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Show Your Disney Side Spirit with March Magic Team Shirts Coming to Disney Parks Online Store

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


The Disney Parks online store is offering a fun way to show your Disney Side spirit this month. From March 16 to April 12, we will release a series of 32 team shirts featuring the Disney attraction logos created for the second annual March Magic tournament. These limited release shirts will ship in 3-5 weeks once ordered (express shipping is not available). Look for a special promotion for these shirts – buy two or more shirts for $20 each (plus tax).

Show Your Disney Side Spirit with March Magic Team Shirts Coming to Disney Parks Online Store Show Your Disney Side Spirit with March Magic Team Shirts Coming to Disney Parks Online Store

Here are the dates that the March Magic team shirts will be available on the Disney Parks online store at

  • March 16-23 – All 32 team shirts available online from Round 1.
  • March 25-29 – The 16 team shirts from Round 2 available online.
  • March 31-April 1 – Team shirts for remaining 8 team in Round 3 available online.
  • April 4-5 – Team shirts available online for final four teams in Round 4.
  • April 6-7 – Team shirts for 2 remaining teams available online.
  • April 7-12 – Team shirt for March Magic 2015 winner available online.
Show Your Disney Side Spirit with March Magic Team Shirts Coming to Disney Parks Online Store Show Your Disney Side Spirit with March Magic Team Shirts Coming to Disney Parks Online Store

Don’t forget that starting Monday, March 16, you can vote for the ultimate Disney attraction at either Disneyland Resort in California or Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Attraction match-ups will be posted on our official social media channels for Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Simply vote for the attraction you prefer, and be sure to check back throughout the month as the competition gets tougher and tougher!

May the best Disney attraction win (of course that team should be Tiki Room Harmony)!


  • Just want to revisit this again.

    I ordered my shirts 5 weeks ago to the day, I checked my order status and it just says “Active.” Is there a delay on these shirts? I ordered not only for myself and my little sister, but my little cousins as well. I’m being patient, but pushing over 5 weeks is a little excessive.


  • The countdown to when they get shipped… Does the 3-5 weeks start when the competition started or when you ordered them?

    Just wanted to know when my shirts will come…


  • @ Todd:

    Look closely at the dates in the post. The 2 teams you mention were eliminated in round 1, so they would only be available in the first order period (March 16-23).

    In my limited experience of one order, I was successful at picking one of the original teams (which was eliminated in round 1) on the morning of the 24th, but I would not count on that buffer (especially for the later rounds we are coming up on where there are no “buffer” days in between the rounds).

  • I was gathering together an order of about eight shirts for the Teacups, Headhunters, and others – most of which are now removed from offer due to the “competition”. Will they be available again? I don’t think I will be placing an order for the remainders if they aren’t…

  • I second a comment I saw earlier… These logos would make awesome pins. Please, please, please pass that on to the powers that be. Of course – if you do that I’ll spend a small fortune because I’d have to have them all. Don’t care… ask for Pins

  • I love these shirts. I wish I would have known about this sooner. I’m looking forward to getting the Caribbean Cannonballs.

  • We LOVE the shirts…so hard to choose and we missed out on some not initially understanding the promotion. It would be nice if you made all the shirts available again at the end of the competition for a limited number of days. That way people could still go back and get what they want, and Disney would make some money too.

  • Steven, I just had four shirts in my bag to check out and two were removed just as I was about to make the purchase. I understand they’re limited availability but it’s not like I was shopping for them days later. They were IN MY CART and I was checking out! Can you help me?? I’m so disappointed. It’s the equivalent to being in a store and having the salesperson take them out of your basket and saying, “psych!”

  • Is there any way to know which teams have won so far so we can order before they’re gone?

  • I’ll add a brief suggestion that it would have been a nice touch to put a small reference to which park the team was representing.

    Could be anything from a small logo for DLR or WDW integrated in each graphic to a just a small set of initials next to the “(C) Disney” text that is below each image. (bonus points for the year being referenced if this happens again)

    This occurred to me as I was thinking over shirts and was considering ordering one per coast, then I realized there were no markings like this anywhere on the design.

    I still will likely order a shirt or 2.

  • I haven’t seen any actual updates from the Disney World or Disneyland social media sites stating the winners of the matchups. Is there a list so we can see what shirts will be going away after this weekend?

  • I just ordered one for the Wonderland Teacups and I can’t wait for it to get here. I see that others have mentioned this, but I too would like to see these in a plus size for next year. I’m also a huge pin collector and I would LOVE to see something like this with the trading pins for next year.

  • These designs are great! Do the shirts run true to size? Is it a narrow or wider shirt?

    • @Larry – The shirts are similar to previously offered online only tee-shirts from the Disney Parks online store. I usually wear a medium and it fits like a medium.

  • I would order the Tiki Room harmony but it needs to come in larger sizes like 3x or 4x.

