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Actress Ashley Brown Visits Walt Disney World, Answers Your Parks Questions

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

In 2005, actress Ashley Brown made her Broadway debut as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast,” and then in 2006, made Disney history when she originated the title role of Mary Poppins in the show’s grand Broadway debut. Talk about living out your Disney dreams!


This award-winning actress is visiting the Walt Disney World Resort soon for some fun in the Florida sun – and she’s taking your questions! This is your chance to ask Ashley a question on some of her Walt Disney World “favorites,” including attractions and places to dine, shop, stay, etc. We’ll be back next week with a video as Ashley answer them to share some of her Disney Parks “favorites” with all of you.

Please post your questions now in the ‘comments’ section below.


  • Rides are great, but as I get older I find that I like wandering around Epcot’s World Showcase with a drink, watching acrobats, actors, musicians, etc. What are your favorite World Showcase moments?

  • Whats your favorite country in Epcot to grab a bite to eat in?

  • Hi Ashley, I saw on your Instagram that you recorded a new Richard Sherman song for Disneyland. What’s it called? Will it play in the parks?

  • I had the opportunity to meet Ashley in Chicago after seeing her in Mary Poppins! She is such a nice person and so talented!

    My question is:

    What was your favorite show at the Walt Disney World Resort and why?

  • Hi Ashley!I got to see you on Broadway as Mary Poppins 5 years ago and you were fabulous! My question is…where is your favorite place to dine while at Walt Disney World?

    Thanks! Ashley C. from Florida

  • You have played two iconic Disney roles on Broadway. What other Disney roles do you dream of taking on? Thanks! Katie from Alabama

  • Are you a roller coaster girl?

  • Ashley, You’ve been lucky enough to perform with Disney in multiple roles, but of all the characters and stories in the Disney universe…which story would you still love to see made into a musical, and which character would you love to portray?

  • You are so talented! What is up next for you?

  • Hey Ashley,
    I love Disney world, execpt I live in California, but it’s cool because I live close to Disneyland. My question is have you visited Disneyland before, and if you did what was your favorite memory of Disneyland?

  • Ashley,
    Love your work, all the way back to On The Record (which Disney needs to bring back).

    Curious which character is a must see on your visit? Will probably see the answer on Instagram also.

    Have a magical time!

  • Hi Ashley,

    Loved you in On The Record!

    My question for you is, are you going to have any meet and greets while in Orlando? My family and I just moved down here and would love to meet you.

    Enjoy your time in sunny Florida!

  • If you could create a ride for Disney, what would it be and based on what Disney movie/song/feature etc?


  • Which is your favorite Disney movie and why? Is it Beauty and the Beast or some other one?

    Neat idea for a blog post Disney!

  • I have heard a rumor that you are featured in the Disneyland 60th fireworks, is it true?

  • Hi Ashley! 🙂

    What was your FAVORITE song from Mary Poppins to perform live?

  • Are you working on any new projects now? Would you like to continue as a Broadway performer or do you have an interest in moving onto tv/movies? Thanks!

  • What’s your favorite live entertainment in Epcot’s World Showcase?

  • Is there another Disney character that you would love to play, either on Broadway or in a movie? Who is it and why?

  • James’ wife here,

    Hello Ashley,
    As a child or when you were starting out, did you ever sing the Jiminy Cricket song from Pinocchio, “When yo wish upon a star” and ever imagine this would be your fate being a part of the beloved Disney family?
    Thank-you and enjoy your stay!

  • I love musical theatre and have performed throughout the Seattle area. I love Disney just as much. What is your best tip for landing the great roles you’ve earned?

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