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Disney Parks Blog Email Newsletter Relaunches

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Today, we’re thrilled to let you know that our popular newsletter is back and it’s better than ever – offering a daily rundown of official information about Disney destinations as well as behind-the-scenes looks at what makes Disney Parks the most magical places on earth.


Each day, we will be delivering a simple, easy to scan update of what’s happening around Disney Parks right to your inbox. If you haven’t signed up for the Disney Parks Blog email newsletter, just visit our sign-up page and you’ll be set.

Let us know what you think of the updated newsletter in the comments. We’ll continue to share more updates as we continue to improve the Disney Parks Blog email newsletter.


  • This is the best news! 🙂
    I have missed the newsletter so much. It’s such a convenient way to get my daily Disney fix and news!
    Thank you!

  • YAY! So glad the email is back. I thought I had done something to stop it and kept checking my spam folder. It’s so much easier to read one email than to remember to check the blog.

  • HOORAY!!! Thank you!

  • Happy,happy,happy to see the newsletter back–what took you so long? 🙂 I would always forget to look at the blog and did miss my daily “fun” mail. New format looks great!

  • Glad to finally see this come back and in such an improved fashion. Just wish the communications department had informed us that it was going to be in hiatus so that i wasnt bugging everyone i know at WDW with what happened to this. A lot of us are not and will not be on twitter, so that means of dissemination isnt of any utility. Email is a great medium and it helps us forward to those we want to share with. Please keep up the great work!!!

  • Great to see it back and it’s much improved!! Easier to scan through and photos for each topic 🙂

  • Yippee. I’m so glad its back. Makes it much easier to keep updated.

  • Finally! Would love to see a separate blog/email for Disney World only.

  • YAY! You don’t know how I missed these. It was the only email I looked forward to getting!

  • A few days ago, when I received the email, I thought it was a 1-time fluke. I’m so happy / excited to be receiving this daily dose of Disney again! Thank you!

  • So happy that the email updates are back!! THANK YOU!!

  • Thank you for relaunching! I have missed my daily dose of Disney.

  • Yay! I am so happy to have this back in my inbox! I was really bummed when the newsletter stopped, and in my course of surfing the web, it seemed I always forgot to check in or checked in too late and missed something important. I love the new format, too. Thanks so much for bringing this back!

  • So glad this is back! We’ve missed it so much. It’s our little bit of Disney everyday. It helps fill in those gaps between trips.

  • Thank you! I too have missed it. Having it arrive in my Inbox helps because I don’t always see your FB updates.

  • I’m so happy to see that you’re back in my email box! I’ve missed the magic! 🙂

  • Love the daily dose of Disney magic in my inbox. Thanks for bringing it back.

  • I am so happy that you guys brought this back!!! It’s a little bit of magic in everyday and I’ve really missed the newsletter since it ended last year. Thank you!!!

  • Thank you!

  • THANK YOU!! This daily email was very much missed. Please keep it up and running forever!! 🙂

  • I am also very happy to see this come back. I truly missed getting my daily update in my email. It is so nice to see it come back. Thank You Disney Parks Blog.

  • Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have missed this bright spot in my e-mail box for so long.

  • How can comments be posted from an iPhone? When I saw this post on my iPhone, there was no option to log in. I had to use my computer to see a way to log in.

    I have really really missed getting the daily email to keep up with news and excitement. I was very disappointed when the email was stopped either late 2013 or early 2014 and struggled to remember to go to the website on a regular basis for updates.
    Interestingly today I did remember and received this good news!!

  • While I like the email idea the 2 things I’d really like to see are…

    1. Make your content, quizzes and stuff more shareable on the social sites like Facebook. Many times I’ve done one of your quizzes and tried to share it with my results and basically an unrelated image with a generic link shows up.

    The web is all about sharing so please make it easier to share the ‘fun’ stuff we find here!

    2. Acknowledge people who critique and give valid suggestions! Sometimes it truly tiresome seeing you guys only respond to happy & bubbly questions and comments.

    I have read many comments (not just my own) over the years that you guys ignored but they sounded truly worthwhile!

  • Hooray and thank you !! I have missed this, so happy to see it come back.

  • Hurray! Oh how I have missed this blog feed to my email! Thank you for starting it up again.

  • so does it give the option to only get email updates about topics of interest to you, for instance if you only want updates on merchandise, or if you wand DL vs WDW?

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