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Top 5: Active Experiences on an Adventures by Disney Danube River Cruise

Andrae Gill

by , Adventures By Disney

An Adventures by Disney Danube River Cruise vacation has countless active adventures in store. Because I’m a “get up and go” sort of person, I couldn’t wait to write about all the action-packed options on this new itinerary. With so many different options to choose from, I found it difficult to select only my favorite activities. Nonetheless, I did my best, and here are my top five favorite active experiences on an Adventures by Disney Danube River Cruise.


Climb Around The Famous Tree Path Kopfing
Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Austrian Alps as you venture on the famous Tree Tops Path Kopfing. Walk among the treetops along 41 connected towers and soak in the unforgettable view of the surrounding forest and snow-capped mountains (just don’t look down). Your nature guide will show you the way as you climb along rope bridges, and a giant slide and fun-filled playground await exploration for the Junior Adventurers!

Take in All the Fun Activities at Lazar Equestrian Park
In Budapest, Hungary, challenge your friends to a spirited goulash making competition. I can guarantee you this will be one delicious competition! Then explore Lazar Equestrian Park and discover new music as you listen to live traditional Hungarian folklore musicians, take a carriage ride, see the famous “csikósok” (Hungarian cowboys), enjoy an entertaining horse show and meet the animals up close at a petting zoo.


Dancing and Swimming in the Danube
Dance the day away in Melk, Austria during your traditional Austrian dance lesson, and enjoy a lively fish barbeque demonstration. Then get a taste of the local flavors with marmalade making, wine and juice tasting, and a fun opportunity to take a splash in the Danube!

Take a Wild Ride in a Salt Mine
Step into the Salt Mines of Hallein and get ready for a thrill that you can’t do anywhere else as you zoom down a mineshaft slide. Take a raft through the underground salt mines and learn about this Austrian “white gold.” Whether you decide to soak up the view of the stunning mines or seek adventure while zipping down the slide, you are sure to discover the thrills that lie within.


Enjoy a Bike Ride to Klosterneuberg Abbey
Get ready for a bike ride to remember as you pedal your way from Vienna, Austria to the stunning Klosterneuberg Abbey. The breathtaking path to the Abbey is truly unforgettable and, after arrival, you’ll continue to marvel while viewing world-famous artwork.

For those craving a little more serene experience, an Adventures by Disney River Cruise offers a multitude of activity options in each city and town visited, so there truly is something for everyone. With so many activities to enjoy, which one are you most excited about?