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Disney Vacation Account Helps You Plan, Save for Future Disney Vacations

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

If you’re one of our many readers who can’t wait for their next Disney trip, you’ll want to check out our newest program – Disney Vacation Account. It simplifies saving for your next dream vacation – a little at a time – and includes some great online tools to help you do it.


Disney Vacation Account was created after hearing your feedback. You let us know that you wanted more tools to help plan a Disney experience and we’ve created a program that’ll let you save for magical vacations at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii, or Adventures by Disney.

Disney Vacation Account helps you manage your vacation savings at your own pace, in a way that fits your budget. And it’s easy to get started.

First, our Account Budget Estimator will help you estimate the cost of your vacation based on current prices. Please remember prices change from time to time.


Next, calculate your savings contribution on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Then sit back and track your savings with a personalized account page and fun emails that help you plan your vacation along the way.

Accounts can be updated at any time—like changing your savings contribution amounts and frequency or stopping your contributions—at no cost.


When you’re ready to book your dream vacation, you can use your Disney Vacation Account to pay for your vacation. To use your Disney Vacation Account funds toward paying for your vacation, you must book it either directly with Disney or through a participating travel agency booking directly with Disney. Please ask your travel agent whether your booking will be eligible to be paid for with your Disney Vacation Account.

There are no fees to create or maintain a Disney Vacation Account. And all of your contributions are fully refundable.

Also, if you use your Disney Vacation Account to pay for your vacation before December 31, 2017, (date subject to extension) you’ll be eligible for a $20 Disney Gift Card for every $1,000 spent on qualified vacation purchases with your Disney Vacation Account. Certain limitations apply.*

To sign up and get started, visit our Disney Vacation Account site. And let us know how it helped you with your next Disney vacation.

*Maximum of a total of $500 in Disney Gift Card(s) per household. Your Disney Vacation Account must be active for a minimum of 120 days at the time of spending in order to receive this bonus. Request your Disney Gift Card(s) 4-6 weeks in advance of your vacation date to allow time for delivery to your mailing address. Visit\FAQ\Bonus for complete details.


  • It is very frustrating to have a DVA since the website has been down for a WEEK!!!! What is up with that??

  • I still cannot get into my Disney Vacation Account – still says the site is down for maintenance…it’s been quite awhile now, and I’m going to be needing to access this account to pay off my Disney Vacation….any info??????

  • Can anyone provide an update on why the account is still down for maintenance? It’s been down a few days now and it worries me because I’ve heard there’s been quite a few issues.

  • So, can you add Disney gift cards to fund the account?

  • The template to figure how much to save is kind of misleading. It asks for airfare and food, which you cannot withdraw money to pay for airfare, groceries delivered to your room, or park tickets purchased for a discount through a discount program like AAA. I think that needs to be made clear in the cost entering area. Otherwise, it’s a good idea. I think I’ll stick with my separate interest-bearing savings account at my local credit union. Then if an emergency happens, my cash is not tied up.

  • @Amish, I am not sure about the Private VIP Tour but I paid for Mickey Very Merry Christmas Party with this account. I was able to do it online. I think I entered the account number the same place as the GC payment.

  • I want to use my account to save money for my trip in August then refund my money but I also want to start saving for my next trip in 2016 is that possible?

    • Hi Indacia, you can save for your first vacation, use the 16-digit Disney Vacation Account number to pay for that vacation and then continue contributing for a future vacation. A Guest may do this as often as they like; there isn’t a limit to the number of times an account can be used to pay for a vacation. I hope this helps.

  • Can this account be used to pay for the Private VIP Tour?

  • I love this! I just used it to pay for my May WDW trip. It was really easy to set up and use. It made saving so much easier for me by being able to contribute what I could when I could. I was even able to add my Disney gift cards I had received as gifts and ones that I had earned as rewards from other programs(just make sure you keep all the gift cards in case you request a refund-all refunds go back on the original forms of contribution).I just requested my $20 bonus gift card for using the account. It should be here by the time I take my trip.

  • I’m with Anonymous and Sandra: I wouldn’t use an account to pay for an entire trip, but I’d love to put a just-in-case account of spare Disney Dollars aside for DDP, dining, shopping or gift cards to use once I get there.

    I used to think it would be nice to pay for the trip package in installments ahead of time while I was waiting, but other travelers advised, “No, keep it in the bank until due date, at least it’ll get interest that way!”
    And I’m sure Scrooge McDuck would agree. 🙂 (How many remember the old educational film?–“Your money’s got to circulate, circulate…”)

  • I have one. However I wish we could use the account to pay for purchases while at Disney. I was able to prepurchase the tickets and pay for a room but when I went to apply the balance to my gift and food purchases I was told I could not use it for that. Instead I had to pay with my credit card. After getting home I had to apply for a refund of unused monies to pay off my card.

    • Great, Sandra. Actually, you have the option to purchase a Disney Gift Card (subject to a maximum of $1000 every 90 days) with funds from your Disney Vacation Account by calling 407-939-7734. Your Disney Vacation Account must be active for a minimum of 60 days in order to use it to purchase a Disney Gift Card. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for delivery to your mailing address. See FAQs for complete details:

  • Wish this was available for us in the UK too – this sounds like a really great tool! It’d definitely help my family plan our vacations!

  • I got


    This tool will be interesting just fixed asap please

  • I would like to know if it can be used for things other than resort stays. We are DVC member so travel on our points, but would love to be able to use this for either Annual Passes, or tickets, or even the DDP. More info please!

  • I used to make a spreadsheet for that, but since I didn’t use packages, I always had to itemize the costs–seasonal hotel rates, ticket prices, airline, airport shuttle, etc.–and would always mark when I’d reached a certain “level” in savings. (Ie., at $99 I could afford a shuttle, at $250 I could afford the flight, etc.)
    Although I’m using more of the promotional package deals now, it would be nice to be able to break down specific markers like that, just to know how far I’m getting toward the goal.

    • That’s great Eric. You can’t break apart individual vacation components but you can view the progress toward your goal amount on the Account Details page of the site.

  • This was interesting to read and we’ve been thinking about starting one. My family are DVC members and mainly go on points. I think I read that you can’t use your Disney Savings Account towards annual dues, but I believe you can towards DVC annual passes. Is it correct that you can use it towards DVC annual passes? If it is that would be great as there are 6 of us and it would help to balance out the budgeting over the course of a year.

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    Need to bring this to the UK.

    • Thanks, Robert. Currently, you must be a resident of one of the 50 states of the United States, Puerto Rico or Washington, D.C., to participate.

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