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New Hidden Mickey Pins Coming to Disney Parks in April 2015

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

One of the most popular questions I’ve received since the start of this year involves the availability of new Hidden Mickey pins. These 1.25-inch pins are a fun thing to collect or trade with Disney cast members when visiting Disneyland Resort in California or Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I’m happy to report that a new series of pins will be released at Disney Parks in April 2015.


Similar to previous collections, there will be unique pins released for trading at each Disney destination. One collection – Disney Villain neckties – will be found in both California and Florida. I was happy to see Hades, my favorite villain, made the cut.

Slide 1

For Disneyland Resort, there will be a few different collections featuring Disney characters and iconic things from Disney Parks. I’m in love with the Mickey Mouse food icons, and the Disney ducks collection is perfect (there is a Darkwing Duck pin!).

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Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort will find pins inspired by Disney character apples from our consumable locations like Main Street Confectionary. Other pins will resemble cast member costumes from popular Disney attractions. My favorite pins, however, are the EPCOT Center logos, which include logos for Horizons, The Living Seas, The Land, Journey Into Imagination and CommuniCore.

There are a few different ways to identify a Hidden Mickey pin. Guests can look for a small Mickey Mouse icon in the artwork. The back of the pin also contains the words “Hidden Mickey Pin” along with the number of pins in a particular collection (such as 1 of 5, etc.).

These pins are distributed at random to cast members to use for trading. As a reminder, guests may trade a maximum of two pins, per cast member, per day.


  • HEy Mr Steven, I’m back and have a little more refined question.
    So, staying with the Wave 2014 B sets, there are 10 Chasers. One for each of the 10 sets of Hidden Pins.

    In looking at the backs:
    Chalk Drawings and MagicBands are both stamped 6 of 10.
    Balloons and Birds1 are both stamped 7 of 10.
    Birds2 and Playing Cards are both stamped 8 of 10.
    Both Villain Sidekick sets are stamped 9 of 10.
    Cell Phones and Teapots are both stamped 10 of 10.

    So, where are Pins 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5? Are there additional Hidden pins that complete the Chaser set? OR are there Completer pins that are the 1 through 5 pins?
    Just trying to understand how all this works.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Hi Steven,
    this is my first posting ever… so first things first, thank you SO much for the pins. The odd joy and happiness that these silly things bring to myself and my kids, is hard to put into words… a Thank You almost seems inadequate, but I offer you one of the biggest I’ve ever given anyone.

    My background question information:
    Regarding the numbering system on the backs of the Hidden Pins\Chaser Pins sets.
    Using the Wave B’s for 2014, I get the Hidden set is X of X (or 1 of 5, 4 of 5, etc.)
    But when it comes to the Chasers, I would assume they are designed as 1 through 10, for 1 of 10, 10 of 10, etc. But I’ve seen pictures of Teapots with a 10 of 10, AND a Cell Phones 10 of 10, and two different 9 of 10’s…
    So my question to you is… huh? … Are the X of 10 Chasers numbered differently between WDW and DL resorts? OR can you explain a bit more as to how this all works or what could cause that numbering system to not be consistent throughout?

    Thank you again

  • We are going to go to Disneyland on 9/18 and Disney World on 12/19. When will Wave B be available at both parks, and a list on this web page?

  • Really disappointed that Disneyland gets spoiled with the pins again. I would’ve loved the Lion King and Darkwing pins at DWorld…=/ I’m not all that fond of the ones that are released for it.

    The only ones I see worth while are the Jaq/Gus and Scar pin. The rest are kind..eh..

  • Will the links for the 2015 A Hidden Mickey pins be available as a PDF file ( for each resort – DLR and WDW) for downloading ( as the other years are)

  • hi there, how can I print out the a sheet of the pins, I don’t see a link for it.

    thank you.

  • Anyone know if you can still find cast members with these pins?

  • Hi again Steve. In the Disneyland food icon set, what are the last two pins? Are they a Mickey bar and churros? Thanks.

  • Just Found the Meeko pin at Hollywood Studios today!

  • I just came back from my vacation at Walt Disney World. I first found the new pins at the Contemporary resort. They were putting them out Wednesday, May 13th at approximately 7:00 PM. There was quite a bit of excitement in their pin store, so I went over to find out what was happening. Some of the cast members had them on their lanyards and there were a few still on their pin board. I did not find any at Animal Kingdom Park the next day, which was regrettably my last day. Word of caution, all pins are really colorful (the pictures just do not due them justice) except the Epcot series. They are very smooth, and there is no protective cioating on the pin. So anything that touches the white background will either leave a scratch or a grey line. Within a few minutes the 2 Epcot pins I found were so badly scratched that I doubt I will collect that group. In addition, the candy apple is a 7 pin set plus chaser. The photo does not show that there is a Cheshire cat apple! I hope that this will answer your questions regarding the availability of the 2015 Wave A at Walt Disney World. Good luck in your search!

  • Steven

    Went to WDW this weekend, why is WDW displaying and distributing on the cast lanyard pin from the 2014 wave B Disneyland pins?

    Went to downtown and in the showcase where they show the current hidden mickey pin set is the set from Disneyland Wave B 2014

    Do you know when the WDW 2015 Wave A pins will be out?


  • I cant wait for these! Random question, did one of Spectro pins get delayed or did I miss the Jacques & Gus release from March?

  • I just got back from WDW and can confirm that these 2015 wave A pins have yet to be released there. No one seems to know when and where the parks will get them. I actually ran into the merchandise manager for Hollywood Studios who said its his job to know about pins, and he is completely in the dark on this.

  • @Steven I’m a new collector, are hidden mickeys limited?

