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Show Your #DisneySide by Voting for Your Favorite Disney Attraction During ‘March Magic’

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Is Space Mountain your absolute favorite attraction? Is the Haunted Mansion a must-do for you on each and every Disney vacation? If so, you may be just the fan we’ve been looking for to participate in our second annual March Magic Tournament.

Over the next few weeks, a total of 32 teams inspired by favorite Disney attractions will compete for the title of ultimate Disney attraction, and it’s up to you to decide which attractions continue through each round.

Here’s a look at this year’s roster:

Disneyland Resort Roster for the 2015 March Magic Tournament Walt Disney World Resort Roster for the 2015 March Magic Tournament

Starting March 16, we’ll ask you to show your #DisneySide by voting for your favorite Disney attraction at either Disneyland Resort in California or Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Daily attraction match-ups will be posted on our official Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort Facebook pages. Follow Walt Disney World and Disneyland on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn how to cast your vote for each match up within that channel. The final matchup between the top two attractions will take place on April 6.

To get started, simply download the printable bracket below to keep track of your choices. Now, who’s ready for some magic?


Be sure to check out the terms of use about using the sheet before you download it.


  • I’m also having trouble keeping track of the winners for my bracket. Will an update be posted soon?

  • P.S. Midway Maniacs for the win!

  • Thought the t-shirt idea was the answer to my frustration BUT I noticed they still had Trooper shirts available and they were beat by Yetis (the only pick I have lost so far….followed my heart rather than gut). There must be somewhere that the results are posted-this has been difficult. By the way…did Headhunters win?

  • Are you going to post the results anywhere? My kids want to know who won!! Many are missing from the Facebook and Twitter feeds… it would be nice to see the bracket updated after each day.

  • Oops. I should have said “round” instead of “week” since there is less than a week for each round after the first.

  • RE: Who has won each bracket.

    While it doesn’t say this anywhere that I noticed, a good way to check the previous weeks results will be to look at which T-Shirts are still available for order. (Since the t-shirt page says after the first week you can only order from the teams that are still left in the contest. Each week will cut the number of teams in half till we get to the winner.)

    Trying to decide if I want to order a shirt or 2 now before the opportunity may pass if my favored attraction(s) gets eliminated! 😉

  • Where do we go to see the results of March Magic?

  • Multiple people have asked this but no one has answered yet – How can we see who the winners are of each matchup? That’s one of THE biggest pieces of filling out a bracket.

  • I love the team symbols —this should be mini posters

  • Not a big sports fan so I am excited to have brackets to check! Where are the resluts of previous days showdowns?

  • How do we know who is winning so far?

  • I feel like I need two brackets, one that I fill out with my personal favorites and then one for who I think will actually win.

  • How can I vote? I don’t do “Facebook.” Is there another way to vote?

  • It’s great to see this back! Will digital images of the logos be posted again this year? I’m hoping so, because I’m still using the logos from last year as my computer wallpaper.

  • How do I see who won yesterday’s Ghouls vs Dinos? I did not see an update posted yet. I am enjoying this March Magic! 😀

  • I’m thrilled that March Magic is back again! I LOVED this tournament last year!

    I already ordered my DREAMFINDERS t-shirt from the Disney Store to represent the Imagination Institute all year long!!!

    I’m relieved that there is no team this year for Bay Lake Tower as choosing between Figment & my Disney Vacation Club home would have been very, very difficult!!!

    No matter which team wins, we can’t go wrong!

  • How will we know who it the winner of certain brackets? do they announce it on the Facebook page?

  • Last year, the team logos were available for download as I had used some of them as desktop wallpaper. Is that going to happen again for this year? I’d love some new wallpaper ideas! thanks

  • I choose Ghouls (The Haunted Mansion)

  • How do we find the winner for each day? Or will it be a weekly thing?

  • Disappointed to not see any “Space Rangers”, but my vote will go to the Temples or the Troopers!

  • Yay! I filled out my bracket! Although I do agree with previous poster Andrew, it would be nice if Tower of Terror was on the WDW side and Haunted Mansion on the DL side, it makes more sense and they fit much better.

  • Happy to see there are no hotel teams this year! Allows for more attractions. Though I still think the attractions should be on the side where they originated, like Haunted Mansion on Disneyland’s side, and Tower of Terror on Disney World’s. Or perhaps I’ve given this a little too much thought…

  • It’s a bit difficult to read the teams once printed, perhaps there is a higher-quality image that could be shared?

  • Woot! I have to see the outcome. Will it be posted here?

  • I didn’t follow this last and realized pretty quickly that I missed out. Well not this year!

  • Such a great idea. Looking forward to see who wins! So many great choices.

  • Such fun! And, I like the clever designs, too. I don’t see the Carousel of Progress though…and that is right at the top of our must-do list!

  • Glad this is happening again this year, it sure was fun last year!

    • 🙂

  • I love many of the designs. I would definitely purchase shirts or pins with some of these designs on them.

  • Thank you for bringing this back. I really enjoyed this last year.

    • That’s great to hear, Laura.

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