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Sunrise on the Li River with Adventures by Disney

Amanda Adler

by , Public Relations Manager, Adventures by Disney

While I’ve always wanted to climb the Great Wall of China, take a peek at the famous Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an and shop in Stanley Market in Hong Kong (and check out Hong Kong Disneyland while I’m in the neighborhood), there are many parts of China that are less known to me – it’s a pretty big place after all. But sometimes you see a photo and declare “I just have to go there!” And this sunrise photo of the Li river, taken on the Adventures by Disney China vacation, did just that for me.


This shot was taken in the ancient city of Guilin, and it’s easy to see why so many Chinese poems and paintings celebrate the wonder of this place.

On the Adventures by Disney China trip you have the chance to cruise along the Li river, stay in a hotel with stunning views of the water and these soaring magical formations, and even take a morning tai chi lesson with these legendary Gumdrop Mountains (yes, that’s their real name – isn’t it perfect?) as your backdrop. Plus you get to see all the things I mentioned at the beginning of this post, and more, like Giant Pandas – sign me up!