  • I was bummed when I couldn’t find any of these during my visit on 4/26 or 4/27. None of the cast members seemed to know when they would be released either. Only a few days left in April!

  • Hi Steven, from your March list from WDW there was a Piece of Spectromagic History with Jaq & Gus on the pin. I was there at Pin Traders that day and there was not a pin that resembled it anywhere. Please tell me if it was ever released or will be released at a later date. thanks, Janis

  • Hey Steven,

    Any chance of the chaser pins being available in the Hidden Mickey pouches but still making them harder to find? Kind of like the “variant” equivalent in Vinylmation blind boxes? Or perhaps any chance of making Hidden Mickey pouches available online or at other official Disney Store locations? So many questions!

  • This news makes me happy! I hope to find some when we are out at the park this Friday!

  • As of April 11th, these pins are not yet available at WDW. What a bummer…

  • So I am confused and please except my apologies but our family will be coming to Disneyland CA in a couple of weeks. To trade pins do you have to buy some and where do you buy them?

  • Animal Kingdom member to King Pin, Animal Kingdom member to King Pin, come in King Pin, Do you read me ???? See you in 6 days !!

  • The character apples are 1) Wizard Mickey, 2) Olaf, 3) Minnie, 4) Maleficent, 5)???, 6) Goofy. My question is… who is #5. I think someone asked earlier, and the answer was Mickey. Which Mickey is this supposed to be? Thanks so much.

  • So let me understand. I buy a pin at Disney World and if I see a cast member with a pin with a small Mickey icon, I can request that they trade it?

  • Will more characters be added to the Hidden Mickey Chaser Pins and will Pixar characters be added?

  • Are there any plans for a series of hidden mickey pins to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of DLR? I have some of the 50th Anniversary ones and the entire collection of the 55th Anniversary hidden mickeys, so I’m really, really, really hoping that a 60th Anniversary series is in the near future!!!!! 😀

  • Hello Steven,
    Please tell us what 5 CAST MEMBER COSTUME attractions the pins represents in the new 2015 hidden Mickey set. Thanks

    • @Donald – Here are the featured attractions:

      Top row: Toy Story Midway Mania, Star Tours, Muppet*Vision 3D
      Bottom row: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, The Great Movie Ride

  • Must have those Epcot logos!

  • Hi Steven,

    Is the character apple with the vertical rainbow stripes representative of Iris from Fantasia? Thanks.

    • @Carol and Lisa – The apple with stripes is a Mickey Mouse-shaped apple that resembles one offered in select consumable locations at Disney Parks. It’s not based on any particular character other than it’s Mickey Mouse-shaped.

  • I give up? Who is the character that the multi colored stripped apple represents? lol I cannot figure it out.

    @Carol – They are Mickey Mouse-shaped character apples.

    Me again, I know that they are apples (lol) I just don’t know what character the stripped on is? The one in between Malificient and Goofy. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  • Nice!

    I am all over those classic Epcot Center pins!

  • James’ wife here – Could you put in a “good word” for the east coast that we would love anything Darkwing Duck including the chance to swap or purchase the pins? Thanks!

    • @James’ Wife – Thanks for the feedback. Consider it shared. 🙂

  • DUCKS! You rarely see Scrooge or Darkwing. I can’t remember the last time I saw anything with Launchpad or Ludwig. (If they slip a Magica De Spell or Gyro Gearloose in there I’d faint!)

  • Are these pins available at the Team Disney store downtown?

    • @LaTonya – I’m not familiar with the Team Disney store. These pins are currently not available for sale. They will be issued to Cast Members to use for trading with guests visiting Disney Parks and Resorts.

  • I love these, Steven! Especially the Cast Member Costumes pins.

  • Who is the second Villain necktie?

    • @Laurie – That’s Chernabog from Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.”

  • Do you know if there will be completer pins for the 2014 collections?

    • @Debbie – Great question. I’ll have to ask the Disney pin trading team.

  • Really liking the Epcot Logo ones!!! 🙂 I’m not quite sure who else to ask about this Steve, but I was wondering when the Star Wars Weekend Line Ups will be announced as well as the Fastpass+ options for SWW 2015.

    Thank you for your time!! 🙂

  • I give up? Who is the character that the multi colored stripped apple represents? lol I cannot figure it out.

    • @Carol – They are Mickey Mouse-shaped character apples.

  • I wish the duck series and food items would be offered at WDW, but I’m super excited about the sidekicks series! Bring on Gus and Jaques! Plus, that Olaf apple is beyond cute. Can’t wait to trade in May!

  • @Steve Any idea when in April they will start showing up? I am taking the kids down for a trip this weekend! What a happy day!!!!

    • @Mike – Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific date. I was informed they would arrive in April. Distribution to all locations can take a few weeks. I hope you have a nice visit; weather has been great!

  • The Epcot symbols set is great! I hope there’s a second set with the rest of them sometime down the road..

  • Aw, nuts! He’s my very favorite Disney character. Here’s hoping he’ll be included in a future release!

  • What’s a “Chaser pin”? Just one more for the road? 😉

    • @Eric – Chaser pins are a little more difficult to find as not as many are offered for trade. They are all silver versions of other Hidden Mickey pins seen in a particular collection. Since they are more difficult to find, you have to “chase” after them. 🙂

  • Thank you for the information!

    That Disney Ducks set is solid! I’m also loving all of the Lion King pins. Though I noticed there is Pumbaa and Simba, but no Timon. Could he be the complete pin for the set?

    • @Theresa – No plans for Timon at this time. Maybe in the future.

  • They look great, too bad I missed them this past trip but I will be hunting for them in the fall when I get back to WDW and DL in December. Thanks for sharing the information.

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