Disney Parks After Dark: Astro Orbitor Revisited at Disneyland Park

For a photographer, Astro Orbitor is one of those Disneyland park attractions that just keeps giving. I have photographed it many times – shooting photos for use in the media and riding the attraction while photographing celebrities, which is very exciting. But honestly, the most fun is when I’m photographing it for the Disney Parks Blog.

These first two photos are from previous Disney Parks Blog posts, and show motion blur and excitement.

The Astro Orbitor at Disneyland Park The Astro Orbitor at Disneyland Park

The next three photos of the Astro Orbitor show the beauty of the attraction at rest, as opposed to its thrilling side.





  • Beautiful ride, but maybe the could fix the rest of Tomorrowland. The closed peoplemover track is by far the saddest.

  • i miss the astrojets on top of the peoplemovers with the saturn v motif.

  • I absolutely love the photo of the rocket from the rear, with the Castle in the background. Clear, clean.. well composed and PERFECT exposure.. 8):-)

  • Will definitely be doing more nighttime photography on our next trip. Picked up a 10-stop ND and remote release recently. May also pick up a 6-stop for situations where the 10 may be too much.

  • Astro Orbitor is one of my favorite attractions to see in photos and your photos are incredible! Thanks for sharing the beauty of this Tomorrowland classic.

  • not going to lie, I want those rockets to get renovated and turned into X-Wings

  • It would be even more thrilling and beautiful if it was located on top of the Observation Desk and not creating such a bottleneck at the entrance to Tomorrowland.

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