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Caption This: A Wild Monorail Ride at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Back in the 1970s, the Monorail route to Magic Kingdom Park was highlighted with a series of animal topiaries.


While this entertained guests, no doubt, I wonder what’s on the minds of the animals? Have an idea? Caption this photo in our comments section now!


  • Heads up guys! Monorail! Is that Monorail Pink? Is it? Yesssssssssss……..runnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • “Hey look, there’s that weird giant caterpillar again.”

  • Still waiting for the train to Animal Kingdom!

  • Now, if they would only build a Disney park for us animals!

  • It could be billed as “21st Century Safari”

    Only 32 more days to wait until I get to see it all in person.

  • We seem to be lost…. where’s It’s a Small World?

    (I know it’s not as funny for WDW, but it reminded me of the topiaries outside IASW in DL!)

  • “Shh, they’re interrupting our soccer game again, hold still and look bushy.”

    (And entertained them “no doubt”? We’re not old enough to remember when the monorail was a long stretch of wilderness between the TTC depot and Contemporary, with no Wilderness Lodge, and Disney topiaries were your first sign that things were starting to get a bit magical?
    That’s what I clearly remember from my first ’74 trip, and I always kept looking for them ever since.) 🙂

  • Think of all the people they could move if they added a 6th car and a beam to a new park called EPCOT!!

  • And somehow the barnyard smell has made its way into the monorails

  • My first trip was in April 1973….and I so remember those topiaries….

    • Lucky!

  • Giraffe: D-U-C-K!! Duck: What?

  • Here comes another one. Maybe they’ll throw popcorn again!!

    • 🙂

  • Here comes another one, don’t anyone move!!

  • When are they going to build a Monorail for us animals so that we can see what people are doing?

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