki tote bag. Should I try Merchandise guest services? DO I need the upc code?

  • Great article! Can’t wait to see it in person (hopefully) when I visit in May! And I know the dust is just starting to settle somewhat on all the renovations, but can you share any news on possible DVC Polynesian merch? Thanks much!

  • Ah! I LOVE little tiki dude. Always thought he’d be a vinylmation. Love how the shirt looks like the green and blue tiles of the old GCH. I will miss the lush greenery and water when you walked in. We first stayed there around 83 or 84. Mom didn’t want to at first and dad always wanted to. Then it became a favorite. My husband and I stayed 2 years ago and I hope we will be able to take our little one to at least visit the Poly. Want to try trader sam’s but hubby and I make a traditional trip to Tambu Lounge at every WDW visit. BTW, lucky me I have a collection of the original tiki mugs they served at Poly. They are frosted. I have about 5 and the rarely seen Large Tiki head. I have to dwindle down my glass collection so I only took 2, my sister already called dibbs on the large Tiki mug. 🙁

  • This stuff is really great! Are there any plans to release prints of the retro travel art that can be found in the newly reopened Captain Cooks?

    • @Patrick – There are no plans at this time.

  • I really like the retro designs Disney has been producing

  • Steven,
    When are we going to see the checklists for the 2015 Cast Member Hidden Mickey’s? This info is usually out in January or February every year. Thanks,

    • @Wayne – Stay tuned. An article is coming very soon. Timing for the 2015 Hidden Mickey Pins this year is different.

  • Thanks for bringing back Resort specific merchandise.

  • I LOVE the Tiki/Polynesian merch – especially that little guy right at the top – I want one!!

  • Thanks for sharing the new Polynesian Merchandise. Would you happen to know any of the prices for these items? Especially the Tiki,and Shirts?

    • @Diane – Please see my response to Autumn’s comment #13. I don’t have other retails at this time.

  • @Steve do you know if Trader Sam’s will offer a special Tiki mug?

  • Steven – any details on the LE pin? Availability, when and where the release is, etc?

    • @Keith – The Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto grand opening pin will have an edition size of 700. It will be released at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. I do not have a confirmed release date at this time.

  • Love the new Polynesian items!

    On a different merchandise note… With the Spectromagic pin series, did the Cinderella pin release yesterday instead of the Gus and Jaq one that had been listed on the Disney Parks Merchandise page? (And if so, what’s the new release date for Gus and Jaq?) Also, did the edition size per pin really decrease?

  • Are the Aloha shirts by Reyn Spooner?

    • @Daniel – They are not by Reyn Spooner. I can say, however, that they fit perfectly. I have about 40+ Aloha shirts and I’m very particular about button placement. I’m happy to report that both new Aloha shirts have excellent button placement. 🙂

  • Wow that hoodie is awesome ! Is there a Mickey version ? These new items are really nice! Save me one please because I will not get there till August !

    • @Christopher – There is not a Mickey Mouse version at this time. Hope you have a great trip this summer!

  • Is there a men’s polo in this product assortment???

    • @Jonathan – We are not currently offering a polo shirt in this assortment. They opted for Aloha shirts instead.

  • These are fantastic! Will any of this be available at Disneyland as well or just WDW?

    • @Jessica – These items were developed for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Since the Resort doesn’t exist in California, it would be a challenge to carry these items at Disneyland Resort.

  • Best post ever!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

  • Steven- Do you know a rough price point on the Aloha shirts and Trader Sam mugs? Also, for inquiring minds that will be in the state of FL soon, is there an opening date for Sam’s house of libations yet? 🙂

    • @Autumn – The Trader Sam’s Aloha shirt and the Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Aloha shirt will be $54.95 each.

      The tall Tiki mug will be $19.95 each. The shorter Tiki mug will be $21.95 each. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

      I do not have an opening date for Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at this time. But I may be first in line. Ha! 🙂

  • You guys NAILED IT! Love the new TSG merchantainment! Especially the blue and green shirt!

  • Steven, will any of the shirts be available in 3xl? Such a disappointment to miss out on a lot of these tshirts..

    • @Drew – I will need to check with the team. I believe the size range is small to 2-XL but let me confirm.

  • It would be nice to see some more “resort wear/ tropical” offerings for women besides t-shirts such as dresses and skirts.
    Are there any plans for this?

  • Is there going to be a Polynesian polo?

  • How about pix of the mugs to be sold at Trader Sam’s – especially the NAUTILUS themed one? Thanks in advance!

    • @KD – Unfortunately, I’ve not seen any mugs that will be carried inside Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

  • I need one (or maybe both) of those hawaiian shirts! Are they only going to be available at the Polynesian, or can I buy them on-line? And will they still have them in September?

    • @Peter – The Aloha shirts will be carried at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. They will not be sold online. I unfortunately don’t know if they will be available in September as they haven’t been released yet. Their availability will depend upon how popular they are with Guests.

  • I saw the trader Sam opening LE pin, any word on if there will be a DVC special grand opening pin on or near April 1 like Bay Lake Tower had?

  • Really and truly want the shirt! Will the resort be able to take phone orders? Or better yet, will Trader Sam’s in Anaheim be getting these shirts too? Its Aloha Friday, MUST know!

    • @Debra – The Resort will not take phone orders. You may try Merchandise Guest Services yet that team probably won’t have access to these items for awhile. At this point, I’m unsure if Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel will carry this shirt.

  • Steven, any time frame for the Trader Sam aloha shirt to come out?

    • @Christopher – Not soon enough 🙂 I don’t have a confirmed release date but items are due to arrive in the coming weeks and months.

  • Love the shirt? Nothing for the ladies?? I was hoping that a dress or at least a shirt would have been made for the women. 🙁

  • Are the Resort items currently available at the PVR or do we need to be patient and wait?

    • @Sally – Select items will be arriving soon at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

  • I’m excited you posted this! I saw pictures that a few items (Pins and decals) have already been released, so I was hoping you would have a post soon!

    Do you know when most of the items will be released (the Tiki statue in particular?)

    Also, in terms of the clothing, will the Poly be receiving a polo (crossing fingers for Nike Performance Polo!)?

  • Oh my goodness Steven, you just made my day!Coming in August and already have a list of the stuff I NEED to get. love those mugs and that green shirt your wearing. I am so excited. Are these going to be at the store in the lobby and when can we expect them to be available. wish they were on line so I could get them NOW. Hope there will be enough in stock. Keep us posted.

    • @Debbie – These items will be found in Bou-Tiki, the merchandise location in the Great Ceremonial House at the Resort. Items will be arriving in the coming months. You may start to see some things in early April.

  • I saw the preview photo on Facebook posted by Disney and immediately knew A- it was your photo and B- your level of excitement over the topic was going to be epic 🙂 yay for tiki and Polynesian merchandise!!

    • @Jaime – Ha ha!!! This is the one article I’ve been looking forward to writing all year long. The things are amazing! I’m out of room at home for all of this but I’ll find a way. 🙂

  • is the Tiki figurine already available?

    • @Michael – The Tiki figure is not available yet. I borrowed a sample from the office to take the photo at the Resort. It will be coming this year; I don’t have a confirmed date as to when it will arrive.

  • I need that Tiki Man Figure and I needed it yesterday!

    • @Justin – Just wait until you see all the colors. Being a Tiki mug collector, I’m already making room at home for them. They are impressive!

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