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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Celebrate Earth Day Around the Globe

Molly McGranahan

by , Sr. Communications Manager, Disney Aspire

Happy Earth Day!

Here at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we celebrate Earth Day every day. Across the globe, our cast members work together toward one unified goal: protecting our planet to promise a better tomorrow.

We invite you to take a unique look at what some of our environmental friends across Parks and Resorts are up to in support of planet earth:

Disneyland Resort
The Disneyland Resort took home three top prestigious environmental honors:


Disneyland Paris
Protection of domestic bees is key at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch at Disneyland Paris. The bees are essential in continuing the quality of the resort’s flowers, trees and meadows, and the park’s landscaping provides what the bees need to produce top-quality honey. The mixed-flower honey that is produced finds its way to the breakfast table of guests at the Disneyland Hotel. How’s that for some Earth Day buzz?


Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
At Hong Kong Disneyland, all plastic shopping bags from merchandise locations are made from post-consumer recycled plastics. Since launching in 2012, more than three million plastic bags generated from the resort’s daily operation have been diverted from landfill and reused for the production of merchandise bags.


Shanghai Disney
As development for Shanghai Disney Resort progresses, a common thread throughout the resort’s growth is its commitment to sustainable building design. Various administrative buildings are being built with gearless elevators, automatic heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) and exterior stairwells to help minimize the impact of the resort operations on the environment.

Tokyo Disney Resort
Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea utilize multi-waste waste containers. Unlike the standard waste bin, these multi-functional containers are made of several different deposit stations that separate solid from liquid waste and encourage recycling. A single container features combustible trash, plastic silverware, paper cups, beverage carriers and liquid waste stations. The bussing carts for Quick Service Food & Beverage cast members are set up in the same manner, further aligning the cast and guest environmental experience.


Walt Disney World Resort
Each of the 25 Disney-owned and operated Walt Disney World Resort hotels participate in the Florida Green Lodging program. From distributing in-room materials printed on recycled paper to maintaining the HVAC in unoccupied guest rooms, our resort teams ensure their commitment to the environment comes through in their day-to-day actions.


Stay tuned for more great environmental stories from Disney Parks and Resorts as we continue to celebrate our planet throughout the year.


  • I think I read somewhere once that there is no need for separate bins in certain parks because, depending on location, the trash is sorted elsewhere to take out the recycles from trash?

    • Hi Kelley! Our Guests have told us how important recycling is to them, so we’ve worked hard to make sure that recycling options are convenient and recognizable in our parks and resorts around the world. There are a variety of worldwide recycling methods, so our processes vary from site to site – but it all begins with placing recyclables in the correct bins!

  • Love what they’re doing at Disneyland Paris. Now there’s an extra reason to enjoy the honey at the Disneyland Hotel.

  • Rachel, Japanese trash disposal is different, in that they have to separate “combustible” trash for burning. We don’t do that for air standards, so we do more recycling.
    Still, multi-container recycling would be nice, and a place for our liquid waste” (the rest of our bottle drinks?)

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Molly!

  • Love this! Those multi-waste containers should be installed everywhere!

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