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Time for a Check-Up with Doc McStuffins at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

The Doc is in! At least, she will be once Doc McStuffins begins making regular appearances at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer.


We’re hard at work creating a dedicated space for Doc in the park’s Animation Courtyard, adjacent to “Disney Junior – Live on Stage!” Once it’s complete in May, you’ll be able to visit with Doc in a setting inspired by her playhouse clinic on the popular TV show.

Dottie “Doc” McStuffins is a nurturing, six-year-old girl who can talk to the stuffed animals and toys she cares for, diagnosing their “ouchies” with help from her mom (a real doctor) and her Big Book of Boo Boos. The acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series “Doc McStuffins” airs daily on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

And don’t forget! You can also see Doc McStuffins in “Disney Junior – Live on Stage!” and spend time with her during Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine at Hollywood & Vine, both at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort.


  • Any word on the status of this meet and greet?

  • Do you know yet when the meet and greet will start? Would like to know if it will have started when we are there May 13-15. Thanks!

  • hello,
    just wanted to tell everyone that my 2 and half year old granddaughter loves Doc and we are so happy that she will be in Disney,,,

    getting ready to make our reservations…


  • When in May is is the Doc meet-and-greet expected to start? We will be at HS on Monday May 11th. I really hope this is open by then!

  • Doc was one of the only characters I didn’t get to meet in January. Great to hear she’ll be no longer only available at the character breakfast at Hollywood & Vine!!!!

  • I hear that when Doc McSstuffins moves in, Baymax and Hiro will move out. Is this correct? And are there any dates on this? We were planning on visiting Hollywood Studios on May 1, and are really, really hoping to see Baymax!!

    • Stacy – The new Doc McStuffins area is being built in a different part of the Animation Courtyard, where it won’t impact any other character greetings. I checked with my friends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and they’ve confirmed that, although entertainment offerings are subject to change, Hiro and Baymax are expected to continue making appearances inside The Magic of Disney Animation for the time being.

  • That good news, I hope this list soon. We are visiting Disney from April 22 to May 3.

  • I cannot wait! I had even considered booking at Hollywood & Vine just to meet her this trip but this worked out perfectly. 🙂

  • Is Doc bumping Jake or Sofia?

    • Timothy – We’re creating an all-new location for Doc McStuffins in the Animation Courtyard, so you’ll still be able to see Jake and Sofia in their areas.

  • Yay! My daughter will be so excited to see Doc and Sophia now. If we can get Miles in the mix by September I will have a very happy little boy too. 🙂

    • Jaime – My boys and I love watching “Miles from Tomorrowland” together!

  • That’s awesome! 😀 Doc’s finally at Hollywood studios! Think We’ll see Sheriff Callie there too someday? 😀

    • Ryan – Never say never, but for now Sherriff Callie is staying on duty in the town of Nice and Friendly Corners. Gotta keep it the friendliest town in the west, ya know!

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