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Dinnertime at the French Market Restaurant in Disneyland Park


It’s dinnertime at Disneyland Resort, and I’ve caught up with Erin, Tyler and Shawn at French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square. While the regular menu will be available until 11 p.m., the items we picked—Royal Street Chicken Caesar Salad, N’Awlins Salad, Creamy Corn Chowder, Slow-Roasted Louisiana Beef Stew and the Market French Dip—will continue to be served until 3 a.m.


What’s for dessert? The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Ice Cream Sandwich and Ice Cream Sundae (complete with souvenir kitchen sink—of course) from Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor and the S’mores Bar from Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream!


  • I’d love to know if Tyler’s jacket/sweater is a cast member exclusive item or not!

  • You all look amazing for 13+ hours in! That food maybe even more so 😉

    • Thank you! The food was as amazing as it looked! 🙂

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