  • I wish these came in kids sizes! I would love to buy the figment ones for my 2 year old twins. That was my favorite attraction as a kid!

    • @Victoria, Mike and Stacy – Thank you for the feedback. Trust me, it’s been shared with the development team. This is the first time we’ve offered shirts for this tournament. Your comments will help the teams when considering future offerings.

  • Why are kids sizes not available? Would love to get one for our grandson but they are only available in adult sizes. What gives?

  • Really wish that they had some kid sizes! I know of a couple boys who are sad that they can’t get one. Any plans on releasing kids sizes for the future rounds?

  • I wish the color of the shirts matched the logos. Such as, the Dream Finder shirt was purple instead of maroon. We love all the logos they created for each team!

    • @Amy – Thanks for the feedback. I’ll share it with the team.

  • Do you have to be IN one of the parks to vote?

  • Aww, 3 to 5 weeks? But we’ll be in Disney World in two weeks! How can I show my March Madness in the Park in March?!?!

    • @Jennifer – For me, I plan on supporting Tiki Room Harmony all year long just like I would my favorite sports teams from Columbus, Ohio 🙂

  • I see that others have already requested women’s sizes and you’ve passed that comment along — is there any chance they’ll be available for THIS year? Or is that feedback only going to be applied to future years? Thanks!

    • @Matthew – There are no plans for additional shirts this year. It’s great feedback as we look at future development. This is the first time we’ve offered shirts for the March Madness Tournament.

  • Where’s the bracket????

  • Just read Dustin’s comment from yesterday. I 100% agree that trading pins would be awesome! 🙂

  • Steven, Please pass on another request to Merchandising. Men’s Big Sizes are needed. 3X and 4X would be wonderful. I’d buy one of each and get matching ones for my Kids, but I just can’t fit into the 2XL’s that Disney Online sells anymore.

  • I wish there were kid sizes available!!! 🙁

  • How am I ever going to choose?!

    • @Erin – That’s easy. Tiki Room Harmony! 🙂

  • Steven, I’m assuming our pass discounts don’t work online? I’ve got my eyes on that world of color shirt!

    • @Nick – You are correct.

  • I love the tournament and I love several of the teams but I had to buy the DREAMFINDERS to represent the Figment & the Imagination Institute all year long!

  • Should Skygliders and Bellhops be on the opposite sides of the bracket then they are? Soarin’ was first in Disneyland and Tower of Terror was first in Walt Disney World.

  • Women’s fitted tee sizes are desperately needed here! If that was the case, four tees would be headed my way. Because of the boxy men’s shape, none are ordered for me. I do love the designs, though!!

  • Where exactly is the link to vote? I can’t find it. Help!!

  • I agree with the kids size shirts. We are planning our Disneyland vacation and this would make such a cool family team shirt.

  • These are fantastic! A great addition for this year plus the tournament is a lot of fun. Now the hard decision – which one(s) to buy.

    • @Lacy – May I suggest Tiki Room Harmony? 🙂

  • I would be ordering several for my husband if a 3X was available!

  • I agree with Kristen: A woman’s cut would be nice!

    • @Kristin and Crissy – Thank you for the feedback. Please know that I have shared it with the merchandising teams.

  • Why are these only being sold in men’s sizes?

  • I wish these shirts could ship to Canada

  • Thanks for the post, Steven. I just bought 3 (Journey Into Imagination, Fantasmic, and Haunted Mansion). What an awesome idea! However, I need to stop reading your posts…I am going broke!

    • @Jana – Ha! Thank you for reading 🙂

  • Are these AMAZING shirts available in Disneyland or online only?

  • Steven, would you know if there will be any other type of merchandise released for March Magic? I like the t-shirts but would rather pins, and would wait until those came out if they are. Love this March Magic idea. Here’s to Pirates of the Caribbean to make it two years in a row for Disneyland!

    • @Dustin – There are no immediate plans for additional March Magic merchandise at this point.

  • Rooting for the Troopers and Cannonballs. There were several others I would have loved to pick up, but I’m exercising some restraint.

  • These are Amazing, just bought 3! Let’s go Bellhops, Screamers, and the Fighting Seven!!!

    • @Andy – Great choices!

  • My Wallet is actually crying right now…So many to choose from, so little time frame to do it in.

  • OK… these are awesome… but man you are going to make me go broke. I want them ALL!

    • @Ethan – Glad to hear you are enjoying them! I feel the same way 🙂

  • I wish these came in kids’ sizes!!

  • I really wish these came in women’s sizes as well.

    • @Kristen – Thank you for the feedback. I’ll share it with the merchandising team.

  • Do the dates mean that the shirts actually change or just that the teams who keep winning will be available for purchase longer?

    • @Erica – The teams who keep winning will be available for purchase longer.

  • I need a monthly subscription for the next 3 years!

  • Help! The link doesn’t work!

  • And, the link doesn’t work. Boy, I want to spend some money on these, but…

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