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Fun New Tastes at Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The much-anticipated Harambe Market opens late May at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where food plays a starring role with African-inspired street food at four walk-up windows and plenty of shaded seating – 200+ seats.


Built around a Colonial-era train depot design complete with a 1960s water tower, the marketplace re-creates a bustling center of commerce where guests are welcomed from around the world who have come to visit the little seaside town and venture out to the reserve to observe Africa’s animals.

Chef Lenny DeGeorge led the Food and Beverage concept development team, and tells us it’s the sort of food you’d find in a street market in Africa. “The menus reflect the unique personalities of the establishments’ owners,” says Chef Lenny.

New Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

“Kitamu Grill” offers skewered chicken and a kabob flatbread sandwich. “Famous Sausages” features a corn dog, inspired by a South African sausage called a boerewors, dipped in curry-infused corn batter. “Chef Mwanga’s” serves a spice-rubbed karubi rib with green papaya-carrot slaw.

“With three meaty ribs, the karubi rib is our version of the giant turkey legs served in the Disney theme parks,” says DeGeorge. We give two thumbs up to the curry corn dog, made with a special spiced sausage inspired by the traditional boerewors.

A fourth window, called Wanjohi Refreshments (“wanjohi” means “brewer” in Swahili) offers beverages including six South African wines by the glass; Safari Amber Lager and Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA on draft; red sangria with Van der Hum tangerine liqueur from South Africa; The Starr of Harambe, a frozen drink with Starr African rum with mango puree in a souvenir mug; non-alcoholic tangerine lemonade, and fountain beverages including Sparberry from Zimbabwe and Bibo from South Africa.

With shaded tables and merchandise shops, the new market, together with the recently opened Harambe Theatre (home to “Festival of the Lion King”) doubles the size of the original Harambe Village.


  • Hoping they carry Gluten Free items – – I can’t find any information about that in my searches thus far.

  • I would like to repeat the request for a vegetarian item in the Harambe Market. We visited there yesterday just to enjoy the atmosphere, as we had to buy our vegetarian lunch items back in Discovery Island. My suggestion is to add to Harambe Market the samosas available at Mr. Kamal’s in Asia – you already have a delicious vegetarian hot item. This would be easy, and from Tamera’s comment above it seems like it would be authentic. Thank you!

  • I appreciate Disney’s efforts in creating an African-themed market but I would like to point out two things that need correction.
    First, Harambe is spelt incorrectly. It should be Harambee. It was a concept that was introduced by Kenya’s first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, as a rallying call to get Kenyans to join hands and build the young nation. Loosely translated, it is about coming together and pooling resources and energy together for public good. Many projects such as schools, health centers, roads, etc, were built this way. I like the idea of having a harambee market at Disney. It pays tribute to a great African philosophy. Please fix the spelling.
    Second, the word “Wanjohi” is not a Swahili word. It is a Kikuyu word. Kikuyu is one of the many languages spoken in Kenya. It is a common Kenyan name and I have many friends called Wanjohi who don’t drink. But the literal translation means “brewer”.
    Feel free to email me if you need further clarification. Thank you.

  • Love Animal Kingdom, coming down in July, this new eatery looks very nice. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Sounds interesting but it doesn’t look like my family will be eating there – nothing vegetarian. Too bad because we love vegetarian food from that part of the world.

  • I lived in Kenya for a year and would love to see some of what we always stopped and got when we were on the road. Chapatis (usually fried which is why they tasted so good!)grilled corn on the cob, Mandazis (African donuts) samosas (usually veggie with mashed potatoes, peas and such) and hot chai (Kenyan chai is stong blak tea with whole milk and lots of sugar.) Also very popular dishes in our area were stew, irio, githeri, wali wa nazi, and sukuma wiki.

    I really LOVE the way this whole area is beginning to look! very authentic but I’m sure it is much cleaner and smells much, much better. ;-D

  • Pam Brandon, please give us an update on the Orange Bird’s re-location to the new Sunshine Tree Terrace.

  • This sounds so fun. I’m glad to see Disney getting creative with their food choices.

    With that said, will any of these new establishments offer any vegan options?

  • Definitely hoping for some gluten-free options!

  • I was wondering what was happening behind those fences. This is great news!

  • “Oh Yum” comes to mind! The phrase itself is a family tradition of sorts! Can’t wait to apply it in person at Harambe Market!

  • Finally, Disney has officially announced Harambe Market after a year of knowing about it

  • Will any of these have gluten-free options available?

  • Wow, this looks awesome! One question though: With the increased awareness of food allergies in the parks, will there be any allergy-friendly options available? Thanks!

  • Are these options part of the dining plan, also is there any chance of a soft opening before May 22nd?

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