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Chocolate and Liquor Tasting on a Disney Cruise

Salah Chetbi

by , Dining and Beverage Standards and Consistency Manager, Disney Cruise Line

Looking for a new activity to do on your next Disney cruise with your love? Our decadent Chocolate and Liquor Tasting is a popular choice for couples and a fun way to indulge together.


First, our sommelier will introduce you to the history of chocolate and its production method. Next, you’ll dive into pairing premium chocolate with alcoholic beverages. The sommelier will explain the way to taste white and dark chocolate, including melted chocolate, with wine, Champagne and scotch, explaining the reaction of sweet or bitter chocolate on the palate.

Up next, I’ll give you taste of our Tequila and Margarita seminar, another great date option for couples and a fun activity for friends.

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  • How do you book this? My husband and I really want to try it but can’t seem to find it as an activity

  • My wife and I did the chocolate and liquor tasting on EBTA last year and it was a great event.

  • I saw this on a Disney Cruise/Food Network tv special, what a neat activity. Scotch is my drink of choice, and would never have guessed it can be paired with chocolates!

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