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Wildlife Wednesday: 5 Sable Antelope Calves Now on Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Steve Castillo

by , Animal Operations Manager, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Avid Disney Parks Blog readers may remember we welcomed five sable antelope calves to the herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom not too long ago. We are excited to now share that these adorable calves and their caring moms have officially made their debut on the savannahs of The Harambe Wildlife Reserve!


Our adult herd consists of one male and six females. Now that the youngest calf is about two months old, all calves are old enough to follow the herd and navigate the savannah with the direction of their mothers. The calves are all doing well and have been exploring their new surroundings. All dams (female antelope) are being attentive to their offspring and the calves are growing fast as they learn their place in the strong social hierarchy of the herd.


Two whole weeks seem to fly by while on this particular safari, but see if you can catch a glimpse of one of the new sables on your next visit! Until then, check out the photo gallery for more pictures of this beautiful herd.


  • They are so sweet! Got to see them this week!

  • Nice! Welcome to AK little guys!

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