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Where’s My Dole Whip? Foodie Favorites Juggled in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Never fear, the Dole Whip is still here. Starting March 12, the menus and names of Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace are swapping – Aloha Isle (same menu) will shift to Sunshine Tree Terrace behind The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, while Sunshine Tree Terrace goes to the Aloha Isle spot across from Swiss Family Treehouse. Aloha Isle still has the Dole Whip Float, Dole Whip Cup and Dole Whip Twist Cup. (And the fresh-cut pineapple!) And Sunshine Tree Terrace will keep its Citrus Swirl, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, piña colada slush and other drinks. Fans of the Orange Bird don’t need to worry – he will be settling into his new home in a few weeks.


Turkey leg fans need to know their favorite snack is leaving Frontierland and Liberty Square – but look for the legs in Tomorrowland at the Cool Ship starting on March 25.


  • They don’t have orange, apparently it’s discontinued. I don’t take the family there for our treats anymore, that’s too bad, we liked the orange.

  • The post said “Fans of the Orange Bird don’t need to worry – he will be settling into his new home in a few weeks.”

    8 weeks later and he is still not inside the new Sunshine Tree Terrace. 8 weeks seems a long time to not have him on display yet.

  • Still waiting for that update on Orange Bird’s re-location.

  • I went today and was told it was only pineapple. No orange. SO disappointed!

  • I’m with Evan. Please give us an update on when the Orange Bird will reappear in the relocated Sunshine Tree Terrace.

  • It’s been a month, now. Where’s the Orange Bird?

  • Aloha Isle Refreshments no longer sells Dole Whip Twist. I was there earlier today. I’m so disappointed.

  • Going back to WDW in late Sept. Never had a Dole Whip, Citrus Swirl or Turkey Leg. Hoping to try at least 2 of those items on this upcoming trip. Heard good things about all 3 items.

  • After being in the parks the other day, I am sad to say that while Dole Whip is still there, the true whip isn’t. 🙁 The orange and pineapple swirl that used to make one of the best ice cream floats in the world is gone. Wish they would bring it back.

  • Thank you for sharing this info. It is my understanding that Cool Ship does not currently accept meal plans. Will the turkey leg be available as a snack option while it is there?

  • 2 questions – why didn’t they include the Orange Bird on the new Sunshine Tree sign. And are the Orange Bird souvenir sippie cups still available?

  • I want to know how nobody has commented yet about why in the world they would move the turkey legs from Frontierland to Tomorrowland??

  • Glad you cleared up the Turkey Leg story!

  • As long as I can still get my citrus swirl, I don’t care where I have to go! Orange beats pineapple.

  • Like Pam said, there is maitenance where the Turkey legs are cooked so they are moving to Tomorrowland Temporarily*. Which makes sense since the kitchen in Liberty Tree Tavern is being redone to make way for a restaurant on the Adevntureland side that shares the same kitchen.

    The better question…..can we finally take Dole Whips into the Tiki Room like we can in California? That is why you moved them closer right?!?!?

  • Mark, whenever I got a turkey leg from Tomorrowland back in the 90s, they dubbed them “Alien legs” – maybe that’s what they will be called during the move?

  • I’m trying to understand why Turkey Legs, which seem to evoke a western, grab-it-and-munch nostalgia, would move out of Frontierland and Liberty Square and into Tomorrowland? Turkey Legs fit the theme in those areas, but certainly not Tomorrowland (let alone the “Cool Ship” – are these served cold now?) Help us understand please. 🙂 Thx.

  • Excellent choice! The double lines at the current Aloha Isle were getting to be crazy. The current Sunshine Tree Terrance can definitely better handle all the folks craving Dole Whips. Thanks for sharing!

  • More importantly, this should read, “never fear, the Citrus Swirl is still here.” Glad to hear little Orange Bird won’t be lost.

  • Why on earth or any other planet would you move turkey legs to Tomorrowland? You should keep them where they are.

    • We will be offering turkey legs at Cool Ship temporarily while we do some planned maintenance in the backstage kitchen supporting Frontierland. They will be back on the menu in Frontierland later this year.

  • These are important vacation planning details. I can’t visit without a Dole Whip! Thanks for sharing.

    • 🙂

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