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Behind the Scenes: Making Sleeping Beauty Castle Sparkle for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland park now dazzles in diamonds, part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration officially kicking off on Friday, May 22. A few months ago, we went behind the scenes for a glimpse at what it took to create this sparkling look with Imagineer David Caranci. In the video below, we visit the warehouse where a talented team of artisans molded, shaped, painted and placed each diamond by hand.

Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more on the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, and join the conversation with the hashtag #Disneyland60.


  • How long will the castle be decorated for? We will be coming in early May and back again in November. Will it still be decorated in November?

  • Does anyone know when this will be revealed? Heading there the last week of this month and hoping to see it!!!

  • I really like the diamond treatment. The castle looks really elegant.

  • Will the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration continue through to late September /early Oct 2015?? Would love for my daughter to witness.

  • Bryan, i saw in an recent post of this blog that the celebration will stay until the holiday season (mid november) 🙂

  • Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the video looks sensational (or should I say soundsational). How long will the decorations be on the castle? Are the diamonds real diamonds?

    I know this is off topic but I’ve heard rumors about another Disney park at Disneyland based on Marvel and Star Wars. (I’ve also seen it on KTLA, I prefer ABC 7).Is this true? (I hope it’s true!!!) If so will it be a separate park or a land in Disneyland. Please respond to me as soon as you can.

    I’m as excited as Walt Disney at the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for both events.

  • Thank you , Imagineers – the Disneyland castle is beautiful for the 60th! I can’t wait to see what other 60th birthday surprises you have in store for us!!

  • We’re planning our next trip in Late October / Early November, usually when the Castle gets the snow treatment, I’m hoping Disney skips the snow and keeps the diamonds this year.

  • V.J. Thank you very much for the reply. I hadn’t thought about researching what was done for the 50th. A good sign that we may experience the unique changes for our Sep/Oct trip.

  • Please, thank the people who decided to diamond-ize the castle this early before the celebrations next month.

    I always go at the wrong times to see the castle with an overlay, so I had thought that my next trip would be too early. I was so happy to see the castle start to become sparkly a few weeks ago and I’m really excited to see it up close in two weeks!

  • Ricky, assuming the 50th celebration lasted from May 2005-September 2006, it’s not impossible that the Diamond Celebration will last as long. Of course, I could be wrong but it seems like Disney likes long celebrations.

  • Can we assume that the castle will retain this look past the peak summer season? Put another way, how long will the special decorations, entertainment, etc. be available for the 60th celebration?

  • What are the diamonds made out?

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