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Disney Parks After Dark: The Universe of Energy

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort


I have a confession to make about tonight’s Disney Parks After Dark image, which was shot by photographer Mark Willard. Every time I pass The Universe of Energy attraction at Epcot, the attraction’s original theme song always pops in (and then gets stuck in) my head. The tune “Energy (You Make The World Go ‘Round)” was addictive if you were there in the 1980s, and lucky enough to get a cassette tape of the park’s soundtrack.

“Energy…you are profound. You make the world go round and round. You make the world go round. You make the world go round. You make the world go round.”

You’re welcome.


  • EPCOT defined the “Pre Show” and the original Energy was the best of those. It was a huge leap forward in multi-projector / multi-screen technology that won several industry awards. It was entertaining, informative and visually immersive. The outstanding soundtrack set the theme in motion and gave everyone a “hook” that stuck with you. We went to see the pre-show many times without even going on the rest of the ride. I’d like to see the Imagineers put this quality back in other attractions. Simply adding novelties in the lines is not the same as setting the tone and theme with a big prduction and theme for what is to come. And yes, the music is found on many CDs of Disney park music. It’s great to enjoy and remember between visits.

  • What about the other original song (I think it’s just called “Universe of Energy”)? “Feel the flow….here we go…it’s the Universe of Energy!!!!” That’s the one that always gets stuck in my head. And that I’ll now be singing for the rest of the day….

    We have a Disney Parks CD with some of the original attraction songs on it from all the Parks and my three year old daughter loves it.

  • Great photo! I loved the music of the original Universe of Energy as a kid. The final song still gets a play on my iPod, and my daughters even know it now. I’m hoping there’s a refresh to this attraction coming in the next few years. There is so much potential for something great with that ride system. I like Ellen and enjoy the current version but think it’s time to update it.

  • I understand your love for the original UoE attraction.
    I’d make a trip down just to get a chance to see the original pre-show film on the Radok screens one more time.

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