Smokejumpers Grill Opens Today at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


We recently told you about the new expansion of Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure park, and today we’re excited to open the all-new Smokejumpers Grill. This new quick-service location is the first phase of the Grizzly Peak Airfield addition to this land, in the space formerly known as Condor Flats. As you can see in these photos, Smokejumpers Grill honors the brave men and women who fight wildfires in our California forests. Take a closer look in the gallery below.

The location will also feature an updated menu with tasty items like a Bacon Cheddar Burger, Grilled Chicken & Jack Sandwich and Chili Cheeseburger, so stop in during your next visit!


  • Linda- Yes, the condiment bars are still there. 🙂

  • Ok so I went there on Saturday and had the chiliburger, it was delicious 😀

  • I ate here on opening day (my birthday!) and it was delicious! I had the grilled chicken and jack sandwich with onion rings. Will eat here again for sure. Great addition 🙂

  • It’s getting to where almost every restaurant at Disneyland has a quality vegetarian option, thank you!!

  • Will Smokejumpers offer the condiment bar like Taste Pilots did? It was really a plus for our family as some of us like fairly plain burgers (ketchup & lettuce, for example) while others like everything but the kitchen sink with extra onions!

  • Will it serve breakfast?

  • This is pretty awesome! Can active California fire-fighters get like a cool free sticker or pin or something? Cause that would be pretty sweet. =)

  • Looking forward to trying this one, but hoping that Paradise Garden Grill brings back their Mediterranean food. I have been missing the lemon chicken.

    • Good news, Ruth! Paradise Garden Grill is now serving its regular menu.

  • Any word if the garden burger is vegan?

  • I think that is so awesome !! They deserve it 🙂

  • Thank you for including a veggie burger!! Greatly appreciated.

  • Looks bear-y good!!! I’ll head over today to get a chili cheeseburger…extra smokey.

  • Any pictures of the menu??

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